Game of Thrones: Jamie Lannister and Bronn

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)
There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.
Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

Today, we leave House Martell and go to the ship just offshore with Jamie Lannister and Bronn.

Jaime Lannister

Jamie LannisterSer Jamie is also called the Kingslayer, as he killed the previous King (Aerys II) during Robert’s Rebellion, before Aerys was able to burn the town before he lost his throne. Sadly for Jamie, the knowledge that he saves tens of thousands of people hasn’t exactly made him a hero, as he did break his vows of being the King’s Bodyguard. Since Tywin was the final nail in the old king’s coffin, Robert Baratheon allowed Jamie to remain in the Kingsguard. The other major thing to know about early Jamie is his relationship with his twin sister Cersei. It’s sad that there is even a term for it “Twincest” as Jamie is the father of Cersei’s three kids, including Kings Joffery and Tommen, the fact they are lovers is a huge whisper, and joke out of earshot, becoming more prevalent as the series goes on. When Jamie and Cersei have uh, relations during Roberts visit to Winterfell for Robert to make Ned Stark the new Hand of the King, his primary advisor, the twins are caught by Bran Stark and Jamie causally throws him out the cliff window. Yeah, we hate this dude, right? During the War of the Five Kings, Jamie is captured, and promises to send Catelyn Stark her daughters (thought to be in King’s Landing) in exchange. Brienne of Tarth is sent along with him as a bodyguard, since Catelyn didn’t tell her son King Robb Stark, about this plan, since it does cost him about half his army later on. Good Mothering there. So Jamie is a total badass swordsman, who not only killed his cousin to setup a failed escape attempt, sleeps with his twin sister, makes Billy Zabka seem like Mother Teresa, and oh yeah, threw a kindergartner out of a window trying to kill him (only broke his spine) . Oh and guess what, we just started his redemption story. After witnessing Brienne’s skill with a sword, Jamie constantly teases a fight between the two, but when he finally gets a chance, the fight is interrupted by Locke and a some members of Roose Bolton’s camp. During the trip to Harrenhal, Jamie saves Brienne from a gangrape by saying that her father is the rich Lord of Tarth, the Sapphire Isles. This is untrue, but Jamie sells it so well, that Locke belives him, but cuts off Jamie’s sword hand to taunt him. Arriving at Harrenhal, Roose Bolton has switched sides to the Lannisters, and is not happy that Locke has cut off Jamie’s hand, and sends Jamie to King’s Landing with a plea to tell Cersei that the Bolton’s had no part in the matter. Jamie circles back to the camp to save Brienne from a fight with a Bear, arranged by Locke when he finds out the truth about Tarth. Brienne and Jamie bond more and more as the trip goes on, and Jamie is saved from death by disgraced former Maester Qyburn, sent by Roose to keep Jamie alive.
Bronn and JamieBack in King’s Landing Jamie keeps his job as Kingsguard, but relations between him and Cersei have changed, and he also has a golden hand made for appearances sake, and has to learn how to fight with his left hand, aided by Tyrion’s friend Bronn, since Bronn can keep a secret if he’s paid enough. Jamie constantly refuses to leave the Kingsguard and go rule the Lannister Lands but finally agrees when Tywin agrees to allow Tyrion to live during Tyrion’s trial. Tyrion screws that up after Shae gets involved (see Tyrion) , freeing Jamie from that oath. Jamie later charges Brienne to find Sansa and take her back to her family, giving her the new Valyrien Sword she names Oathkeeper in his honor, knowing the truth about him.
Later, Jamie is charged with getting Myrcella out of Dorne, when Cersei gets a veiled threat against her family (most possibly from Elliara Sand) and he brings Bronn with him. Doran Martell does allow Myrcella to leave, taking her betrothed Trystane Martell with him, to replace his uncle Oberyn on the small council. Jamie reveals the fact that he is Myrcella’s father to her on the boat, and she says she has known all along and that she loves him, but quickly dies from the poison Ellaria gave her before putting them on the boat.

David: Told You that was a redemption story. Jamie might be the most interesting character arc in the entire series, no one has flipped from so evil to so good in the show. Tyrion might be the star of the show, but he basically went from not giving a shit about anything to noble. The question here is what happens next? Bronn can stop Jamie from going buckwild and painting the boat red with Trystane’s blood, and turning the boat around and getting them all killed. I don’t think Cersei loves him anymore, Tyrion has fled, and his father is dead. His sword is below par, even with all the training he went from elite righthanded to mildly threatening lefthanded. Apparently he never learned to fight lefthanded like Inego Montoya. His kids were all he had left, and his daughter just died in his arms, and lets not forget, he saw Joffery die as well.
Where Jamie goes next is interesting. I think he goes back to King’s Landing crying his eyes out locked in his room with Bronn. If Tommen were not alive I could see him killing Trystane and sailing to find Tyrion with Bronn (and wouldn’t that be fun?)

Earl: Jamie Lannister has become noble. Well noble as he can be anyway, but if Myrcella dies, and that seems likely, where is he going to go this season? Will he return to Dorne for some sort of revenge, or will Cersei now keep her brother close since it appears that the walls are closing in on her in Kings Landing. Will Jamie even want to stick around with his daughter dead, and the predicament his sister now finds herself in? A lot of these characters have questions around them and can go in several different directions but it feels like Jamie Lannister is probably the most open character in the whole story. He can literally go anywhere from here.


BronnWe first meet Bronn when Catelyn Stark has him as a guard at the Vale. Lady Stark has accused Tyrion of trying to kill Bran Stark. Being noble, Tyrion demands a trial by combat, and wants them to wait for his brother Jamie to arrive to fight for him. Lysa Arryn states that he can have his trial by combat, but has to be done today, and serval knights volunteer to fight the dwarf in her honor. Bronn knowing how rich the Lannisters are, and more than likely out of boredom than any sense of justice, volunteers to fight for the lil guy. Killing the Knight, Bronn and Tyrion leave the Vale back to King’s Landing. The pair become fast friends in their similar interests. When arriving at King’s Landing, Tyrion, as new Hand of the King, places Bronn as head of the city watch, needing someone he can trust in the post, as the the current one is under Cersei’s employ. When Tywin becomes Hand of the King, Bronn loses that job. When Tyrion’s Trial starts, Bronn is asked again to fight for Tyrion, but Cersei has bribed him with a rich woman and the thought of fighting the Mountain combine to have him refuse his friend, Tyrion takes the news well, but this ends the friendship. Later Bronn is asked to join Jamie Lannister to get Myrcella Baratheon out of Dorne and he agrees again out of boredom, and the fact that Cersei has not delivered on her promise.
While in Dorne, Bronn is poisoned by Tyene Sand, but she gives him the antidote after he states she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Bronn and Jamie board a ship back to Kings Landing with Myrcella and Trystane Martell, but Myrcella is poisoned as they leave.

Earl: I love Bronn. I absolutely love him. He’s one of my favorite badass characters. The thing is with Bronn, I don’t know where he goes in Season Six. If he leaves Jamie, then I don’t think we see anymore of Bronn, and that would be a shame. However, I don’t see that happening. I assume Bronn will stick around for the fight, but I say get your last looks at him. I don’t see Bronn as a big character moving forward.

David: I disagree. Jamie has been able to use his sword to get out of everything, and now he can’t. I do think Bronn is loyal, to a point. Had Cersei not had the Mountain as champion- say she named Meryn Trant as her champion, Bronn would have fought him for Tyrion in a heartbeat. But the Mountain? Those are just long odds for him. I think Bronn regrets not fighting for his freind and might look to Jamie as redemption for himself. That being said, Bronn is a smart man, and he’s already been burned by Cersei once, so I could see him skipping town with a shit-ton of gold with him. Still, he is on the short list for best fighters in Westeros, and that’s always worth money.

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