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Hello once again NBA fans. Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. Well the San Antonio Spurs broke the ’95-’96 Bulls record by winning their 38th straight game in a row at home. They only have 3 more games to go and they will be undefeated at home. Can they do it? Only time will tell. This week we will discuss the Golden State Warriors making history, where Kobe Bryant ranks among the all time greats, and so much more here on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions this week:


If the Golden State Warriors break the ’95-’96 Bulls record of 72 wins but do not win the NBA title will it be considered a failure?

Todd: I am going to to say yes. In most sports today you are judged by championships not records. Look at the 2007 New England Patriots, they went 16-0 in the regular season and ended up losing the supper bowl to the New York Giants. All any one ever talks about is how they lost to the Giants in the super bowl. I think if the Golden State Warriors win 73 games and do not win the NBA title it will be a complete failure on their part. There is another reason I say this. That is because as of last week they are actually going after the record instead of resting guys.

 João: Yes, I think so. Getting 73 wins but not winning the title would be a tremendous failure, akin to what the Patriots did some years ago in the NFL. I think the team is going to try to balance both objectives and I believe they should be ready to rest some players just before the playoffs start. The playoffs and the title are more important than the regular season record. Getting both would obviously be tremendous.

Steve: It would be a major disappointment for the Warriors to win 73 games and fail to win the NBA Championship. It would show that they were so dominant in the regular season, but could not win when it matters. Even though they are the defending champs, anything short of an NBA title would be a failure for the Warriors. It wouldnt matter if they won 73 or not, they would forever be in second place from those 95-96 Chicago Bulls.

Chad: Championships are what matter in the sports world so yes it would be a disappointment.


Kobe Bryant’s career is coming to an end, where does he rank among the all time greats?

Todd: As I have Said before I am a die hard Laker fan all the way back to the showtime era days. I would probably rank Kobe Bryant among the top 10 of the all time greats.

João: There is a lot of emotion right now in the league with his farewell tour and I guess most people have not been able to sit down and answer that type of question. I think Kobe was one of the elite players of the last decade (along with Duncan, Garnett, Nowitzki) and I would certainly place him above Dwyane Wade in terms of NBA guards during the period 2000-09.
If we look at it all-time I would consider him the 2nd top shooting guard, just behind His Airness. Irrespective of positions he is a top 30 all-time NBA player.
Steve: I would say he is definitely in the top 10, but any higher than that I would be hard pressed. There have been some great players along the way, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, just to name a few. I would even put Stephen Curry above Kobe right now. Now I am ready for all you Kobe fans to bash me…and go.
Chad: I would say top top 10 all time 5 NBA titles, MVP’s, Scoring accomplishments, etc. Definitely makes him  an all-time top 10 player and the fact he stayed with one team his entire career. I will miss the Kobe highlights.

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Which team is the biggest disappointment this year? Which team is the biggest surprise?

Todd: The biggest disappointment by far has to be the Chicago Bulls. They were expected to compete with the Cavaliers for the East and now they are just fight to make the playoffs. The biggest Surprise has to be the Toronto Raptors. They lost the 6th man of the year Lue Williams when he signed with the Lakers and they are 2nd seed in the East.

João: I will go with the Chicago Bulls as the biggest disappointment. Even though they have been decimated by injuries I don’t think anyone was expecting them not to make the playoffs. Right now they are outside of the top 8, a full game behind Indiana and it does not look for that group. The Bulls were expected to contend to win the Eastern Conference, giving the Cavaliers a run for their money, but instead they are just struggling to even make the playoffs. I have a feeling they will not make the playoffs and big changes will come their way during the offseason. Other notable mentions are Washington, Houston and Milwaukee.
I think there are several teams that can qualify as biggest surprise but I will go with the Portland Trail Blazers. Before the season started those guys lost LaMarcus Aldridge, Wesley Matthews, Nicolas Batum and Robin Lopez. They added C.J. McCollum, Meyers Leonard, Mason Plumlee and Al-Farouq Aminu. No way they will even contend for playoff positioning, right? Well, there they are, sitting at #6 in the ultra competitive western conference. And while they may still drop to #7 or #8 or even miss the playoffs altogether, what this team has been able to do this season has been both surprising and incredible. Damian Lillard has been able to step up his game in dramatic fashion and, out of nowhere, McCollum has proven he can be a bonafide starting shooting guard.
Steve: Biggest disappointment has to be the Chicago Bulls. This team was supposed to compete for the Eastern Conference championship. They were considered to be one of the top three teams in the East along with Cleveland and Toronto, now they are fighting for their lives just to get into the playoffs, and in the Eastern Conference, that is a sad sad story. I think Freddy is out after this season, and Paxon may be close as well. As far as the biggest surprise? I guess I would have to say the Charlotte Hornets. I did not expect them to be in playoff contention this season, but they have climbed all the way to the #2 spot this season, and should finish around the 5 or 6 seed this year.
Chad: Biggest disappointment is Chicago they were to be fully healthy with a new coach and are a question to make the playoffs it’s a case where Chicago may have to tear the whole thing down and start over. Surprise? I’ll go with Portland because of being in the playoff hunt despite losing guys like Mathews and Aldridge.

DAngelo Russell

What are your thoughts on the D’Angelo Russel-Nick Young drama in Los Angeles?

Todd: I think it was a terrible mistake gone wrong. I think the media made it sound worse than it really was. I think D’Angelo Russel is young and he will bounce back from this. Hopefully Nick young will find it in his heart to forgive him and they can both move on.

João: I am at a loss for words. Extremely childish on the part of D’Angelo Russell, to say the least. He totally deserves the widespread backlash and criticism he is facing. And let us be honest: his days in Los Angeles are numbered. On top of that, what other franchise will give him a chance?
Things are so bad that his Wikipedia page now reads “Position: Team Rat/ Snitching Guard” (this will be changed back, obviously).
This is something terrible on many different levels: Kobe’s last season did not deserve this type of behavior from one of his teammates, the Lakers were already in disarray and only figure to be even worse after this, and Russell was supposed to be the point guard of the future for this team.
Steve: Not to take anything away from this question. I just don’t care. These guys are always in the spotlight, the kid made a mistake, he owned up to it, let it go.
Chad: It is a good question I just feel like Russell is a young player who made a dumb mistake and the “TMZ” world we live needs to move on.

Stephen Curry

It is said that Steph Curry is a shoe in to win the NBA MVP this year. Will he be the first player in NBA history to be unanimously selected? 

Todd: Curry will clearly win the MVP but No he won’t get all the votes. Russell Westbrook will get a vote or 2. Russell has 16 triple doubles this year which is the most since Magic Johnson back in 1988-’89 when he had 17. Westbrook also is averaging 23.8 points, 7.7 rebounds, 10.4 assist per game.

João: I think Curry will clearly win the MVP award, with or without winning 73 games. That having been said I believe some other players will get some votes and deny Curry his unanimous selection: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant. It just takes one first place MVP vote for one of these for it not to be unanimous, and I think that will happen here. But Curry will still win by a landslide, no doubt about that.

Steve: If anyone does not vote for Stephen Curry it would be a crying shame. Absolutely he wins the MVP for the second straight year. I seriously cannot think of any other player that is even close to the level of Steph Curry this season. If he is not unanimous, it would be shocking.

Chad: He will win MVP; it should be unanimous but I could easily see a vote for Lebron or Westbrook sneaking through.

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