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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. We have reached the month of April. It’s the first of April, and I have no April Fools announcements or jokes for y’all. All I have are these words. So enjoy.

This week I have to touch on something that I don’t even want to discuss. I wish this story never even came to the light. It’s so stupid. It’s so stupid but blogs need views, and damn it I need them eyeballs so I have to throw my two cents behind this D’Angelo Russell thing.

Lakers The WireUnless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the turmoil following the Los Angeles Lakers this week. You would be well aware that the NBA franchise is once again embroiled in a snitching scandal. The same franchise that had to deal with the fallout of Kobe Bryant snitching on Shaquille O’Neal’s extra-marital affairs now has to deal with D’Angelo Russell dropping a dime on Nick Young and his dalliances with women not named Iggy Azalea.

If you’re going to cheat on a rap star, you might not want to talk about it, but unbeknownst to Nick, D’Angelo asked him some questions about some females and then sprung on Nick that the whole thing was recorded. D’Angelo then posted the 45 second video to his Snapchat which he assumed would only be seen by his followers. Well, in this day of social media, nothing ever stays private and the video not only leaks but it becomes the topic of conversation this week.

The Lakers have isolated D’Angelo by going as far as not sitting with him, shooting around with him, and some players haven’t even spoken with him. The Lakers as a team has been 1-1 since this story has broken, but one of those games was a franchise tying record 48 point loss to the Utah Jazz. To make matters worse, Laker fans have turned on D’Angelo by booing him. In their overtime win against the Heat some fans took to booing D’Angelo every time he touched the ball. Crazy.

The Lakers have struggled all season. The team is 16-59, with seven games left. This team has seven games left before they complete the worst season in franchise history. Barring the team winning six of their final seven games, this will be their statistically worst season and it comes in the 20th and final season of Kobe Bryant’s career. The banged up Kobe probably can’t wait to walk away from this garbage fire.

I’m a Lakers fan. I have been since a child, but I am one of the honest fans who knows that this team is going to be bad for a long time. The Lakers may have $66 million in cap room this summer, and they may have a top 3 draft pick at their disposal but both things do not mean an automatic reloading back towards contention. For one, this free agency class isn’t that strong. Yes, it might have LeBron James and Kevin Durant in it, but do you see either man leaving their current franchise for the Lakers? I don’t and I think most realists do not either.

That draft pick? Well if it falls below number three, it will be forwarded to the Philadelphia 76’ers thanks to the Phoenix Suns trading their rights to the pick (from the Steve Nash deal a few years back) to the Sixers. Even if the pick is in the top three, this might be one of the weakest drafts in NBA history. Ben Simmons and Brandan Ingram are the leaders but neither player shouts elite star status in my opinion. Simmons has a ton of hype behind him and he did play well in his only season at Louisiana State University, but he is not the transformative star that this organization desperately needs at this point.

That brings me back to Russell. The number two pick in the 2015 draft could be that player but this incident definitely should make fans worry about where the franchise goes from here. He will one day overcome this, but there will always be some players who will not want to play with a perceived snitch. They are not going to want to play with someone who threw a teammate out there. It might not have been intentionally but once he pressed record on his phone, anything can happen.

DAngelo RussellNick Young isn’t blameless here. He allegedly has been cheating on his girl. He also allegedly sexually harassed a woman and her mother not too long ago. He was already in the crosshairs of the organization for being Swaggy P, and this definitely does not help him at all. I’m not giving Young a pass at all, but I damn sure don’t blame him if he never forgives Russell. What he did is an ultimate violation of man law. He threw his boy under the bus, and for what? A damn prank.

It’s all so damn stupid. However, since he is the former number two pick in the draft, I have to imagine that D’Angelo Russell will still be a big part of the Lakers franchise going forward. It’s easier to keep D’Angelo and get rid of Nick Young and any other Laker who isn’t going to forgive the young boy moving forward. Maybe Russell and his game will be re-invigorated under a new coach, since I can’t see any possible way Byron Scott comes back next season, and he slowly but surely cleans this mess up. Until then, he’s a snake. Simple and plain.

Another topic I don’t want to touch but feel compelled to is Donald Trump. Look, I have no love for the presumed Republican front runner, and I have been waiting for baited breath for him to finally trip himself up and this week it looks like he finally did. In calling for some sort of punishment for women who undergo abortion, I think he finally shot himself in the mouth.

trumpDonald was pro-choice, before he became pro-life, and I get it. He’s running for President as a Republican and the party line is pro-life. Understandable. However, to state that he would ban abortions and then seek some sort of penalty is beyond insanity. For a man that has already had numerous issues with women, this might be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

Honestly, I have no clue why abortion is an issue. I’m of the firm belief that no man should tell a woman what to do with her body. It’s her body. It’s her choice. If she wants to keep her baby, it is her prerogative. If she wants to abort her baby, it is her prerogative. It is her body. Her choice. Why can it not be that simple? Why do politicians have to involve themselves in something that really should not be that difficult is beyond me.

Anyway, I’m done. I’m tired of blogging about things I really didn’t want to. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting all we do here at 7Poundbag.


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