NFL Roundtable: Rams Trade and More!

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable for 4/19! We are closing in on the draft, but there have already been some moves, plus more. Please comment on our facebook page, and  if you have a question for the panel, add it below.

1. The Schedules came out. Is this day an actual big deal?Cowboys Schedule

Joe: Nope… it is what it is. Some teams will have a harder schedule, based on their performance from the previous season, with the teams they play outside of their division, while others will have an easier schedule out of division. But, everyone knew that as the season ended last year.

So, it’s no big whoop.

Jim: Every team plays the other three teams in their division twice, plus we already know ahead of time which other division they will play in the AFC and NFC, if I’m not mistaken.  That’s 14 games already known.  So no, I don’t think finding out the other two games they’ll play is that big of a deal.

Dan: No, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Most people only care about the Monday night/Thursday night games, highlights, who’s playing on Thanksgiving & their own teams’ schedule. At least that’s all I’m concerned about. It’s not a big deal, but ESPN tries to hype it up to be a big deal.

Chad:  Not really just lets know the Football is on its way back for the next season

Earl: To me the day the schedules are released is not that big of a deal, especially considering we already know before the schedules come out which team is playing who. The only thing you learn on that day is when. You already knew where. The fact that ESPN and the NFL Network devotes so much air time to it is nonsensical to me.

2. Did the Rams give up too much to move up?stl-rams-helmet

Joe: Read a column in this week’s New York Daily News’ Sunday edition where the paper’s NFL columnist wrote that the NFL is a QB league and that if a team really believes that a QB available in the draft is the elite guy that can eventually lead your team to the Super Bowl and hopefully win the Super Bowl, then no price is too high. I agree with that assessment.

Now, the trick is how is The Rams front office magic ball (research/scouting) doing lately… and… do they feel lucky? If, the answer is “yes” that they believe the guy they want is in this year’s draft, then they need to go for it, and, that means that the price is not an issue.

Chad: For either Wentz or Goff yes it is you are talking 6 picks in the top 100 altogether I don’t either one of them is worth that much I hope whoever they pick proves me wrong

Jim: You know my thoughts.  I think considering their move, and their chance to draft a high profile quarterback as a welcome present to their new fans…no, it’s a great trade.  In reality, they traded away next year’s #1, plus a couple of #2’s.  No biggie, considering the possible impact they are making on their fans.  And if they’re really smart, they’ll take the Cal QB #1, and truly give the local fans something to cheer about.  If they take a ND State QB…well, not such a great

Dan: Yes, the Rams gave up too much. I’d be thrilled if I was a Titans’ fan. They got a 1st & 3rd round next season, got the 15th pick, 2 2nd-round picks (43 & 45) and a 3rd round (76). The Rams only received a 4th round (113) & a 6th round (177). They pick 1st, then their next pick is 110th which means day 2 they won’t have a pick. While that’s not a bad thing and their have been rumors that they really only need a quarterback to compete & they’re leaning heavily towards Jared Goff, I think they still gave up too much to get this #1 overall.

Earl: Well the adage is that if you need a quarterback you go get him. Carson Wentz or Jared Goff might become franchise quarterbacks but I don’t have the same assured feeling about that like I had for Andrew Luck, or even a Cam Newton. Both of those guys felt more certain. I don’t even have the same feeling for these two that I had last year for Winston and Mariota. If you put it that way I think the Rams gave up way too much but in their first season in Los Angeles they had to do something.

3. The Texans are cutting Brian Hoyer, is that a good move?Texans Cheerleader

Joe: Hoyer is essentially nothing more than a backup QB… the Texans have a starter and a backup QB that are better than he is and they obviously don’t need him. Hoyer will land a job somewhere, eventually. And, eventually, he will get cut by that team also, when a better QB option is available.

Jim: Cutting Bryan Hoyer is always a good move.  The next team that signs him will also make a good move when they cut him.

Chad: Yep saves Cap space and you can possibly get a QB in the draft or floating around after Training Camp starts

Dan: The Houston Texans were looking for a trade partner for Brian Hoyer & couldn’t find one. While they don’t want/need him on the team due to Brock Osweiler & Brandon Weeden filling in the quarterback spots. Hoyer had a good season last year throwing for 2,606 yards with 19 TDs & 7 INTs but he went 5-4 & was benched in the 4th quarter v Kansas City in the first week. Finished the season with 4 INTs & a fumble in a 30-0 Wild Card L to KC. The Texans have no room on their roster to keep him & absolutely no need. He’ll sign somewhere else, I’m sure of it.

Earl: Yeah it is. The last time Hoyer was on the field he was horrific in the playoffs against the Chiefs. It’s hard to see a team giving the Texans a draft pick for him after that. Hoyer is a nice QB but he’s nothing special and he shouldn’t be treated like he is. He’ll latch on somewhere but cutting him was the only choice the Texans had since he lacks real value.

4. Should the Jets move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick?Ryan Fitzpatrick

Joe: If, he doesn’t come down on his price and they can find someone who does what he does until they find a franchise type QB, then, yes. Otherwise, nope, they can’t and they will have to pay him a lot closer to what he wants than they are presently offering.

Jim: No, the Jets need to build a team around Fitz.  He’s a solid starting QB.  They need to give him a defense and running back.

Chad: No, Fitzpatrick at QB makes this team a playoff caliber team

Dan: Right now, if Fitzpatrick doesn’t lower his asking price, yes, the Jets should just move on. The only way that the Jets should keep trying to get him is if Fitzpatrick becomes more open in what he’s willing to take. Denver wouldn’t even match what the Jets offered & they were still only halfway, if that, in per year numbers. Maybe it might be time to move on.

Earl: Absolutely not. Fitzpatrick’s only choice now is to return to the Jets. Every other seat is occupied. His agent needs to swallow his pride and go back to the Jets and negotiate a deal. If I were the Jets I wouldn’t go above the rumored $7 million a year, and even after a good season with the Jets, and with the Jets poised to have an even better offense this season, Fitzpatrick isn’t worth more than that $7 million. He’s better off taking it at this point.

5. Should the Broncos be worried about Von Miller hanging out with Johnny Manziel?Manziel

Joe: From what I hear lately he never was hanging with Miller, so, if, that’s the case then what’s the worry? It, now, also means that the substance abusing and troubled Manziel has taken his lying to another level.

Jim: HAHAHA, no, Johnny’s family should be thankful someone as great as Von Miller is hanging out with their son.  There is zero chance Manziel brings down Miller.  But there is a giant chance Miller can lift Johnny Football up.

Chad: I think Von Miller is to good of a dude to get brought down by Johnny football hopefully he can bring help Johnny back

Dan: No, not at all. Miller is a player that isn’t going to get distracted by the immaturity & stupidity of Manziel’s actions. Manziel just doesn’t know what he’s doing & more & more stuff is piling up on him especially with the recent rental home in which him & Josh Gordan were at with a large number of drugs there. Miller should stay clear of him but I wouldn’t be worried if I was in the Denver organization or a Denver fan.

Earl: I wouldn’t be worried. Yes, Manziel is a train wreck but the two are former college teammates. There’s nothing wrong with being friends with the guy. Just don’t party as hard as Johnny does.

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