Game of Thrones: Houses Greyjoy and Frey

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)
There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.
Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

After Robert’s Rebellion, Balon Greyjoy decided to attempt to break free of the control by the Starks of Winterfell. He lost all of his sons but the youngest, Theon, leaving Balon with only his daughter, Yara. The Iron Islands are a hard people, and want to get what they have by work or taking it from the weak (The Iron Price) rather than buying it.

Balon Greyjoy

Balon GreyjoyWhen Theon comes home to offer an alliance with Robb Stark, Balon rejects him and tells him he has to chose between his family or the Starks, when Theon choses his father, he is given a small ship and told to raid the coast. Theon decides to conquer Winterfell, and he does with Robb gone to war, then when Balon gets Theon’s penis in a box from Ramsey, Balon disowns him and refuses Yara her request to go rescue him.
Earl: The Greyjoy’s were practically absent last season, so I’d expect Balon and company to show up this season. I’m not so sure about Balon being left with only Yara. Yara might be his only direct descendant but something about the Iron Islands tells me, that there isn’t going to be a transition from father to daughter. Balon must have some brothers, and I got a feeling we are going to see some interesting dynastic politics in the Greyjoy family this season.
David: Balon has no heirs outside of Yara, and no males to carry on his line. I can see him being upset at Theon for killing his male line, but again, he’s an asshole. I wonder who can out curmudgeon the other, Walder Frey or Balon Greyjoy. I do enjoy this family though, but more for Yara than Balon.

Yara Greyjoy

Yara GreyjoyThe only daughter of Balon Greyjoy, Yara is a capable fighter and even has her own ship for the Iron Islands. She attempts to rescue Theon, but he betrays her under his brainwashing. She is able to escape, but we have not seen what she does next. She tells her men that Theon is dead, so I wonder if she has washed her hands of him like her father did.
Earl: I like Yara. Great character. However, I don’t want her stuck in the Iron Islands. I’d prefer to see her palling around with Theon and Sansa to be honest. A traveling character seems like a better use of her screen time.
David: Yara has a sense of humor, putting up with Theon’s foolishness when he first came to the Iron Islands and I do wish she was in the show a bit more. I kind of wonder if she wouldn’t have made a fine match for Jon Snow, add a little bit of spine to him.

Walder Frey

Walder FreySupposedly a bannerman to House Tully, Lord Frey is pretty good at sitting behind his walls and holding his bridge that connects the North and South, this has made him rich and more than likely bored. Frey has had 8 wives and has a TON of kids and grandkids and spends the majority of his time trying to wed them off. Frey thought he had gotten one of his children married to Robb Stark, but that went out the window when Robb fell in love. Frey decided to betray Robb Stark at the Red Wedding, killing off Robb Stark, his wife, unborn child, mother, and a good chunk of the Army of the North. This did cost him his wife, but that never stopped him before. Walder is holding Edmure Tully hostage in his prisons, as the Red Wedding made Edmure Tully his son-in-law. Frey is technically a vassal to Littlefinger now, by the way.

Earl: Got to assume Frey makes a comeback in Season 6 since we have not seen him since the Red Wedding. Red Wedding was almost three years ago. Wow. Time flies. Anyway, I would be very happy to see some comeuppance for Walder Frey, and all of House Frey and I hope it’s a Tully or a Stark who wields the blade that gets the job done.

David: Frey could be fun, he’s personally a shit, and deserves to die slowly. Of course, the problem is, Frey is behind those walls and all those defenses. Hard to get to a badger that well dug in. We could see a lot of Frey, or he might not show up till the end. Or at least till he gets married again and someone has to die.

Edmure Tully

Edmure TullyThe younger brother of Catelyn Stark, Edmure and the Tullys are a strong house, but tied to the Starks and joined them in Robb’s Rebellion. With Robb in love and married, Edmure stepped into the void to try and patch things up with Walder Frey, and marry one of his daughters. When he was carried off to the bedding ceremony, the rest of the Starks were killed. Edmure is currently imprisoned by Walder Frey to keep the Tullys from marching on the Freys.

David: Edmure has been kind of thrown back, but the Tullys are a strong force, and Edmure is the heir to that house after his uncle.

Earl: We haven’t seen Edmure since his wedding, since much of what has gone on in the Riverlands has not been part of the show in recent seasons. With that said, I would expect the action to return to that part of the Seven Kingdoms and for Edmure to make some sort of appearance. Hopefully, the Freys haven’t given him the Reek treatment. They might be more humane than the Boltons but not by a whole hell of a lot.


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