Gay Discrimination vs Freedoms

Let me be upfront with my religious background. I was raised Southern Baptist, and when I do go to church, I go to what the wife goes to, Church of God.

All good?

Now. Joe wrote about people using religion to state they will not serve gay people.Gay Cake'

I am perfectly fine with that.
Let me repeat
I am perfectly fine with that.

But I have a caveat. It has to be known that you, as a 100% privately owned company, will not do business with gay people. You go right ahead and you claim anything you want as the reason. Religion, bigotry, scared some dudes gonna come onto you, can’t deal with feathers, I don’t care.

If you are a associated with any government agency, you get money the government gives out, or the city gave you a tax break, then you don’t get that right. If there is a slim chance that a dime of public money is in your place of business, then you cannot refuse service to anyone based on color creed sexual orientation or all that good stuff people like to hate on. Being gay is not the same as not wearing shoes to a restaurant.

But if you are 100% privately owned and operated, then you slap a big ol sign on the door and claim you hate gay people and you do your best to try and survive.

But you better slap that sign on that door. When I go to a restaurant with a gay co-worker, friend, relative, or someone that is trying to figure out what they are- I want to make damn sure not a penny I spend goes into your bank account. I want to make sure that every dime I spend goes to people just trying to make a living and could care less what people do in their private lives outside of their establishment.

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  1. As we used to say back in the sixties, “Right on!”

    Along with every right is a corresponding responsibility. The rights to freedom (religious, social, political, etc.) entails the responsibility to respect those rights for others. If you are dealing with the public, your responsibility is to deliver your goods or services to anyone who is willing to compensate you for them (Private organizations may not have this same responsibility. See your friendly local constitutional attorney.)

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