Movie Review: Vision Quest

Oddly enough, I only know one thing about Vision Quest, but it’s one of those classic 80s movies.

Matthew Modine is in High School, and is the top 190 pound wrestler in his high school and wants to drop to 168 to take on some guy named Chute, his coach isn’t happy about it, but lets him take on the top guy at 178, a half-Indian and Modine pins him easily, that night, after work (including a scene of Modine getting hit on by some guy wanting to teach him Tai-Chi), Modine meets up with Kuch and tells him of his plan to wrestle at 168, just because.
The next day Kuch tell Modine he is having a “Vision Quest” so we can name our movie. This does not make him popular at school for some reason.
Soon we get a love-interest shoehorned in with an older woman, even though there is a serious Boof from Teen Wolf action going on that is barely shown, but for some reason she is shown more often that a girl like that should be, other than a throwaway segment where they try and make Matthew Modine into a writer, and if you are trying to figure out where you know her from, lets just say she doesn’t look Druish. So Matthew Modine has to cut down to 168 pounds from 190, beat the best wrestler in the state, and get the woman that has got a few years on him.

So how is Vision Quest? Vision Quest 1

It’s a quick movie, almost like one of those TV movies of the week, and even though its 1985, you kind of get where the whole hokey sports movie script comes from.

One thing that tended to get on my nerves was Kush and Shute, the names sound to similar at times and you wonder what’s going on with whom.

Vision Quest could have been tighter, the whole Boof subplot could have been tossed, and the buddy at where Matthew Modine could have been tossed as well. That would have given us more time to figure out why Carla gives two shits about Matthew and do anything for that relationship. I am not an amateur wrestling fan, but you don’t really need to know anything about it for the movie to work. I’m going to go a 3 here, just as a quick time waster, you could do worse, and no, I have no desire to read the book.

Finally, yes Madonna is in here, and if you watch the Madonna videos you got the best parts of the movie. Without the soundtrack, this is a 2 movie.


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