Game of Thrones Season Six Second Trailer!

Game of Thrones Season Six Second Trailer!


What I saw..

0:01 Davos and Ghost defending Jon’s body, saw this one already
0:07 Tormund at the Wildlings’ camp
0:09 Meereen
0:11 Tyrion
0:14 Jaime vs the High Sparrow – Jamie and the Zombie vs High Sparrow
0:18 Melisandre
0:20 Drogon appearing in the sky.
0:24 Arya in the House of Black and White
0:29 Mother of Dragons in trouble
0:32 More Arya
0:39 Sansa – and she’s got the Stark logo on her.
0:41 Ramsay sharpening his blade
0:42 Sansa again
0:43 Walder Frey
0:44 Littlefinger
0:46 Jorah’s Greyscale
0:49 Loras and Margaery – Are we going to get Walk of Shame 2.0?
0:51 Davos looking to whup ass
0:54 Varys
0:55 Melisandre 2.0?
0:57 No idea
0:58 Jaime
0:59 FIGHT! No idea who.
1:01 Tommen and Cersei
1:04 High Sparrow
1:06 Cersei all kinda pissed off. Glad to see she wasn’t broken.
1:07 Jaime again
1:08 Zombie Mountain
1:08 Yara Greyjoy is BACK!
1:10 Jaime
1:12 White Walkers
1:16 Davos again
1:19 Wildings saw this already.
1:20 Night’s King dont care about no fire.
1:21 Ships
1:22 Sam crying – Could be Jon Snow or even Gilly.
1:22 Yara again
1:23 No idea
1:23 Tormund again
1:24 Cavalry charging
1:25 Sansa again. Sansa
1:25 Arya training
1:26 Ramsay again.
1:29 Jamie and Cersei
1:29 Sons of the Harpy
1:29 Theon
1:30 Brienne
1:31 More Mountain Zombie
1:32 Drogon
1:33 Tyrion being AWESOME
1:42 Figthing
1:43 Podrick
1:44 Wun Wun smashing a gate saw this already, and there was a Q on Quora I answered on it.
1:44 No idea
1:45 Bloody Hand on wall? No idea who
1:49 Tyrion meeting dragons and teasing his death. Not happening.

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