Movie Review: Quarantine

We kick off at a fire station with a female reporter doing a fluff peice on a fire department. This takes FOREVER and I guess was supposed to be character development, but not really, and we get the normal ignorance until FINALLY they get a call to go out.

Quarantine 1The pull up to an apartment building and one of the residents- the big bad from Taken 2- says they heard a woman screaming upstairs. They are joined by a few cops. When the rescue forces are able to find the woman, she attacks them, and bites one of the cops and the other cop is forced to shoot her.

While they are wrapping things up, the CDC shows up and quarantines the building. Apparently there was an outbreak of some kind at a vets office, and patient pooch zero was from that building.

So we have a camera crew, a couple of firemen and a few cops sealed in a building with something going on. When one of the people try and escape the quarantine, the people outside shoot him.

So how is Quarantine?

I understand it’s an American version of a Spanish movie, but it feels like someone needed to take another run at it. Its a basic Zombie movie that’s not wanting to be a zombie movie. It’s not badly acted, but no one is really stunning either.

I’m going to go with a 2 here, its just not work seeking out, you kinda get the feeling of move along here, nothing new here.

Spoilers ahoy.

Spoilers Shead

I watched this one right after my number 2 boy and I watched Night of the Living Dead together, and I got a lot of similarities between the two, but where you had Ben in NoTLV doing what he thought was right and leading by force of will, in Quarantine, you have a known figure of authority, who is in over their heads and not knowing what to do. The fact that the cop picks the absolutely wrong thing to do, and then uses his gun to enforce his point only makes him weaker.

Quarantine ZombieThe pacing here stinks as well, I talked about the beginning that feels like its a half hour before we do anything, and none of the beginning comes up to matter at the end. The firemen might as well have been dentists for all it matters. Once the terror actually starts, no one matters anymore. They actually go through a roll call so you know and each and every person in the movie, but when the action starts, it doesn’t matter and no one really does anything but the main character, and everyone is based off of her, at the end, when the cameraman becomes a character, it’s like, oh? You have a name? And we now have to care about you?

Finally, people that are dead come back to life, that’s not rabies. It’s close, and a good way to say “This is not a zombie movie” but it still is. The crappy explanation shoe-horned at the end with the newspapers and the tape doesn’t really help matters either, I’d almost rather not know, and just know that something went wrong with a dog from the building at the vet clinic. We don’t need the cops or the firemen, could have just as easily just been a bunch of people at the building.

Oh, and what TV News crew camera has Night-Vision? I understand you want it for the cool ending visual, but really?

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