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Hello once again to all of our favorite wrestling fans. This is the Wrestling Roundtable, and we have a great one set for you on this Friday morning. Thanks for joining us. We saw a very interesting Raw last week, as we saw a future WWE Hall of Famer on the show, that’s right, Im talking about Dr. Phil. Am I wrong? Anyway, so have we gotten enough of Wrestlemania yet? Of course not, Wrestlemania and planning for the next show is a year round event. So we will discuss a couple of potential matches that are already being talked about for Orlando Florida at Wrestlemania 33.


Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- Can the WWE Champion take out Phenominal?

2.AJ Styles- The Phenominal One, with a victory over Sami Zayn could be on course to win his first WWE title.

3.Sami Zayn- Cant say enough for his effort and match against AJ Styles on Raw, we are in for big things for Sami Zayn.

4.The Miz- The more we see Maryse on RAW and Smackdown, the higher we will put the Miz on the Power Rankings.

5.Bray Wyatt- With an impressive performance on Raw. Bray makes his way back to relevance in the WWE.


this week

2014- The Ultimate Warrior passes away just one night after making his return to Monday Night Raw, and three days removed from his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

2011- Edge announces his retirement from wrestling just days removed from defeating Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 27.




Alot of rumblings are going on back stage already about the main event of Wrestlemania 33. So far the plan is to have Roman Reigns keep the title until this event where we would see a triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. How excited would you be to see this main event next year?

Steve: Love the idea for the match. As long as all three of them can stay healthy, I think the fans would love to see a triple threat match between these three. While I think it would have been better at this years Wrestlemania, but due to injury that wasnt going to happen. Next year would be a good way to put all three in the main event. As long as they book it correctly.

Josh: Reigns does NOT need to keep the title for a whole year.  He should lose it in the summer, preferably to Bray Wyatt.  Then, gain it back at Survivor Series or the Rumble to set up this match.  That being said, if booked right, and Ambrose or Rollins goes over, and NOT Reigns, then it could be a really solid main event and I would be totally down for it.

Todd: I don’t really know if this will be a good match for next year’s main event or not. I mean Seth Rollins is still not back from injury. I think WWE is trying to get people excited about next year’s Wrestlemania because this yeas was so terrible. We will just have to wait and see. To me it is way to early to start talking about next year’s main event because a lot could happen in a year.

Chad: I’m starting to get that feeling watching Roman Reigns that I got watching John Cena; I don’t like Roman He’s had 2 straight main events at WrestleMania let someone else have the spotlight. If you want to have this match have it at Survivor Series. Also, I am not a fan of year-long title runs. To me it’s like Maywather-Pacquiao in boxing it gets hyped for so long that by the time it happens that it can’t live up to the hype.

Jim: With all of the injuries lately, trying to plan a year out is kind of a waste of time.  And if they are planning an Ambrose Reigns Rollins match a year out….then they are admitting that they have no desire to write or develop story lines, because that story has been happening for two years now.  It’s a perfect example of the problem I have with the WWE.  Where do I apply to be a writer and storyline developer?  They have so many characters, but they ignore 90% of them to focus on Booty O’s.  Give me a break!

Eric: Very excited! I think this would be an excellent main event. If these three men were in a triple threat match, it would tear the house down. These guys all have great chemistry together and would go out there and tell an amazing story. I really hope we do see this match, I think it’s long over due. All three of these guys deserve this and would steal the show!

show vs shaq

Speaking of Wrestlemania 33, Shaquille O’Neal has challenged The Big Show to a match at Wrestlemania 33. What are your thoughts on this potential match, and do you think we will see it happen?

Steve: This shouldnt come as much of a surprise. So I went back into the archives to find the answer…why? So it is simple really if you do the math. These two had some history with each other prior to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. So this kind of rekindles the little feud they had. Second, and most importantly, this gives the WWE just one more person to add to their “illustrious” Hall of Fame roster, and no Im not talking about the Big Show. I got money on Shaq being inducted before Big Show.

Josh: What would a WrestleMania be without Big Show jobbing to a non-wrestler?  I actually kind of missed it this year…sigh…

Todd: This match would be stupid. Shaq is a great basketball player but he needs to leave the wrestling to the professionals. Of course it will probably happen. WWE will do any thing to sell tickets. Shaq will bring them money.

Chad: WM 33 is in Orlando and Shaq got drafted by the Orlando Magic. Hmmm…I wonder who the Celebrity Inductee is going to be? Yes, the match will happen

Jim: I have no thoughts on this, because it has to be a joke.  Please dear god tell me this is a joke.  No wonder The Show said his career can be summed up as “disappointing”.  Is this really what it comes down to?  Wrestling against someone with absolutely zero wrestling skills?  In other words…yes, it’ll happen.  Because the WWE jumped the shark years ago.

Eric: My thoughts about this? Well, can I say Stupid! Shaq isn’t a wrestler but I’m sure it would attract media, which would bring money. So, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this happen. Vince McMahon is all about making money and this could be a great money making idea. I can’t say it’s impossible, because in WWE nothing is impossible. We’ll just have to stay tuned and watch.


With Shane McMahon running RAW these past two weeks, are we on course for another brand split between Raw and Smackdown?

Steve: The WWE has been talking about this for a while now. I think bringing back Shane is a great opportunity to split up the brands, and it can work. You see Shane already bringing up some of the young talent in NXT like Apollo Crews, The Vaude Villains, Enzo and Cass, just to name a few. I think that he will take over Smackdown, and basically that will be the top of the class in NXT, plus some big names from the current WWE main roster so they can put them over, or at least put them in the spotlight. This would do well for the WWE, Smackdown, and the WWE Network.

Josh: Splitting brands could be really good, if booked correctly, or really bad if booked incorrectly.  So, it will likely be really bad.  I don’t really care as long as we are done with the “evil boss” storyline for a while.

Todd: I don’t know. it all depends on how long Shane McMahon is sticking around. This makes no sense, the stipulation at Wrestlemania was if Shane won he would get control of Raw, if he lost he would be gone. Well he lost and still gets control of Raw. Where has the authority been the past couple of weeks? What do they think about this? They said they would quit if Shane got control of Raw. He has been in control of Raw the last two weeks, did they quit? Where is WWE going with this? I am sure they are not going to split brands on account of all the injuries to the roster.

Chad: I would love to see Shane stick around and lead the new generation on Smackdown or NXT or whatever you want to call that show and I think it is what the company needs right now.

Jim: Hopefully not.  I don’t know how they can separate the two when 80% of the WWE roster is out with a neck injury.  Who is going to go to Smackdown?  Charlotte?  Wait, if that’s the case, yes.  Since I never watch Smackdown.

Eric: I really hope not! I hated the brand split when it happened originally. I thought it was a dumb idea. I do think WWE should take away one hour from Raw and Smackdown. It would make the show more important and have them focus more on wrestling. I think those would be better choices for the WWE. Please WWE, don’t do another brand split. There is no point in doing it.

roman vs aj

Are you excited at all about seeing Roman Reigns defend against AJ Styles, and would it had made a difference if Sami Zayn was in this match?

Steve: Too many questions I have surrounding this.. wait did I just do a Yodaism? Anyway, so Are they doing a David vs Goliath, where the smaller Styles takes on the much larger Reigns? Fail. Is Roman Reigns a face? Is he a heel? Is he a tweener? FAIL. The match doesnt make sense. I like AJ Styles, but I dont understand how he loses to Jericho at Wrestlemania, then is the #1 contender for the title the next night on Raw. I would also thing it would be even more ridiculous to have Sami Zayn in there against Reigns. Two basically Crusierweights vs the World Heavyweight Champion? I like that they are pushing Styles, but I just dont get the timing here. Pretty much what I am saying/asking….What the fuck are you doing WWE?

Josh: It is great that Zayn is NOT in this match, as he would have just been used as the fall guy, and he does not need that.  I love that AJ is challenging, but we all know Reigns will retain, so it is a wasted of Styles’ talent.  If you are going to serve up sacrificial lambs to Reigns, make Adam Rose the #1 contender….at least then people will understand your bull-headed stupidity in booking Reigns over and over, without thought to what your audience wants, or proper storytelling.

Todd:  Well when I first heard about the fatal four way for the number one contender, I thought Jericho was going to win. I thought WWE would give it one last shot to put Reigns over as a babyface. I thought Jericho would be that guy. Now that AJ Styles is the number one contender I see the WWE has given up and probably gonna turn Reigns heel. I expect a heel turn during this match by Reigns. So , I don’t know if I am excited about it but it should be a descent match. Having Sami Zayn in this match would just complicate things.

Chad: As a fan of AJ Styles from TNA, ROH, and NJPW Hell Yes I’m excited he became #1 Contender to the title and was even excited when Anderson and Gallows made their debut on Raw thinking it could lead to a Bullet Club reunion down the road. But then I realized he’s facing the new golden boy Roman Reigns and has less than a 0% percent chance of winning.

Jim:  I am never excited to see AJ Styles.  He’s just not interesting.  He looks like they grabbed an usher and threw him into the ring.  Sorry, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I don’t see a future for AJ Styles.  In fact, I’ll state it clearly here:  I don’t see a future for anyone that tattoos their own name on their ribs.

Eric: I’m a little excited for this match. I think it has great potential and good be a good match. I think it is alot better than having Triple H vs Roman Reigns again. I think AJ Styles will have an awesome match with Roman. Plus this is the perfect chance for the WWE to reform the Bullet Club and have them team up in the main roster. I think it would have add some excitement to the mix if Sami Zayn 2ould have made it a Triple threat match however though, we will never know now due to him losing on Raw this past Monday. Sami will get his day, some day soon.


Judging by his performance in the main event on Raw. Is Bray Wyatt being under utilized? And can he be pushed to the main event level?

Steve: Jesus Christ YES!! A thousand times YES!! Bray was more over than I have ever seen him in the WWE last Monday on Raw, while the circumstances behind his appearance in that match was largely in part so he could pay his respects to his grandfather, Black Jack Mulligan, who passed away last week. Anyway, Bray said it himself that the WWE does not know what to do with the Wyatt family. I will tell you what the WWE needs to do with Bray Wyatt, and the Wyatt family. They need to separate Bray from the pack, and put him in the main event matches. Why are we seeing Roman vs AJ, when we could see Roman vs Bray for the title? Much better match, we have seen this before, we know the two have chemistry and can put on a great match. Get him away from the Wyatt family, and put him in singles to compete. Fans love him, and they are not sold on Eric Rowan or Braun Strowman. No disrespect, but they are holding him back. As for can he be pushed to the main event level? Of course, he is there as far as I am concerned, just tweak him and put him by himself, and he will be a star in this business.

Josh: He is clearly under-utilized.  But WWE is hell-bent on making this Roman Reigns think happen….(Roman, like “fetch” is not going to happen, Gretchen).  Bray should go to the main event and challenge the heel Reigns for the title, and win it at SummerSlam.  Doesn’t matter if you separate the family, Bray will stand out, and still be over.  Keeping the family together at least gives Braun something to do, other than lick frozen metal poles.

Todd: Absolutely! Like I said a few weeks ago on my rant. It is time to break the Wyatt Family up and let Bray Wyatt go out on his own. He could have been pushed into the main event scene a long time ago. The Wyatt Family gimmick is just holding him back from his full potential.

Chad: WWE push this man he needs to get away from his family and be in the main event picture.

Jim: Look, Bray Wyatt has been being pushed for a few years now.  Don’t you think if he was going to move up to that level, he’d have reached it by now?  HIs father was a 2nd tier wrestler.  His grandfather is in the Hall of Fame, but so is Donald Trump.  His brother is one of the worst wrestlers on the planet.  And Bray is….a nice time filler when he walks out to the slowest music on earth at a snails pace.  Bray Wyatt is not now, nor has he every been, nor will he ever be, a top tier wrestler.

Eric: I just talked about Bray Wyatt like this last week on my show right here on 7poundbag.com, check it out right here: http://7poundbag.com/2016/04/07/damn-opinion-36-6/

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