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Wrestlemania is behind us, and we have a new WWE Champion in Roman Reigns. What did you all think about the show? Also what do we all think about the new Womens championship belt? Was Wrestlemania a success? This and much more.


Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- The New WWE Champion is on a roll right now, what is next for the champ? AJ Styles?

2.AJ Styles- Despite a loss to Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. AJ Styles rebounded to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

3.Baron Corbin- This kid may be the next big thing in the WWE, after winning the Andre battle royal and a nice win on Raw, Corbin is ready to take his place in the WWE main roster.

4.New Day- I cant say enough about this team, they are funny, entertaining, and may be the best tag team champions we have seen in a while.

5.The Miz- Nearly won the IC championship in the ladder match, then does win it from Zack Ryder on Raw. The Miz gets into the Power Rankings for that, and because he brought Maryse back.


this week

1992- Ric Flair makes his Wrestlemania debut as he lost the WWF title to Randy Savage

1993- Wrestlemania IX was the first outdoor Wrestlemania. The event featured Yokozuna defeating Bret Hart for the WWF Championship.

2014- Wrestlemania XXX featured two key events. First, The Undertaker’s streak comes to an end as he is defeated by Brock Lesnar. Also Daniel Bryan overcomes tremendous odds by defeating Triple H in the opening match, then coming back to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event against Randy Orton and Batista.



Here are the questions this week


Some have been on record by saying that NXT Takeover once again reigned supreme on the WWE’s biggest stage, and put on a better show than the main roster in Dallas. The same was said with Takeover from last years Summerslam. Do you agree with this? And if so, is it time to bring NXT to Prime Time TV instead of the Network?

Steve: Sadly, I did not see NXT Takeover Dallas. From what I heard of the event, it was lights out with some of the most amazing matches of the weekend. I will agree that NXT Takeover before Summerslam was far superior to that event, but we will not go back in time to that pathetic event. As far as putting NXT on TV, I don’t think it is a good idea. It is doing so well on the Network as it is, and the old saying goes. If it aint broke, dont fix it. I like the idea to showcase some of their superstars on Raw and or Smackdown every so often to give fans a glimpse of what they have on the NXT roster, this could get more subscribers and so forth. They do not need their own show.

Todd: I definitely agree. NXT Takeover Dallas made Wrestlemania look silly. I think it is long over due that NXT goes to Prime Time TV. they have so much talent down there, probably even more talent than what is on the main roster. I know there was talk about NXT taking up and hour of RAW. I think that would be a good Idea.

Jim: Some have been on record to say that the holocaust didn’t happen, but that doesn’t change actual history.  In truth, NXT will never be as good as Wrestlemania.  No matter how hard they try.  It was good, but not “better”.  That being said, of course it’s time to bring NXT to Prime Time TV.  Let it take Smackdown’s place.  Nobody cares about Smackdown.

Chad: After the Takeover in Brookly before Summerslam I made it a point to watch this one and didn’t disappoint. From American Alpha from Breaking Ground on the WWE Network winning the Tag titles to the match of the year candidate of Zayn vs Nakamura. I would be just fine letting NXT take over the Smackdown time slot and make that the Network exclusive.

Eric: Yes, I agree. Don’t get me wrong, Wrestlemania was decent and had some good moments but the action at NXT Takeover was amazing. From the opening bell to the main event. There wasn’t a bad match that night. I don’t believe the WWE needs to put an NXT show on Prime TV. I think that is one thing that makes the WWE network special is that is the only place you can see NXT. If you want to keep subscribers, you to keep NXT exclusively on the network, otherwise it will devalue the product.



Exclusively talking about Wrestlemania now, what were your thoughts on the event?

Steve: I thought it was better than I expected, but not even close to being a great Wrestlemania. I love the idea that they brought back the Womens championship over the Divas championship. I didnt care for the match for the title though. The New Day vs LOA was a waste of time, Ambrose vs Lesnar was alright but a tad disappointing. Shane vs Taker was better than I thought it was, it had some great spots, especially Shane jumping off the top of the cell. Roman vs Triple H was even better than I thought, decent match. The crowd seemed dead, but that could be because of who they have to see play every Sunday in the Fall and Winter. Then you have the upset of the century, Zack Ryder winning the IC title in the ladder match. Probably the match of the night, but was a waste of time because he loses it the next night on Raw to the Miz. Didnt see either of those coming. Overall, good show, not great.

Todd: Well, it is pretty sad when the highlight of the Pay Per View was Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, The Rock, and John Cena. All of them but Cena are retired. WWE has to stop depending on retired superstars to build Wrestlemania and start building new stars. These guys are not going to be around forever. Was WWE that desperate were they had to go out and get Shaq and Tatanka for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Really? What about all the tallent they have in NXT? Why did Jericho beat AJ Styles? That made no sense. Shouldn’t Brock Lesner have to go to Wrestling school, cause all he did is suplex Ambrose 13 times and give him an F-5.  Can I say Stupid? The ladder match, I didn’t have a problem with Zack ryder winning the match. I did have a problem of why I thought he won the match. I thought he won cause it was a feel good moment for him, I figure he would lose it shortly after. The Hell in the Cell match was stupid. If the stakes were that high, why was Vince McMahon not at ring side? That would have made it look like he cared what the outcome of the match was. The main event was predictable once again, as Roman Reigns came out on top. In My opinion the best match of the night even though Ric Flair got involved in the ending. The Women’s title match. I didn’t understand the outcome, I thought Sasha Banks was going to win.

Jim: I enjoyed Wrestlemania.  Some surprises.  Some GREAT surprises.  Stone Cold?  How could that be bad?  Of course, the Ladies, Women, whatever the f**k you want to call them can’t find a writer that understands wrestling still.  It’s pitiful.  Ric Flair interferes and Charlotte luckboxes to a win with zero talent, charisma, or nipple guards in her top.  Yeah, let’s try that again, for the 1000th time.  As long as Charlotte holds the belt, there is no “Women’s Champion”.  There’s just a terrible wrestler holding the belt.  Shane’s jump is the highlight of the show, but they got it right by not letting him actually win.  New Day?  I’m still sick of them.  But it wasn’t a title match, so why not let them lose?  And of course, the main event…I loved it.  But they’ll screw Reigns over again.  They always do.  Hopefully Shane now runs things properly on Monday night, because if he gives himself the heavyweight title, I quit.

Chad: The opening ladder match for the IC belt I thought was great. I though the Women’s title match was a good match with a bad result. The battle royal had some good surprises. The appearances of HBK, Foley, Austin, Rock, and Cena I had no problem with.  My main concerns with the show are Jericho getting the W I don’t see the purpose that served. The Ambrose/Lesnar match was all hype and no delivery and I thought should have been longer. The Hell in a Cell match prior to Raw Shane winning would have made more sense because with Taker winning things are now status quo. And the main event was ok but the crowd was so dead and against Roman that I really can’t believe they went with that as the main event.

Eric:  I give Wrestlemania a C. It was an average show. There was a few good moments and matches like the women’s title match, the ladder and hell in the cell matches and the main event even. However there was some let downs too, like the no holds barred match. I was very disappointed by that. I think that could have been a lot better than what it was. The Woman’s title match however was amazing! Those 3 gals did a great job! Probably one of the best, if not the best, woman’s match in Wrestlemania history. In all it was average show, I’ll give it a C.



Was having Baron Corbin winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal a good idea?

Steve: It was a great idea to have an up and coming star from NXT surprise the world and win the Andre Battle royal. Now, we need to see what they do with him. If they book him right, he could seriously be the next big star in the WWE. I could easily see him in a program with Roman Reigns, and I think they could put on some great matches. I could easily see Baron Corbin in the Main event picture by the end of the year, but I could also see the WWE drop the ball on him and bury him like they did with Cesaro after he won the first battle royal.

Todd: I think it could be if WWE doesn’t screw it up. The last two winners were already established in the WWE. Baron Corbin in fresh Blood in the WWE, so he could use the to catapult his career. It probably would have been even more interesting if he would have eliminated Kane face to face instead of sneaking up behind him.

Jim: I laughed at the Battle Royal, I laughed during the Battle Royal, and I laughed at the ending.  Talk about choosing the worst possible winner.  But hey, look what winning the trophy did for Cesaro and Big Show…wait…hahahahahahahaha.  I’m still laughing.

Chad: I like it now let’s if WWE does anything with it because they haven’t in the past.

Eric:  Sure, I mean look who was all in there. A bunch of people who wouldn’t have made sense to win it. Corbin is fresh on the scene and needed a big win to make a name for himself and that’s what he did. I can’t wait to see what WWE does with him next, I look for good things from him in the near future.



Shane McMahon had probably the spot of the night at Wrestlemania when he jumped nearly 25 feet from the top of the Hell in a Cell. Was this his biggest spot ever? He has had quite a few.

Steve: Yes, but his jump at Summerslam against the Big Show was pretty intense too. I think due to his age, no one expected him to do something like that. I am very surprised that he even attempted it, even though there was clearly some sort of air bag or mattress under the table to break his fall.

Todd: I believe it was. That was some crazy shit.I saw him climb the cage and I was like hell no! Who would willing jump 25 feet and land on a table just to entertain millions of people? I guess Shane McMahon will.

Jim:  It was Shane’s biggest spot ever because it was his return.  And at his age, nobody thought he could do it.  I do wish the WWE would have hidden the air bags that were under the table better, but it was still an amazing moment both for Shane, and for the WWE.

Chad: Time for perspective when Mick was thrown off the cell he was 33; Shane was 46. As a fan I just wished he would have hit it and won. I say it’s his best spot to date.

Eric: Yes, look how memorable it was when Mankind was thrown off the cell. Shane jumped off of it. I was in shock when he did and amazed. It was definitely the moment of the night. It proved how much Shane loves this company and will do anything for it. Big thumbs up to Shane for that, #youstillgotit



Sunday, Wrestlemania broke their own indoor attendance record from Wrestlemania III by having over 101,000 fans packing AT&T Stadium. Will this record ever be broken?

Steve: It took 29 years for the original record from Wrestlemania III to be broken, but lets face it, stadiums are only getting bigger, and will attract Wrestlemania. So sure it could be broken really at any time there is a building large enough to hold over 102,000 people. From what I understand, AT&T stadium was not sold out, so if you return there down the road, and start selling tickets earlier, it is very possible that the attendance record can be broken, but I think this stands for many years.

Todd: Yes it will be broke. I am sure they will go back to AT&T Stadium again. WWE is all about records that is one of the reasons why Wrestlemania was so horrible, because they were more worried about breaking the attendance record from Wrestlemania III. I think AT&T Stadium holds 105,000. WWE will try to sell that place out.

Jim: They could easily break it by selling one more seat in the same arena next year.  But why?  Who wants to watch wrestling from the moon?  I just don’t get screwing the fans with such limited visibility seats just to lay claim to a record.  And honestly, why do we need the Rock to come out to announce the record?  Oh wait, he just happened to have wrestling tights on under his clothes.  Never mind.

Chad: Records are made to be broken I definitely see them coming back here and trying to sell out the place; just lie and say its a Cowboy playoff game.

Eric: Maybe, like the old expression goes in the WWE, anything is possible. I think the WWE could do it, one day the may make 102,000 if not more.


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