MMA Roundtable: Pre UFC 197 Edition!

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week Roni and David take a look at UFC on FOX and what happens next, UFC 197 and what outlet should the first MSG show be broadcast on? If you want in on future roundtables, or have a question, please post it below before next Tuesday!

1. Where does Glover go from here?Glover Teixeira

Roni: I like his request. AJ is the perfect match for him.
And the winner gets a chance to the title, after it is unified.

David: Wait. If OSP wins, then Glover fights Anthony Johnson and the winner there gets a title no matter who wins. If Jones wins, then he can wait and hope DC wins- then Glover should be next man up. Jones wins both fights and takes back the title he never lost, then Glover has to beat Anthony Johnson and possibly another man to get a title shot.

2. Should Khabib Nurmagomedovwait on the Title Fight or fight Tony FergusonKhabib Nurmagomedov

Roni: Fight Tony.
I mean, yes he does have a plea to fight for the belt, but welcoming a newcomer is hardly something that should propel you to a title shot.

David: They want to fight each other, and RDA keeps pushing back fights, I would wait to see if Eddie Alvarez wins, if he does, then Kabib should get a fight fairly quickly, if not, then take Tony on to keep busy, he still has alot of cage rust to get rid of.

3. Do you give any chance to OSP this weekend?UFC 197

Roni: A puncher’s chance. 🙂

David: HA HA HA! Slightly more that I’d give DC, but I give full marks for OSP stepping up to take the loss, er I mean fight, but unless Jones went to crap in rehab, this is a walk.


4. Is the DJ/Cejudo fight getting the short end of the conversation? Mighty Mouse Johnson

Roni: Yes. Because it is a very good fight that is getting no attention.
But we are already used to Zuffa only hyping the fighters they like. Simply compare how much they hyped Conor (before he got the belt), and how much they did Aldo (while he was their champion, #1 P4P choice)

David: Absolutely, but deservedly so, Mighty Mouse is going to wax Ol Henry, and could turn around and wax anyone else in his division but John Dodson. I really can’t see anyone in his weight giving him a problem. Dana has a problem with him, and I’m not sure how to make him better. I don’t know why he hasn’t coached TUF vs Dodson yet.

5. Should the first MSG show be on Big Fox or PPV? UFC on FOX

Roni: I would say it should be their biggest show ever. Better than UFC 200… or even better than UFC 198 (their best card ever – on paper – if injuries does not decimate it)..
And if Fox can make it worth their while,  it would be just HUGE for MMA. But alas, if they do make a memorable show, it will probably be on PPV.

David: I think it should be on Big Fox. MSG is an expensive place to rent, so I know they won’t go there often, no matter what they say, but this has to be a blow out show, and should get as many eyeballs on themselves as possible, and that has to be on Big Fox. Plus a few shots at the Powers That Be in NYC that screwed the coffers of New York would be fun as well.

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