Movie Review: April Fool’s Day

Welcome to April Fool’s Day.

We start off with a guy holding a GIANT 80s camcorder, and the nice girl is talking about how she **** on the first date, mass goofiness ensues with the rest of the group. I’m instantly bored.

They are all about to go over to the stereotypical rich persons house on an island, and immediately the April Fools jokes, included one moron who keeps playing with a knife.

So one person gets hurt, and we continue to the island, one by one people start dropping like flies and we get a mix of “Ten Little Indians” and Friday the 13th.

Mass Hysteria Ensues.

APRIL FOOL'S DAY, Ken Olandt, Amy Steel, 1986
APRIL FOOL’S DAY, Ken Olandt, Amy Steel, 1986

So let me not spoil this movie. Yes it’s from 1986, but still, this is a one-trick movie, and its a solid trick.

This movie sucks, its 90 minutes long, and there is no T&A that every good 80s knockoff has and there is almost no gore. I mean this could be PG with very little editing, and PG-13 today.

The most fun I was trying to figure out where I had seen some of these people from.

Back to the Future, Friday the 13th Part 2, Just one of the Guys, and Valley Girl. Plus a ton of these people did a ton of TV (Star Trek: TNG) I gave you a few of them, so you get to figure it out who goes where.

The best part of this April Fool’s Day is the AMAZING poster, that just looks awesome, sadly none of the movie lives up to what we got on the poster.

I do like the ending, its well done, but the whole movie is a mess, and badly done. Solid 1 movie here, just on the trick at the end. Not gonna tell you what it is, anyone who sits though 70 minutes of this shit, gets it unspoiled.

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