Hello again wrestling fans and I welcome you all back to another edition of #ask7pound. Before I go on, I want to make this very important statement to the WWE.

After hearing the latest induction into the Hall of Fame of Snoop Dogg. You have once again proved how much of a joke your Hall of Fame is. There have been laughable inductees in the past, but this tops the cake. Putting him in, along side of true legends like Sting, and The Freebirds is a complete shame, and takes so much away from the ceremony. What has he done in the WWE? Let me tell you, NOTHING. So effective immediately, I am officially boycotting the WWE Hall of Fame. I will not watch the ceremony, which is sad because I really wanted to see Sting and the Freebirds, I will not discuss the Hall of Fame in any of the wrestling topics on 7poundbag.com. I simply will not waste my time discussing a complete joke of a so called Hall of Fame.

Now that that is out of the way. Hello again! Do you have a question that is not related to the ceremony which shall not be named? Send me a tweet @StephanHall #ask7pound. Or email me swhall03@gmail.com and I will be glad to answer your questions.


Let’s start off with a little bit of BAD NEWS.


Well WWE Roadblock recently took place as a live special on the WWE network. I waited with anticipation thinking this was going to be the start of some Saturday Night Main Event type specials. I’ve got some bad news however, this was nothing more than a glorified house show. Let me preface that by saying I get you were knocking on Wrestlemania’s door, I will give you that there good matches on the card. But, in the end the entire card felt thrown together last minute having a random appearance of Jack Swagger to job to Jericho having an unannounced Sami Zayn/Stardust that really was not good just kind of took away from the Ambrose/HHH which I liked except for the finish which like the show felt thrown together.


Trevor is back and boy does he have alot on his mind. What scoop will he drop on us this week?


Did you know?

Jacques Rougeau, also known as the Mountie holds a pinfall victory over Hulk Hogan, during a show in Canada.


Here are the questions this week.

Manuel kicks us off with The Mountie

I have always wondered with the Mountie and the Big Boss Man’s jailhouse match at Summerslam 91, did they really go to the police department to film that segment, or was it backstage somewhere?


No it was actually filmed at one of the local precincts in New York City. They had made prior arrangements to film the segment at the police department to make it look as real as possible. The police officers that you saw there, were in fact NYPD officers in real life, the jail that the Mountie stayed in was in fact an NYC jail. The photographer was the legitimate mug shot photographer. It was all planned out exactly how it played out, to the photographer saying “so I guess the Boss man kicked your butt huh” To the Mountie flipping off the police when being fingerprinted. Even the inmate who was in the cell with the Mountie. No that was not a real inmate, that was just an actor they got to play the inmate. So it was all part of the show with what transpired, but actually took place inside the NYPD.


Hakushi fan wants to know about the snake that bit Savage

Was it planned when Jake the Snake’s cobra bit Savage? It seemed like the Cobra was really biting him? How did they do that?


That was a real live cobra, and it was a real bite. The cobra was devenomized so, other than being in a lot of pain, Savage was not in any real danger while being bitten. You can see that the cobra was latched on to Savage’ bicep and Roberts tried to shake the cobra off but it would not let go. So the bite was real, and was planned, actually it was Savage’s idea to do the stunt. The only thing that went wrong was that the cobra would not let go. So they had the cobra devenomized but everything else about that stunt was planned and went off without a hitch.


Amaury from St Petersburg chimes in this week

What was the plan with Daniel Bryan during his WWE title reign (after the WM win) and his IC title win? Was he going to have a long reign as champion before he had to drop the title due to injury?

Daniel Bryan

Let’s start with the WWE title. The plan was originally going to have Daniel Bryan hold the championship through the summer and face off against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. It was said to be the old fashioned David vs Goliath type match. According to sources, Brock was still going to win the championship at SummerSlam against Bryan, but when he got hurt, they gave the title to the one person who could carry a great match against Lesnar. Not that it mattered any, because the match with Cena and Lesnar was a squash match, it was border line pathetic. So instead of John Cena, it was going to be Daniel Bryan.

As for the Intercontinental title. He was probably set to have a very lengthy reign as champion, in an effort to bring the prestige factor back into that championship. I would not have been surprised if Bryan would have held the championship all the way to this years Wrestlemania. He would have defended it every week, every event, and used the title as a work horse, much like it was in the 80s and early 90’s. Instead, sadly he got injured again and they gave the title to Ryback….wait what? Yeah Ryback, he ended up getting hurt and the championship has been virtually a hot potato much of the year, and virtually irrelevant.


Keegan wants to know about the Undertaker and the streak.

Was there any talk of having the Undertaker break the streak before Brock Lesnar did at Wrestlemania 30?


It was tossed around to have The Undertaker lose to Shawn Michaels in their first match. Then they were going to have The Undertaker defeat him a year later in Shawn’s retirement match. Shawn actually scrapped the idea of him ending the streak as he did not want to be responsible for Flair’s retirement, and ending Taker’s streak in back to back years. If you ask me, that would be have been amazing. They also threw around the idea to have Triple H win in their second match, having Shawn turn on Taker and cost him the match, but ultimately they decided to keep the streak going. Then Brock came along and ended the streak, and according to Vince, it was entirely his idea to have Taker end the streak, saying that all good things must come to and end, and he felt that it was just time. So to answer your question, it was tossed around a few years prior to it, and Im sure that before the “streak” was even a thing, they tossed around ideas to have Taker lose at Wrestlemania. When it became a thing, they had to run with it for as long as they could. I still wish they would have kept the undefeated streak alive, it makes things more entertaining during his matches, no matter who he is up against.


Wayne from Jackson Mississippi takes us home

Hypothetically speaking. If there was any chance that Ronda Rousey competed in the WWE. How big of a star would she be, and do you ever see this happening?


Well I think the possibility does lie that Rhonda Rousey could get involved somehow in the WWE. If you recall last Wrestlemania, she teamed up with the Rock to embarrass Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. So the foundation is already laid. So lets talk in hypothetical terms. Rhonda Rousey becomes a WWE Superstar. First thing that absolutely has to happen is they end the “Divas division” They go back to the traditional days of Womens wrestling, and instead of that god awful looking Divas title belt, they bring in a traditional belt. Rousey is not a Diva. While I think she is very attractive, she is a tough fighter who could probably take out most of the WWE roster men or women. She is not going to prance around in her underwear each and every week. So if Rousey is a WWE superstar, she would immediately rise to the top of the womens division and probably go unbeaten for quite some time. I think she would dominate that division, and honestly she could wind up with a mens title, like the Intercontinental or United States championship. Seriously, that is how good she would be. She is already a name, she would be so over with the fans, her merchandise sales would be through the roof. She could very well be the greatest womens wrestler in the history of the WWE if she puts in a few years of dominance in the business. Now that she is not undefeated and no longer the UFC champion. There is an outlier for a Rousey/WWE partnership.



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