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Hello again NBA fans. Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. Well the last day of the season was exciting from the Golden State Warriors making history and winning their 73rd game and Kobe Bryant making some history of his own by scoring 60 points in his last game of his career. This week we will discuss Golden State season series with San Antonio, who in the east can compete with the top two teams in the west, and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Wednesday NBA Trivia: The San Antonio Spurs won 67 games this season, but still 6 games behind the Warriors record setting 73 wins. In 1995-96, when the Chicago Bulls won 72 setting the mark at that time. Who held the NBA’s second best record?

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Here are the questions:


The Golden State Warriors won the season series over the San Antonio Spurs 3-1. Does that give them an advantage if these two teams were to meet in the Western Conference Finals?

Todd: Me personally I don’t think the regular season means a whole lot. besides these two teams didn’t have their first meeting until really late in the season and I don’t think either team was at full strength in any of the 4 games. Let’s face it, this match up should be the NBA finals this year. That is assuming one of them don’t get upset. Anything can happen once the playoffs start. So I don’t think it gives them any kind of an advantage. The only advantage they would have is home court advantage and they did lose to a really bad Minnesota team and a mediocre Boston tam at the end of the season. San Antonio’s lone loss at home is to a very great Golden State team.

Steve: The advantage comes with the home court advantage. While I think it really helps the Warriors by winning one game in San Antonio, giving the Spurs their first home loss and only home loss of the season. The fact that Golden State has home court and they for the most part handled the Spurs at home, that is the advantage.

Dan: I think it’s more of an advantage than a disadvantage. After their run last season, I think they’re in a better position to make another run and to win the title this season. They were able to defeat San Antonio at home when nobody else could. They were able to beat San Antonio 3 times this season when they only accrued a total of 15 all season. They also have some experience from last season to use for this season, they know what a long season feels like and what playoff atmosphere is, especially Finals atmosphere. Two disadvantages Golden State has against San Antonio is that San Antonio has a lot more playoff experience than the Warriors roster & the Warriors are viewed as a target every game by every opponent not only because it’s the playoffs, but because of what they did to teams this season & how they only lost 9 times all season.

Chad: I think there is the advantage in the fact that Golden State handed San Antonio their first loss at home and Golden State has home court and I do not see them slipping up at home in the playoffs


Considering what the top two teams have done in the Western Conference this year. Does any team in the East have a chance to win the NBA Championship?

Todd: No. The west is to good this year. I am not even sure who is going to come out of the East this year. The Early pick was Cleveland but then Chicago was supposed to be up there also. They did’t even make the playoffs. I don’t think Cleveland has any chemistry going. Toronto would be my pick, they are play some good ball but they can’t be any one in the West in a 7 game series.

Steve: NO! Next question, mic drop.

Dan: Honestly, I see that Cleveland or Toronto have a shot at the title this season, but I don’t realistically seeing them beating Golden State or San Antonio unless an injury kills one of their rosters. The Warriors are just too good & the Spurs are almost automatic at home. As good as Toronto or Cleveland has been this season, I can’t see them beating out either top 2 West team.

Chad: I would go far as to say the top 3 teams in the west and say that there is not a team in the East that compete with those teams.

kobe vs shaq 2

A couple of weeks a go I asked you guys where Kobe Bryant Ranked among the all time greats. Most of you said in the top 10. Shaquille O’Neal Said he was the greatest Laker to ever. Do you agree with this statement?

Todd: Well their a lot of great Lakers. What he did in his final game was amazing. I wouldn’t say he was the greatest Laker to ever play. I would still put Kareem and Magic ahead of him. I can see why Shaq would say that and that is probably because he played 20 seasons for them longer than anyone has ever for the same team. That is amazing in itself. Magic also said the same thing before Kobe’s last game.

Steve: Im sorry, did Kareem and Magic play for another team? Shaq was just saying this due to the hype and the moment called for him to give Kobe some sort of compliment. I don’t honestly think that Shaq thinks that Kobe is above himself as a Laker as far as the all time greats. So not only do I not agree with his statement, I don’t buy it coming from Shaq. I do think there is one player out there Laker or no Laker that would put Kobe Bryant as the all time greatest Lakers player. That one person would be said Kobe Bryant.

Dan: I think there are two players you can make an argument for that would be rated higher than Kobe (Kareem Abdul-Jabaar) & 1 of the players said that Kobe is the greatest Laker ever (Magic Johnson). Honestly, I would have to rate Kobe as the best Laker to ever play the game. He had his entire career in Los Angeles, he’s done fantastic stuff, brought titles to the Lakers (not that they needed more), and he was absolutely brilliant on the court. Nobody could stop him & he was one of the best players I’ve ever seen play the game.

Chad: Magic and Kareem beat Kobe and Shaq period.

Houston Rockets

Has Michael Beasely had a resurgence to his career and helped the Houston Rockets to the playoffs?

Todd: I think he has. he has been a scoring machine since joining them late in the season. In some of the games if it were not for Beasley they would have been screwed because lord knows Dwight Howard is not helping much. Maybe that is what he needed a few years away from the NBA to mature more.

Steve: I guess I need to keep up on my NBA because I did not even know that Michael Beasely was still around. Matter of fact the last I heard of him was when he was drafted first overall from Kansas State. Oh thats right he plays for the Rockets, and between Harden and Howard, no one else is relevant on that team as far as the media goes. To answer this question is simple. Yeah, he had to step up his game because the other two sure as heck have not.

Dan: I really don’t think so but one positive to note is that he attempted over 10 field goals a game and shot his best shooting percentage of his career. Granted it was a small sample size, but an improvement is always a good thing. Averaged a little over 12 points per game which is good but I don’t think he had enough of a resurgence, we’ll see how he reacts in the playoffs. Honestly, I think he’s just an additional piece to the team, but not enough that he propelled them to playoffs.

Chad: He’s had good years in Minnesota, and Miami. I can’t say it’s resurgence because we’re looking at about a 20 game sample size. I’d like to see this over a full year.

Jordan and Pippen

Last week I asked the question if the 1995-1996- Chicago Bulls would Sweep this years Golden State Warriors. If that same Bulls team played in today’s NBA could they equal or surpass the Golden State Warriors win total of this year?

Todd: Sure they could. If they Cavaliers can win 57 games I am sure the 1995-1996 Bulls could win 73.

Steve: No, while they did have Kerr to shoot some threes, they were not a three point shooting team. That is today’s game. It is not quite as physical as it was back in the mid 90’s, but there is no way the Bulls could keep that kind of tempo. They would win a lot of games, but I see them more as a San Antonio Spurs type team. Consistently 60 plus wins every year, and perennial contender year in and year out.

Dan: It’s just so difficult to really judge a team from 10 years ago. The NBA has changed so much it’s just too hard to judge, but if I was going to take them how they were then & how they played based on how the NBA is played now and everything like that, I don’t think the 1995-1996 Bulls would reach the Warriors win totals, they probably wouldn’t even be at the Spurs totals but rather around the 65-win mark.

Chad: Like I said last week I’m sick of these comparisons between eras. Looking at the talent on NBA teams I’d say they’d be a 65-70 win team but I would not against MJ and Scottie in playoff series.

Answer to the Trivia Question: The Seattle Supersonics won 64 games in 1995-96, leading the Western Conference. They were defeated in the NBA Finals by the Bulls in 6 games. The Orlando Magic were the other 60 win team as they won 60 games and were swept by the Bulls in the conference Finals.


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