Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)
There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.
Again, keep in mind, neither Earl or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

Daenerys Targaryen 

Daenerys TargaryenRoyal Princess, was dominated by her brother, and was traded for an Army to the Dothraki King, Khal Drogo, who she eventually came to love, but he was killed. On his funeral pyre, she climbed into it with her three Dragon Eggs, and not only survived, but the eggs hatched. She As the series has moved on, the Dragons have gotten bigger and bigger. She’s gained a large Dothraki army, and then lost it, then gained an Unsullied Army, and the Second Sons to it. She’s taken a few cities, and currently sits atop the city of Meereen, but is having problems with the Sons of the Harpy who are resistant to her changes. They have killed quite a few of her Army, including Ser Selmy, who was her main bodyguard and former bodyguard to her father. Daenerys is also having trouble controlling her Dragons, having to lock up her two smaller dragons, but letting the larger one go free, Drogon, but that turns out in her favor, as when the Sons of the Harpy attack, he shows up and saves her, flying away with her.  Jorah and Daario are enroute to find her, and last we saw she was being surrounded by Dothraki horsemen.

David: Daenerys inspires a lot of love to people near her, from Drogo and Grey Worm to her Dragons, but does lose a lot of people on the way. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Dothraki react to her being a former Khaleesi, but she doesn’t have any power anymore. Drogon is hurt, and might not be riding to the rescue. But we all know she’s eventually going to cross the narrow sea, right? The question is who is going to be with her when she does.

Earl: Daenerys is one of the many bad ass women that populate the Game of Thrones universe and the site of her last season being surrounded by the Dothraki was a bit of a gasping moment. When last seen with the Dothraki, Daenerys wasn’t exactly high on the list of people they were willing to follow so I doubt she is going to be welcomed with open arms. However, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that before this show is said and done, Daenerys is going to end up in Westeros. It isn’t going to happen in the start of Season Six but they’re better be some serious progressions towards that end before this season draws to a close.

Daario Naharis

Daario NaharisLeader of the Second Sons, a 2000 strong mercenary group, He betrayed his former employer, the city of Yunkai to Daenerys. Daario made no secret of his desire to get in Daenerys’ pants, and finally succeeded, but she has made no secret that she is only using him in a carnal way. Daario has shown that he is a bit of a short-sighted individual, such as being willing to wipe out all the slave masters. When the Sons of the Harpy attack, Daario fights to defend her, and when she flies off on her dragon Drogon, he wants to go look for her, leaving with Jorah.

David: Utter badass, having gone through the fighting pits to freedom, and we haven’t really seen him break a sweat taking people out. I kind of think he’s a younger version of Bronn, before his blood settled down. I am looking forward to the Buddy Comedy coming with him and Jorah, considering Jorah might have a chance with her if Daario hadn’t shown up. . . naaah. By the way, I like this Daario Naharis more than the other actor. I never understood long hair in a fighter.

Earl: Daario loves Daenerys, but so does Jorah so that’s a conflict in itself. When last seen, he was with Jorah in search of Daenerys. He and Jorah do not like each other but they appear to be the next buddy pairing of the show. Their conflict in search of Daenerys should be interesting, as long as the show runners do not fast forward past it.

Grey Worm

Grey WormLeader of the Unsullied.
To prove that the Unsullied are simple killing machines their owner cut off his nipple with him showing no pain and no emotion at all. He’s loyal to a fault to Daenerys Targaryen and he’s gotten upset at Jorah a few times for over-stepping his boundary. I don’t know if he’s special or bred to be this way like generations of Unsullied have been.

David: If anything, the Unsullied have grown weaker and weaker as the seasons have gone on. The Sons of the Harpy are just regular guys and are taking out Unsullied with relative ease. Grey Worm is a nice guy, and impressive as a character and I’d like to get more of him and Missandei, I thought it was a nice touch when she was teaching Grey Worm to read while Shireen was teaching Ser Davos to read. With Jorah and Daario gone, Grey Worm is going to have to be the muscle for Tyrion, so that could make him come to the forefront again.

Earl: I like Grey Worm, and I hope he and Missandei have an even bigger story line (because selfishly I have to admit that the actress who plays Missandei is GORGEOUS!!). However, with that said with Grey Worm not part of the Jorah-Daario buddy trip, I don’t see a big role for him besides being protector of Tyrion in Meereen.

Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah MormontHe started out as a spy for Lord Varys, but started to love Daenerys and while being put back in his place by Daenerys on several occasions, still cares for her, at first this (to me looked) almost like a father / daughter relationship, but since her brother is dead, he seemed to have wanted to move to consort, he’s a bit jealous of the other protector,Ser Barristan Selmy, and he must be much older than Daenerys , or he’s just VERY well traveled. As the Series has moved on, he’s seen more and more people get into Daenerys Targaryen’s circle, from Selmy being another adviser, to Naharis also looking to her bed (but more brazenly) so. Eventually Daenerys found out about how Jorah came to be in her service, and instead of killing him, banished Jorah. Jorah meets up with Tyrion and kidnaps him, thinking that bringing a Lannister to Daenerys would get him back in her good graces, proving his loyalty. On the way back, Jorah and Tyrion get attacked by the Stone Men, and Jorah is infected but no one else knows yet. The Duo get waylaid by slavers soon after and put into the fighting pits that Daenerys just reopened. Jorah and Tyrion go before Daenerys , and Tyrion basically has an interview with her, and Tyrion throws Jorah under the bus. Jorah is given the boot again, and returns to the fighting pits. Eventually he fights again before her, at the same time the Sons of the Harpy attack, and Daenerys is flown off by Drogon, the biggest dragon. Jorah and Daario go in search of her.

David: With Jamie one-handed, Ser Friendzone might be close to the top, if not the top of the Swordsman-badass rankings, and if definitely in the short list. I think he does love Daenerys, but most likely knows it can never happen and he doesn’t have the skills that Daario has. I really do like Jorah, from having to leave his home because he married a gold-digger, and had lost so much. I do wonder if the show is just pounding on Jorah just to see if they can make him more popular to rip our hearts out when he dies in Daenerys’ arms.

Earl: I like Jorah. I do. I wonder how they are going to treat his coming down with Greyscale. He was able to sweep that under the rug at the end of last season, but I would think the disease had to have progressed to the point where it is noticeable. At least it should be at the start of Season Six. As mentioned earlier, he and Daario are off to find Daenerys. If he is to succumb to Greyscale, I hope he has a few bad ass scenes before he goes.


MissandeiWhen Daenerys Targaryen was negotiating for the Unsullied, she was the translator, and Daenerys Targaryen demanded that she be added to the troops, and that was agreed to. She really hasn’t done much outside of talk in a really high-pitched voice, but I get the feeling her loyalty is life, since she has probably seen thousands of people die. Tyrion saved her life when they were under attack from the Sons of the Harpy, so maybe something will happen there. She does have a bit of a thing for Grey Worm, but he is a eunuch, so that love is a little, uh, limited.

David: She’s been kind of pushed to the background, as Daenerys has a knack for picking up languages and been pretty stationary the last few seasons. We really don’t really know is Missandei is intelligent or not. Maybe with Team Khaleesi split up, we can get more with her.

Earl: I love me my eye candy and this show offers a lot of it. However, Missandei is probably the closest to being my type. She’s a little thin for my liking, why I said close, but she is a beautiful woman. Anyway, as far as this show goes, she doesn’t have much of a role. She’s talented in the fact that she knows many languages, and she appears to have a human touch on Daenerys but short of translating for Tyrion and engaging in some fruitless flirting with Greyworm, I don’t see much growth for Missandei.

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