MMA Roundtable: Conor vs Diaz and more!

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we take a look at Conor vs Diaz II, a 145 title, Does Bisping deserve a title shot and more!

Has he climbed to the top of the rankings?

1. Does Bisping deserve the next shot at 185?

Roni: Definitely not. Yoel does, or the winner of Jacare & Vitor (if Yoel is found guilty).
Bisping needs to beat someone from the top 3 to get a title shot.

David: I can’t see why not, since 2013, he’s only lost to the guys that are fighting over the title now. He’s been a top 10 guy forever, and yes, more of a gatekeeper, but you put a Bisping on anywhere in Europe and he sells the place out. Bisping has done everything he’s supposed to, he’s never missed weight, and he can sell the fight no matter who the champ is.

2. Conor vs Diaz at 200, is this a good idea?

Diaz vs ConorRoni: I don’t like it, but it is what it is.
Conor should be defending his belt. But it is fairly obvious they have no incentive to see him rematch ALdo or lose to Frankie.
So they will make Frankie and Aldo fight, so one take the other out. Then, id Conor beats Diaz, he will probably not go down. After all, the hype is back.
But if he loses, then Conor will go down and that fight will be decisive. if he loses the belt, IMHO he will be out. If he keeps the belt, then I don’t know what he will do, because losing twice to Diaz will surely not allow him to fight RDA. Well… I should not say surely when we are talking about Zuffa 🙂

David: Not at all, it doesn’t move Conor any closer to a title fight, it puts the 145 title on the backburner longer, and if Conor loses, then that hurts his drawing power even more, and if he wins, then that takes away all the gains Diaz got winning in the first place. I’d rather see Conor/Frankie and Diaz/RDA then the two can fight for the 155 title or even get Cerrone for Conor.

3. With Rhonda/Cyborg no longer the superfight it was, should the UFC bite the bullet and just make a 145 title?cyborg santos

Roni: If Holy would have kept her belt, they would probably make that fight.
But now that Tate beat Holy, UFC is back protecting Ronda. So I see no way in hell that they allow Ronda to go up.

David: Well, I was more asking if the UFC should make a 145 belt for women like Cyborg, but oh well. I do think a 145 title is deserved, and considering the UFC has 187 events planned, more titles make sense, as long as they don’t go all boxing with it.

4. Jon Jones is again in trouble, what should the UFC do with him?Jon Jones

Roni: Well, they are lucky DC got injured. This allows time for Jon to sort his issues with the law once again.
I think Zuffa should forbid Jon from driving a car. A driver will be much cheaper than the loss of revenue from Jon going to Jail.

David: I will never understand how anyone that rich doesn’t pay some guy 25K a year to be a full-time taxi driver. The UFC has to do something to protect that cash cow that is Jon Jones. I don’t think they can really keep him out of the cage, this isn’t the NFL, but they can keep him away from title shots.

5. DC is out with an injury, what should they do for the main event now? Daniel Cormier

Roni: Mighty Mouse will probably become the main event. Not what Zuffa had in mind, but I do think this will be an intriguing match…Well, if Cejudo beats the scales first 🙂

David: Well, they threw OSP in there, but no one cares about him.

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