Game of Thrones: House Bolton

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)
There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.
Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

House Bolton

House Bolton

House Bolton was sworn to house Stark, and was the second most powerful house in the North. They have reputation of being cruel and cold. In return for betraying Robb Stark, Roose Bolton has gotten the title of Warden of the North, and legitimized his bastard, Ramsey Snow. Roose Bolton was also able to destroy the last Baratheon, Stannis, and remove him from the game. This has got to put the Bolton’s in a powerful position at court, but there are three problems coming up. One, The Wildings have setting in the Northern end of his lands, called the Gift, and they have been used to raiding for centuries, so who knows how they will take to farming. Two, the White Walkers are coming, and the Boltons are going to be the first place hit and Three, Sansa Stark was married to Ramsey, and not only has she ran off with Theon, but she takes a lot of loyalty with her, combine that with the fact that Roose Bolton’s wife is finally pregnant, so even with Ramsey legitimized by the King, he is not a natural heir. Ramsey is the most unbalanced character since Joffery, so who knows how he is going to take it?

Roose Bolton    

Roose BoltonSworn to House Stark, Roose swapped over to the King at the best possible moment, ending Robb Stark’s rebellion, gaining not only Winterfell, but a heir to the house. Ramsey is just as cold and cruel as his father, but has a tendency to go above and beyond, like when he burned Winterfell and blamed the Greyjoys (Roose doesn’t know this) Roose is still cold to his son, but has everything he wanted now. He rules the North, he has a heir, and the support to the King, not to mention a strong army that just wiped out House Bartheon. Now he has a second child on the way, either a daughter that can be used to extend his lands, or a Son that can be given his own lands to rule by a grateful king who needs to find a Lord for a land without a male heir, or a backup incase Ramsey just completely jumps the rails. Life is good for the Lord of the Dreadfort.
Earl: I kind of like Roose but he did give birth to a psychopath in Ramsay. I’m calling it now but Ramsay kills Roose this season. Roose will see it coming and he will know that his now legitimized son will kill him. Why? He can’t allow Roose’s soon to be heir be born, and he can’t risk Roose and his wife having more kids. Ramsay will claim his spot, and it will be a Roose’s expense but I like the character so I will enjoy him while we got him.
David: Oh its going to be fun to see what happens to Roose, If you really think about it, next to Littlefinger, no one has played the Game better than Roose, and Roose is the only one to win so far. He wanted to step up a rung, and he did, and for all practical purposes, he’s done, he doesn’t want the Iron Throne, he wants the North, and he has it. Now he just has to keep it.

“Fat” Walda Bolton

Wanda BoltonHere is the fun of the House Frey, they have a TON of kids, and need something to do with them. They are all legitimate, so can’t just be punted off to go find something to do. Frey offered one of his daughters or granddaughters to Roose Bolton and said he would pay her weight in Silver to seal the deal. Bolton took the fattest one he could find and became rich. Roose is a bit of a cold man, and we haven’t really seen much of Walda, but she has become pregnant, and its going to get interesting to see what the sex of the baby is, and how that impacts House Bolton.
Earl: Ties the Boltons and Freys together and I’m sure she will have a good death scene. That’s the only thing I care to say about Walda.
David: Walder Frey seems like he likes his kids dim-witted and quiet, and Roose isn’t exactly going to be trying to make her a shining beacon of joy. I don’t expect much out of her, until she gets closer to having a baby, seems pretty nice and accepting of her lot in life, too bad she was born a Frey and married a Bolton.

Ramsay Bolton

Ramsey BoltonRaised by his natural father, Roose, Ramsey has been a lunatic on the show since day 1. He was given the task of retaking Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy, and did so with ease. Theon was mentally and physically tortured and given the name of Reek. Theon had been so completely broken he has even rejected his sister and Sansa Stark, who he grew up with on several occasions. In return for his deeds in retaking Winterfell, Roose had Tommen sign a paper legitimizing Ramsey, so he can now be a proper part of the family and heir to Winterfell. Roose also gave Ramsey a wife, Sansa, to help him rule the North, as the Starks have deep roots in governing the area. This ticked off Ramsey primary mistress, Myranda to no end, and she took it out on Sansa. Ramsey didn’t care, making known that Sansa was there to give him an heir and solidify the Bolton hold on Winterfell. Ramsey has proven to be a solid commander, carrying out a raid on Stannis, and then completing the destruction of Stannis army later on. Unfortunate, Theon finally broke and helped Sansa escape Winterfell, and killed Myranda on his way out. Finally, Roose’s wife Walda is pregnant, so the failure to keep Sansa could put him at odds with the baby, if its a boy.
Earl: Ramsay Bolton will be all over Season 6. He’s a cruel S.O.B., but the actor portraying him makes the character interesting to watch. I actually perk up when Ramsay appears on the screen, only to gasp at whatever he says or does next. This season should deal with the effects of losing his bride, his plaything in Reek, and dealing with the after effects of Stannis’ attack. The North still remembers by the way, so there’s something else for House Bolton to potentially deal with.
David: Ramsey is going to be fun to watch from here on out. He went from having everything- to possibly losing it all, think about it, Ramsey just finished off the rest of House Baratheon, he has his hot Bride, who his only job with her is to knock her up, a mistress who is just as crazy as he is, and also smoking hot, and a guy who he has broken to the point that he gave up his own sister and House. Now he comes back, flush with victory, and his wife is gone with Reek, and Myranda is dead in the snow, so his Dad, not only is going to be pissed he lost Sansa, but Theon helped her, and he’s not happy with Ramsey for doing the torture to begin with. Oh, and there is still that baby coming up! If Its a girl, all good, if its a boy, uh-oh.



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