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Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. Well the Golden State Warriors are the second team in NBA history to win 70 games. The San Antonio Spurs also broke the ’95-’96 Bulls record for most consecutive home wins currently at 39. This week we will discuss Scottie Pippen statement about the Warriors, the reason there have been so many 70 point halves this year, and so much more on this edition of NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions this week:

Jordan and Pippen

Scottie Pippen Stated that the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls would sweep this years Golden State Warriors. Do you agree with this Statement?

Steve: I absolutely 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt disagree with Scottie Pippen. Not only do i think the Bulls do not sweep the Warriors. I say that the Bulls don’t BEAT the Warriors. Yeah I said it. I think the Warriors with their incredible shooting, and can shoot from pretty much anywhere on the floor, can overcome the Bulls defense, and they win in 7 games.

Todd: While the 1995 – 1996 Bulls were a great team, the Warriors team is making all kinds of history. Even if they don’t reach the 73 wins plateau, everyone on that team has improved from last year. Can you imagine Stephen Curry being the most improved player of the year, Draymond Green has 13 triple doubles at the power forward position. Together as a team they have over 1000 three pointers.

Dan: While I think the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls’ team was absolutely fantastic, I do think this year’s Golden State Warriors team is better. What they’ve been able to do on the offensive side of the ball to every team they’ve faced is unbelievable. And one reason why they keep getting better as the season progresses? Negativity. Oscar Robertson said that it should be easy to stop Stephen Curry. What’d he do? Go out there and shoot the ball with ease. They’ve shot threes all season long, scored plenty of points, had Draymond Green having a NBA first season in which he scored 1000 points, 500 rebounds, 500 assists, 100 steals & 100 blocks. This whole team is the best in the NBA & I believe the best team of all-time.

Chad: Frankly, I’m sick of ESPN and every sports outlet asking the question to fill their talk time. I do not think it would be a sweep as the Bulls did not even sweep in the NBA finals that year. I do think the defense of Jordan Pippen and Rodman is overlooked it would be fun to see if it could happen but save for time travel it can’t so let’s move on.


There has been more 70 plus point halves this year than in recent memory. Is this because of bad defense or good offense or a combination of both?

Steve: I honestly think its because there are a lot of really bad teams out there. I mean offense is up that is for sure, but most teams have a pretty decent defense. Then you have teams like the Sixers, Suns, Kings, Wolves, that give up a lot of points.

Todd: I think it has to do with a lot of teams are shooting the three point shot more. I mean you even have centers stepping out behind the three point line now. Some of it has to do with the way you are aloud to play defense. Of course then you have a lot of bad teams such as the Sixers, Lakers, Timberwolves, Suns, Nets, and Knicks.

Dan: While I really want to say that it’s been bad defense, it really hasn’t been just bad defense. I feel like these offenses are getting extremely good. Defense has decreased for a while, but you still do see good defense. But on the offensive side, all you see is great play after great play. The offenses are getting extremely good, they’re faster-paced and it feels like more shots are being taken which will lead to more going in. So I have to say a combination of both.

Chad: There are a lot of bad teams out there and there are more times that they run into a sharpshooting team from 3 which it seems like everybody can hit now.

Stockton to Malone

Here is kind of a random question. Who is the best player to never win an NBA Championship?

Steve: It is a toss up between Karl Malone and Reggie Miller. I will say Malone mainly because I am biased towards Miller as he is one of my favorite players.

Todd: I am going to have to go with John Stockton of the Utah Jazz. He is the NBA all time leader in assists with 15,806. Stockton also holds the single season assists per game record at 14.5. He is on of three players to have over 1000 assists in one season.

Dan:  I have to go with an underdog on this post & go with Allen Iverson, who was recently elected to the Naismith Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. He was one of the absolute best players to ever play the game and one of the best playmakers, ball-handlers & guard. I can’t believe that he never got a chance to win an NBA Championship, but he did make it to the post-season almost every year, 11 All-Star games, 2 All-Star MVPs & 1 regular season MVP Award, he did it all. Averaged 26.7 points per game throughout his career and 6.2 assists. He has to be the greatest player to never win a championship in my opinion.

Chad: Stockton and Malone as a pair Stockton the career leader in assists and steals, Malone 2nd all time in points both excellent but could not get over the hump and win the NBA title as members of the Utah Jazz.


Is Karl-Anthony Towns a shoe in to win NBA Rookie of the Year?

Steve: Yes, he is by far having the best season of any of the rookies. This is not even a question.

Todd: Absolutely. Maybe Porzingis might have given him a run for his money earlier  in the season. Karl-Anthony Towns kind of open up the gap since the All-Star Break as Porzingis fell off the pace.

Dan: Yes, he has to be. The only other player I see with a case is Porzingis, but Karl-Anthony Towns shuts him down. Averages more points per game, almost 3 more rebounds to average a double-double, has 50 on the year. He only has a -1.7 +/- ratio compared to Porzingis’ rating of 0.2. But there’s no way that Towns doesn’t get the Rookie of the Year Award.

Chad: Yes, without question Porzingis fell off the pace and is a far far away 2nd place.


Who has the brighter future the Los Angeles Lakers or the Philadelphia 76ers?

Steve: I thought it would be the Lakers, but with the situation with Russell, who knows where there mind set is. If they can land Ben Simmons in the draft, then they will have a very good future, and may even compete for a playoff spot next season. The Sixers are going no where and fast. So the Lakers have the better future.

Todd: Well me being a die hard Laker fan, you would think I would say the Lakers. I am going to say the 76ers. The reason being they have just as many if not more young guys than the Lakers. They also have a guy that has not played yet in the NBA. If and that is a big if he is able to play plus if they secure the number one draft they probably have the better future. If  it is the Lakers unlucky day on lottery day they could lose their draft pick to the 76ers. Plus Byron Scott Screwed the team this year. I think that cost the young guys a year of their career.

Dan: The Philadelphia 76ers and it’s not even close. All of their players are young, under club control for multiple years & they have international & D-League players who are preparing for an introduction to the NBA. They have plenty of cap space to play with to sign a big name in free agency, they have a TON of draft picks in the upcoming drafts, they have the best odds ever to win the #1 overall pick in the lottery, could possibly have up to 4 1st-round picks including 2 lottery picks. Sam Hinkie did a fantastic job with this organization and it’s too bad that he was basically forced out by Colangelo.

Chad: Its the Sixers because of their draft picks and players under team control plus combined with the disarray of the Lakers.

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