The NFL Roundtable: 4/5 Edition

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1. Roddy White has signed with the Saints, considering the past history of the Free Agents the Saints have picked up lately, is this one a good one?

Roddy WhiteJoe: He going into his 12th year. Reality is that he is on the downside of his career. He still is capable of making the big play just not as the #1 or #2 receiver.
However, the Saints need help at receiver and White provides it but will need to be used as probably a go to guy on third down as well as other key moments in a game when the Saints need a big play. He gives Drew Brees another arrow in his quiver to utilize.

Jim: White is always a good choice.  They have a HOF quarterback and world class offense.  I’m just surprised that their focus is on White and not their colander defense.
I give the signing a B-.

DJ: When I heard White was released by the Falcons I was surprised to see he was 34 years old….however, I think he has a little left in  the tank. He had some really good seasons with Ryan throwing him the ball……while he might be a little older and coming off a down season(43 receptions)  he only had 70 targets last season. I know his yards per catch have slipped to around 11 the last 3 seasons but he’s getting older, that’s only natural for aging WR’s.
The Falcons seemed to be phasing him out and going with Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman in the passing game. He had 80 catches in 2014 and Brees is a much better QB than Ryan.  I’m not sure of his role with the Saints (not totally familiar with their personnel) but he could be an excellent 3rd WR in the Saints offense.

Dan: While I do think that he only has a year or two left in him before he’ll retire, I think this was a solid free agent signing by New Orleans. Not only does Drew Brees get some help, he gets a solid wide receiver to throw to. Roddy White makes plays and that’s just a plus to a quarterback who hasn’t had a whole lot of help at wide receiver throughout his career.

Earl: Roddy is nearing the end of his career and is fading some but he works out well with the Saints. Drew Brees likes to throw the ball around, and White should benefit from the Saints offensive style. With all of that said this isn’t a great signing, or that noteworthy of a signing, but it’s a good fit for both White and the Saints.

2. The main rumor is that Colin Kaepernick would have to redo his contract down to around 7M to make a trade to the Broncos possible, is a 5M pay cut worth going to Denver?

Colin-KaepernickJoe: Denver is a tad sight better situation for Kaepernick to be than San Francisco any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If, I’m Kaepernick I redo my deal in a heartbeat with all sorts of built in incentives and then hopefully play my ass off and rejuvenate my career.
He needs to take the proverbial one step backward by taking less now with the chance to take two steps forward after the season… the chance to make more money when he proves he still can be a playoff caliber QB.

Jim: If he wants to win, then its worth the paycut.  Hopefully they build in some incentives for him.  But they won with a quarterback nearly as old as me throwing two touchdowns over his last 4 games and a QB rating lower than my average golf score.  He should be thankful that Wade Phillips will put him in a position where he can suck horribly and still get a ring.

DJ: Yes.
If Kaep wants to rejuvenate his career that’s a fair tradeoff because he’s going to a team that has a very good defense and that’s what he needs. It gives him
the ability to manage the game and not have to do too much, which is where he gets in a little bit of trouble. He just needs to play within the the offense and Denver is as good a destination as he could hope for imo. This could be a solid move for both parties involved.

Dan: If Kaepernick wants out like how he does, I think it’s worth it for him. I’d stay though. Chip Kelly will help get your grove down and keep you in a fast-paced offense. The playbook style he runs is more geared towards a run/pass college style offense. Only bad thing is that since it’s an up-tempo offense, the incompletions that Kaepernick has been struck with having in the past will slow it down and cause problems. But, overall, I think the new offensive style and Chip Kelly will prove to be a benefit to Kaepernick. But, that’s not the question- the question is, is it worth it? And I say yes, it is. Not only do you go to a team that has a shot at winning it all again next year, but you’ll be the main starter with your back-up as Mark Sanchez. Lost a couple pieces of defense but still has a great team around you. Take the $5 million pay cut, get out of San Francisco where you don’t want to be and become a starter for a long time in Denver.

Earl: Yes, it’s worth it. Colin has burned his bridge with the Niners and landing spots are disappearing by the day. If he wants to get out of San Francisco, Denver is his only real landing spot. With that said, he shouldn’t just forfeit the $5 million, but I would play a little hardball first with the Broncos but at the end of the day, going to Denver is the only move he really has left.

3. Over Under 10 Starts for RG3 in Cleveland.

RG3Joe: Tough one… considering the Browns have  three QBs in house and are rumored to be drafting another one… I’ll take the under.

Jim: Is zero under 10?  Then I’ll take the under.

DJ: Over 10 easily.
The Browns have had some pretty below average to average QB’s in recent seasons, RGIII is an upgrade over what they have had. He should finally be healthy after not playing since 2014 and he has plenty of motivation to prove he wasn’t the cancer a lot of people seem to think he was in DC. I loved this signing, I thought the Broncos should have gone after him when Manning retired and Osweiler bolted for the Texans.

Dan: I got the over. Who else they got? Unless they go into the draft and grab a quarterback, RGIII is the man in Cleveland.

Earl: Over. I’m not that convinced that Carson Wentz or Jared Goff is a better alternative than RG3. I don’t look at RG3 and think he’s the long term answer for the Browns, but I do think that in the next two or three seasons he can be a bridge to their future.

4. Brandon LaFell has signed with Cincinnati. Have the Bengals done enough to save their offseason losses?

Cincinnati BengalsJoe: I think Brandon LaFell is a good to potentially excellent signing for the Bengals, but, no, it does not make up for what they have lost.

Jim: Winning is a team effort, regardless of what Broncos fans think.  Cincinnati lost so many members of the “team” that they could easily fall under .500 this year.  And they’ll still give Marvin an extension.

DJ: Yes, but not because of him. Not impressed with him, he’s 29 and only had 1 good season when he had 79 receptions in 2014 with Tom Brady throwing him the ball. I liked the pickup of  Taylor Mays, he showed some flashes with the Raiders last season after failing to live up to expectations with the 49ers when he was drafted. Mays can still be a quality player in the league. And I liked them re-signing DT Pat Sims, he’s an under-rated player.  Not to mention Adam Jones, who provides quality at CB.
Tackle Andre Smith was a hit to their OL, but the other guys they lost were no big loss imo. Jones caught a career high 65 passes from Dalton but his TD’s went down from 10 to four. While I’m no huge fan of LaFell, he could catch 50-55 balls easily and sort of offset the loss of Jones. Mohammed Sanu was inconsistent and only had 1 decent season when he caught 56 passes in 2014, but he regressed last season when he fell out of favor, registering 33 catches in 49 targets.

I rate their offseason as a C+/B-. I don’t think it was as bad as a lot of people do.

Dan: No, I don’t think they have. While they have signed some players, I think they need a little more help. LaFell isn’t a top-tier player, but they did take some big losses on defense, especially with Reggie Nelson leaving the safety position. I feel like the draft will help them recover.

Earl: No. Losing Jones and Sanu was too much for the Bengals to overcome. LaFell isn’t a bad receiver but I don’t think signing him makes up for losing two very good receivers. The Bengals will definitely have to draft a receiver early in the draft.

5. Should the move of the Rams to LA make any alignment changes necessary?

Rams hands upJoe: Nope. Not that I can see. Leave it alone for now.

Jim: Weren’t they in the West already?  Playing in St Louis should have caused realignment.  Noy actually playing in the west.

DJ: No. Leave it alone.

Dan: No, I don’t see a reason as to why it would. They’re already in the NFC West, why move anything around? They’re now in the correct position to be placed in the West, as they’re in the same state as San Francisco, next state over from Arizona and rather close and just up the Pacific Ocean away from Seattle. No need to switch time zones for a guaranteed 3 games each year.

Earl: Alignment is not necessary. The Rams moving to Los Angeles actually makes travel easier for their NFC West foes who no longer have to fly out to Saint Louis. San Francisco, Phoenix, and Seattle are all closer to Los Angeles than all three of those franchises flying to Missouri.

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