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Happy Monday everybody, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Now it is back to the grind of the work week. What better way to get your week started, with a little Q&A.

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Lets start off with a little bit of BAD NEWS.


This week in history on April 17, 2000 there was an impromptu match of Jericho vs HHH for the WWF title on Raw in which Jericho won via a fast count from Earl Hebner who had been abused HHH over recent weeks. Later in the night the match was reversed from the record books. I have some bad news…I personally feel like the WWF dropped the ball because the crowd reaction from the Penn State crowd was deafening when they thought Jericho had won WWF was solidly beating WCW at the time that having Jericho as champ even until the next PPV would have been cool to see.

Did you know?

Did you know that many wrestlers after their career is done in wrestling, become real estate agents? This is the case for wrestlers such as Rick Steiner, who also ran for County School Board.


Here are the questions this week.


Adam kicks us off with a question about a former TNA Champion

So I read that Bobby Roode and the WWE are close to signing a deal. Do you think Roode will have an immediate impact on the WWE? Or will be regulated to NXT?


Well nothing is set in stone quite yet regarding the signing of Bobby Roode. He has given a verbal agreement that he will sign with the WWE, but he did the same thing with Ring of Honor, and that fell through. So let’s just say that hypothetically, Roode signs with the WWE. I don’t see him having an immediate impact, as I think he will be regulated to NXT at least for his first year in the WWE. WWE and TNA are two far different aspects of wrestling, the ring is different, the style of wrestling is different, and some wrestlers, even the great ones, are not able to transition very well. Look at Roode’s partner, James Storm. He lasted all but 6 months in NXT but could not handle  the travel, and the schedule that the WWE demands. He went back to his old roots of TNA. Now, Roode has a different aspect, and it a work horse and wants to be successful. So I dont think we will see the same result for Roode like we did with James Storm. I see him being in the main event card in NXT, fairly quickly, and if he gets there soon, I would absolutely love to see him in a match against Finn Balor. Those two could tear the roof off the building.

Long term: I think Roode would make it in the WWE, and would find his way on to the main roster within a year. He already has a pretty good following, and has a great work ethic, and loves the business. These are traits that Vince McMahon loves. He can bring veteran leadership to a young roster. And I could see him being one of the top mid-carders in the WWE, making runs with the Intercontinental Championship, as well as the United States Championship. Who knows, maybe he can convince James Storm to come back and they could reform Beer Money in the WWE and bring back some great tag team action in the WWE. I would not be against that at all.


Vaunie want to know when Bayley is coming.

Bayley is my favorite womens wrestler, when will we see her on the main roster in the WWE?


I think we will see Bayley sooner that you think. It is typically traditional that when the NXT Womens champion has a solid run with the title, then drops it, that usually means we are going to see her in the WWE main roster very soon after. We saw it with Charlotte, Paige, and Sasha Banks. I think Bayley is no different, and she would bring a unique dynamic to the newly fashioned womens division. I also am a big fan of Bayley, not only because she is cute as hell, but she can really work in the ring. She has been in some of the best womens matches that I have ever seen in my lifetime. Her IronMan match between her and Sasha? Amazing. The match at Takeover where she captured the championship? Match of the year candidate if you ask me. This girl can go, and is a lot of fun to watch. I see big things for her in 2016 in the WWE.


Manny wants to know about wrestlers going out of character.

Have there been any wrestlers that have said they are from a different country, but are actually American? I don’t mean Sergeant Slaughter saying he is from Iraq, but guys like the Iron Shiek? Is he really from Iran? That kind of thing.


There are several wrestlers that hold this type of gimmick.

Ivan Koloff  who was billed from the USSR is actually from Montreal Canada.

Nikita Koloff was also billed from the Soviet Union and Lithuania during his career. He is actually from Minneapolis Minnesota.

Boris Zuchoff was billed from the USSR when in fact he was born and raised in Florida.

Yokozuna was billed from Japan but he is actually from Samoa.

Nicolai Volcolf was billed from the USSR but he is from Croatia.

Kofi Kingston is from Boston Massachusetts but according to the WWE he is from Ghana South Africa.

Lana is from Florida but she is the Ravishing Russian in the WWE.

Rusev is from Bulgaria but he was once said to be from Russia. This may or may not count.

Santino Marella was billed from Milan Italy, but little did I know, he was actually from Canada.

I am certain there are more wrestlers, but I spent a lot of time on this question researching alone. Does anyone else have any others they want to add?


Charlie from Davenport Iowa 

I am from the same city as Seth Rollins, actually I grew up not too far from his childhood home. My question is, what would have been the plan for Seth Rollins had he not have gotten injured, and why did the WWE ban the curb stomp?


As I stated in a prior segment of this show. Seth Rollins was going to drop the WWE title to Roman Reigns either at Survivor Series or the next month. Either way Reigns was going to be the champion at the end of 2015. The plan was to have Rollins and Reigns feud into Wrestlemania where they were contemplating a triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins.  Rollins got hurt and they went with Triple H. Now they are planning the same match for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. Which actually would make sense since NXT is down there and the three have much more of a following.

As for the curb stomp goes. It was banned by the WWE due to the fear of wrestlers getting a concussion as it involves a direct impact to the back of the head. So it was more because of safety reasons why it was outlawed.


Smalls is killing me and will take us home this week.

I was reading your post from last week, and saw that you mentioned that Paul Orndorff was booked to win the WWF title over Hulk Hogan and would set up a rematch for the belt at Wrestlemania III. That would mean we would not get Hogan vs Andre. That brings me to this question. If Vince McMahon would have pulled the trigger and given us Hulk vs Mr Wonderful, would we have ever saw Hogan vs Andre? How would that have changed the dynamic as we see wrestling today?

hulk vs orndorff

Okay, so very long winded question, but a good one. So let me elaborate if you will. The Hogan vs Orndorff Wrestlemania III match was just thrown around, and was not actually booked to happen. It was basically going to go down at the Big Event in Toronto Ontario Canada, where Paul Orndorff was going to walk out of that event as the World Heavyweight Champion, and then we would see the rematch at Wrestlemania III. Hogan was all for this, and it was going to go down. However, what transpired was that Bobby Heenan tossed around the idea of “what if” we saw Hogan vs Andre? Light Bulbs went off in the heads of the creative team and Vince McMahon, and threw it by Hogan and Andre. Andre had never been a heel in the business, and never challenged for the championship. He had a claim that he was undefeated for 15 years. So you have Hogan, who is the peoples champion, vs a man who has never been defeated. They saw dollar signs and they went on with the match between Hogan and Andre at Wrestlemania III.

As for your second part of the question, would we have ever seen the match had Hogan faced Orndorff? I would have to say no we would not have. I don’t think Andre would have turned heel had it not been for the Hogan vs Andre match. If you think about it, Andre was on the decline of his career, had numerous back injuries, and only wrestled twice between Wrestlemania III and IV, those were in tag team matches, so he really didnt have to look that good. I think Andre probably would have hung up the tights a little bit sooner had we not have seen this match.

Now finally, you ask would it have changed the course of wrestling history? I don’t think so. Sure you see this part of the match where Hogan slams Andre as it was supposed to be a superhero feat, and that is played over and over again by the WWE, but it did not defy the WWE as a whole. It made Hulk Hogan that much more bigger, but who is to say that a match between Hogan and Orndorff would not have done the same. I honestly think that we would have seen a better match between those two. Now the story between Hogan and Andre is what sold tickets to the show, so maybe attendance for Wrestlemania III would not have surpassed 90,000, but looking back at the Hogan vs Andre match, it was slow moving, and a very boring match with the exception of the last 30 seconds of the match, and the first 30 seconds of the match. I don’t think it would have changed history like many think it would have. But very good question.

Here is a link to the match where Orndorff was supposed to win the championship.

And that does it for me this week, thanks for tuning in. We will see you next week with more questions for myself and the monkey. Please check out the other wrestling segments on 7poundbag.com such as the Wrestling Roundtable every Friday, and Eric Asafailo gives his damn opinion every Thursday. Thanks again, and see you next week.


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