MTV Movie Awards Predictions!

The MTV Movie Awards are decided online by the general public. They were supposed to be presented on the 20th but for some reason got moved up, so we here decided to put out our ballot.

Without further ado, lets get to the awards! I’ll link to our reviews, if any.

Best Female Performance

-Alicia Vikander, Ex MachinaFury Road Banner
-Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect 2
-Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road:
-Daisy Ridley, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Jennifer Lawrence, Joy
-Morena Baccarin, Deadpool

Jim: Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road:  I can’t believe Brie Larson isn’t nominated, so I’ll go with Charlize.  Amazing performance.

Dan: Anna Kendrick. I thought she did a great job with this movie.

David: I’ve only seen 3 of these, Mad Max, Star Wars and Deadpool, and I’d look to Daisy doing the best of the trio, I’m guessing it’s going to be someone else.

Shauna: Alicia Vikander, Ex-Machina: if you haven’t seen this movie that stars just three people; Alicia Vikander, Oscar Issac and Domhnall Glesson, see it. She absolutely dominates and is so believable as an AI who tries to be as human as humanly possible, capable of all human emotions and with devastating results.

Winner: Charlize Theron

Best Virtual Performance

-Amy Poehler, Inside Out:Inside Out Amy
-Andy Serkis, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Jack Black, Kung Fu Panda 3
-James Spader, Avengers: Age of Ultron
-Lupita Nyong’o, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Seth MacFarlane, Ted 2

Jim: Amy Poehler, Inside Out:  Another “not even close” choice.  Such a great movie.

Dan: Amy Poehler. She absolutely killed it in Inside Out. An absolute awesome kid’s movie. Did an amazing job as Joy.

David: I have not seen Inside out or Kung Fu Panda 3, I’d love to see Andy Serkis win, but this was not a great use of his skills, Here’s a hint, if you see Amy in the audience, she wins, if not, its James Spader. Spader did a stunning job.

Shauna: Amy Poehler, Inside Out: Amy Poehler’s voice should be in EVERY animated movie. EVERY!

Winner: Amy Poehler

Best Action Performance

-Chris Pratt, Jurassic World:Hunger Games Mockingjay
-Dwayne Johnson, San Andreas
-Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2
-John Boyega, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
-Vin Diesel, Furious 7

Jim: Chris Pratt, Jurassic World:  He was fantastic, in a fantastic globally billion dollar movie.

Dan: Ryan Reynolds. Multiple scenes in this movie of action. Awesome stuff.

David: Jennifer Lawrence, again, I have not seen Mockingjay 2 yet, but she’s got all the demos for this one, since Daisy wasn’t nominated. I could see the Rock taking this one just cause he’s the Rock, but Vin could take some votes. I voted Ryan Reynolds cause he was awesome, but Jennifer is going to win.

Shauna: Jennifer Lawrence, Mockingjay: love a girl and her bow.

Winner: Chris Pratt

True Story

–ConcussionStraight outta compton
–Steve Jobs
–Straight Outta Compton:
–The Big Short
–The Revenant

Jim: Straight Outta Compton:  The Revenant is about as “true” as my wet dreams about Taylor Swift.  This is by far the best movie in this category.

Dan: Concussion. Will Smith did a fantastic job with this movie. Really made an impact and was fascinating whole way through.

David: *No Vote* – I didn’t see any so I can’t vote properly on this category.

Shuana: The Big Short: didn’t think I would enjoy this movie; was not familiar with the ins and out of the housing collapse, but Adam McKay was so in-tuned with the fact that people really only pay attention when celebrities relay info (cameos by Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and explanation of how subprime loans work via Anthony Bourdain was genius!) Made the entire crisis very understandable

Winner: Straight Outta Compton

Best Comedic Performance

-Amy Schumer, Trainwreck:Spy Rayna
-Kevin Hart, Ride Along 2
-Melissa McCarthy, Spy
-Rebel Wilson, Pitch Perfect 2
-Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
-Will Ferrell, Get Hard

Jim: Amy Schumer, Trainwreck:  Not even close.  Amy by a mile.

Dan: Kevin Hart. He was a fool in this movie as was he the same in Ride Along.

David: It’s a three way dance between Amy, Kevin and Melissa. I’m looking to Kevin winning because he was all over the ads for this one. I’d take Melissa in this one, she was just incredible.

Shauna: I’m kind of torn between Melissa McCarthy, Spy and Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool but I think that Ryan Reynolds is usually playing himself so I’m going with McCarthy. Really enjoyed that movie way more than I thought I would. Funny, funny gal she is.

Winner: Ryan Reynolds

Breakthrough Performance

-Amy Schumer, TrainwreckBrie Larson
-Brie Larson, Room:
-Daisy Ridley, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey
-John Boyega, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-O’Shea Jackson Jr., Straight Outta Compton

Jim: Brie Larson, Room:  Again, it’s MTV, so Amy Schumer will win it…but Brie deserves it.  She was breakthrough in The Room and in Amy’s Trainwreck.

Dan: O’Shea Jackson Jr. This movie was great and he did a great job at this movie, especially for a damn near debut job in a major role to a HUGE movie.

David: I have not seem room or Compton, I know I know. Last place is Dakota Johnson. I’d say it comes down to Jackson or Daisy. I voted for Boyega though, I thought he did a better job than Daisy in that movie.

Shauna: Brie Larson, Room. Just a heartbreaking performance; the relationship between Brie and Jacob Trembley is so delicate and loving and oh so believable.

Winner: Daisy Ridley

Best Kiss

-Amy Schumer & Bill Hader, Trainwreck: Trainwreck
-Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey
-Leslie Mann & Chris Hemsworth, Vacation
-Margot Robbie & Will Smith, Focus
-Morena Baccarin & Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
-Rebel Wilson & Adam DeVine, Pitch Perfect 2

Jim: Trainwreck:  I loved this movie.  And I loved them together.  I want more.

Dan: Fifty Shades of Grey. Anything sexual, this movie will win it. That’s all that needs to be said.

David: I only have seen Deadpool, FSOG and Deadpool, and I’m going Trainwreck, simply because I was not a fan of FSOG. It wouldn’t stun me to see Will Smith or Rebel Wilson win this one.

Shauna: none of these

Winner: Rebel Wilson & Adam DeVine

Best Fight

-Deadpool(Ryan Reynolds) vs. Ajax (Ed Skrein), Deadpool Deadpool vs Ajax
-Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) vs. The Bear, The Revenant:
-Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) vs. Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), Mad Max: Fury Road
-Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) vs. Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Avengers: Age of Ultron
-Rey (Daisy Ridley) vs. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) vs. Lia (Nargis Fakhri), Spy

Jim: The Revenant: Another chance at getting an amazing talent on the stage.  The Bear deserves it.

Dan:  Deadpool v Ajax. Not only was this fight scene at the end absolutely great as Deadpool took on everybody with guns, but also the fight in the beginning of the movie where he fought against Ajax’s men and had a blast with only 12 bullets.

David: I saw all of these but Revenanat, but Deadpool is your winner, just an awesome movie and this was a great movie fight.

Shauna: Hugo Glass and the Bear, The Revenant: I wouldn’t really consider this a fight seeing as Leo got the crap mauled out of him, but my heart rate was jacked the entire time watching this. So incredible real and since I love Leo so much, I was frightened for his life.

Winner: Deadpool v Ajax


Ensemble Cast

–Avengers: Age of UltronStar Wars VII cast
–Furious 7
–Pitch Perfect 2
–Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
–The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2

Jim: Star Wars: The Force Awakens”  Finally, a category Star Wars can win.  Just to get Chewie, R2D2, C3PO and the gang on the stage.

Dan: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Great job all-around with this movie. Props, costumes, etc.

David: I’m going with Star Wars over Avengers, it’s pretty much those two, right? But who wins this one is Furious 7, cause the other two split the nerd vote and the Paul Walker factor.

Shauna:  Avengers: Age of Ultron: They’re nice to look at!

Winner: Pitch Perfect 2

Best Villain

-Adam Driver, Star Wars: The Force AwakensAvengers 2 Ultron
-Ed Skrein, Deadpool
-Hugh Keays-Byrne, Mad Max: Fury Road
-James Spader, Avengers: Age of Ultron:
-Samuel L. Jackson, Kingsman: The Secret Service
-Tom Hardy, The Revenant

Jim: James Spader, Avengers: Age of Ultron:  James Spader is the best villian in any movie or TV show where he’s the villian.

Dan: Ed Skrein. He played this part perfectly. Was a creepy, unstoppable maniac until Deadpool came for revenge.

David: Sam Jackson would win this going away if not for that stoofif voise he did. That hurt the movie and his character badly. I have a hard time going with just a voice but for Villian? I’ll take Ultron.

Shauna: Samuel L. Jackson, Kingsmen Secret Service: a villain who tries to destroy the world with cellphones and has a lisp. Yes, please.

Winner: Adam Driver, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Hero

-Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road:  Captain America
-Chris Evans, Avengers: Age of Ultron
-Daisy Ridley, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Dwayne Johnson, San Andreas
-Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2
-Paul Rudd, Ant-Man

Jim: Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road:  Another win for Ms Theron.  She was just awesome.

Dan: Chris Evans. Couldn’t have done a better job in a great movie.

David: Can I get some love for Paul Rudd? None? Ok, I’ll take Chris Evans, but I hope he watches his language up there. If Chris Evans doesn’t show, I’d look to Daisy Ridley to win. I have not seen Mockingjay 2 though.

Shauna: Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road: even though she’s says some crazy stuff this past week, she dominated this movie, I almost (and that’s really hard to do) forgot that Tom Hardy is in this!

Winner: Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2


Best Male Performance

-Chris Pratt, Jurassic Worldgopro-the-martian-selfie-1200x630-c
-Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant
-Matt Damon, The Martian:
-Michael B. Jordan, Creed
-Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
-Will Smith, Concussion

Jim: Matt Damon, The Martian:  I’m guessing it’ll go to Leo like everything else did, but Tom Hanks deserved it for Castaway, and Matt Damon deserves it for this remake.

Dan: Will Smith. Not only was he great in this role, he killed that accent he had to use.

David: Matt Damon got robbed at the Oscars and will get robbed here because Will Smith will get the protest vote, I haven’t seen concussion, but even Sam Jackson thinks that accent was awful.

Shuana: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant: Hands down I don’t think this needs much explanation, he is one of the greatest actors of our generation. I’ve followed him from the very beginning and he just becomes the character.

Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant


–AmyAmy Movie
–Cartel Land
–He Named Me Malala
–The Hunting Ground
–The Wolfpack
–What Happened, Miss Simone?

Jim: Amy:  Did you see it?  It’s awesome. And again, it’s MTV.

Dan: *No Vote* – I didn’t see any so I can’t vote properly on this category.

David: *No Vote* – I didn’t see any so I can’t vote properly on this category.

Shuana: Amy: loved this new style of documentary with archival footage and the removal of the documentarian from the screen ( unlike Morgan Spurlock and Michael Moore).

Winner: Amy

Movie of the Year

–Avengers: Age of UltronDeadpool
–Jurassic World
–Star Wars: The Force Awakens
–Straight Outta Compton:  Because it’s MTV, and it’s truly a great movie.  About MUSIC.

Jim: Straight Outta Compton:  Because it’s MTV, and it’s truly a great movie.  About MUSIC.

Dan: Creed. Movie was great all-around, definitely the movie of the year in my opinion. Great storyline, acting, everything.

David: I have not seen Compton or Creed, but the best movie of the four? DEADPOOL. But Star Wars will most likely win.

Shuana: Creed: great relaunch of a franchise but a good stand alone film. Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone’s chemistry came across well on screen

Winner: Star Wars

Agree? Disagree? Let us know below.

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