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Wrestling Fans we welcome you to a very special edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week the panelists give their “State of the Union” address regarding professional wrestling. During this forum today, all six of us will simply rant and rave on various topics that are on our mind in the WWE, Ring of Honor, TNA, and any other wrestling topic that we can think of.

I need to forewarn you that some of the language may be a bit vulgar as this state of the union is completely 100% UNCENSORED!!!

So sit back and enjoy the Wrestling Roundtable’s State of the Union.


power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- The #1 Contender is in the champs head, and looking forward to Wrestlemania in hopes to become a 3 time champion.

2.Dean Ambrose- Is anyone more over that Ambrose? With endorsements for Foley and Funk, we may be seeing a new hardcore legend.

3.Triple H- The WWE Champion could be in trouble for his championship match

4.Kevin Owens- Two wins over AJ Styles puts the IC champion back in the Power Rankings

5.New Day- New Day Rocks there way back into the Power Rankings after singles wins over the League of Nations.



1991– Tatsumi Fujanami defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA Championship in the Tokyo Dome. Due to the controversy surrounding that match. Fujanami was stripped of the championship and given back to Flair.

1994– The WWE Championship is defended twice at Wrestlemania as Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger in the first match, then loses the championship later in the night to Bret Hart. Hart lost his match earlier to his brother Owen Hart.

2001– The Final Nitro took place as Vince McMahon purchases WCW. Sting and Ric Flair ended the show just like they did at the very first Nitro.

And here we go.


Steve Hall: My fellow wrestling fans. This is my State of the Union address regarding the world of professional wrestling. I will start with the state of the WWE. I would like to first begin with the so-called WWE Hall of Fame. I have stated before that I have always felt that the WWE Hall of Fame was one big joke. Now, it is getting even worse. You have guys in there that have no business in the WWE, not to mention the Hall of Fame. Year in and year out, we see guys inducted like Koko B. Ware, The Godfather, and Rikishi get in to the Hall of Fame, then you have a fucking celebrity wing that includes Drew Carey, Pete Rose, and Donald Trump just to name a few. All this, while guys like Owen Hart, Rick Rude, Rick Martel, and Mike Rotunda are still waiting for their call into the Hall of Fame. I cannot wrap my head around who inducts these people, and still alienates guys who are rightfully deserving of the honor. So now, with some of the rumors that are swirling around the internet that they are in the process of getting ready to induct Snoop Dogg into the Hall of Fame this year? Seriously WWE, have you lost your fucking mind? What in the hell has Snoop Dogg done in the WWE, other than he is related to Sasha Banks. Stupid. And also I am hearing that Pee Wee Herman is also in the running? Okay, so I will admit I was mildly entertained when he did his skit as the special guest on RAW, but a Hall of Fame induction? Again, WWE you dropped the ball. Due to all of this. I am sick and tired of bitching and moaning about who you decide to induct into the Hall of Fame each year. So I have decided to boycott even watching the Hall of Fame from here on out. I don’t care, it is a joke, and while I WAS looking forward to seeing Sting, and the Freebirds inducted this year. There is no way in hell that I will even turn it on the night before Wrestlemania.

Speaking of Wrestlemania. The WWE puts on the biggest sports entertainment extravaganza of the year when Wrestlemania is held. This year we have the WWE Championship match between WWE Champion Triple H vs Roman Reigns. This match gets me about as excited as watching Fandango dance. While I do admit, the story between the two does need to come to an end, and I do agree with the WWE that they did not pull a swerve and put the title on Dean Ambrose and cause massive chaos for the event, this just does not give people excitement on being your main event. The WWE has been trying to get Roman Reigns over, and it is just not working. They need to do something massive with his character in an attempt to get him over, making him a babyface is not going to work. Some cities he is over, while others he is not. I think they should make Reigns a tweener and just raise holy hell with anyone and everyone in the WWE. I think that could get him over, and if you book him right at Wrestlemania, he still can be your top guy in the business. In other matches we have the Hell in a Cell between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker. The story goes that if Shane wins, he gets control of Monday Night Raw. The match, while intriguing, just does not make any sense. He has no issue with the Undertaker, and has not had anything with him for nearly 20 years. So why now? I will defer to the WWE to assume they have something entertaining to offer with this match, but the writers have not lived up to the hype so far. Then you have Kalisto vs Ryback for the US title, okay, what? This match is going to be an intermission match, which is sad because I love watching Kalisto go, but there is no way that Ryback can keep up with Kalisto’s style of wrestling. I do agree with Josh and love the idea to turn the United States title into the Cruiserweight championship. That would be great for business. Overall, my excitement level for Wrestlemania is less than 4, maybe a 3.5. I have a bad feeling that this could go down as the the worst Wrestlemania of all time, and that includes Wrestlemania 27. In fact, the only highlight I see here is Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose.

Wrestlers today are all over the place, you have gimmicks that make absolutely no sense. They are entertaining at times, such as Goldust and R-Truth going at it in a comic bit, but overall it confuses me where the direction of the WWE is headed. Let’s take Roman Reigns for example, this guy has the look to be a superstar, but he lacks the charisma and is having a hard time getting over with the fans. It is almost like you have another John Cena gimmick. I am waiting for the night where you here “Let’s go Roman, Roman Sucks” throughout the crowd. Trust me, it is coming. Reigns is the kind of guy that looks like a monster, he is big rugged, and tough. He needs to just go out there an beat the crap out of anyone in his way. A lot like what he has been doing to Triple H as of late, except that he needs to do that with everyone, including his friends like Dean Ambrose. Let’s talk about Dean Ambrose, this guy is more over with the fans than any other wrestler today. I recently attended a show in Cincinnati and his pop was out of this world, throughout the show you kept hearing “we want Ambrose.” This is when he was not even around, and during other matches. Of course they edited that out. So what do you do? You give the fans what they want, you turn Reigns into a monster and have him feud with Ambrose, while they are not buddy buddy, and you put the championship on Ambrose to see what he can do with it.

Lets talk now about the secondary championships in the WWE. The Intercontinental championship. Last year they had Daniel Bryan win the championship at Wrestlemania, this was supposed to be the rebirth so to say of the IC title, as Bryan would have defended it with pride. They did the same thing with the United States Championship when John Cena won it and defended it week in and week out. Then what do they do? Well D-Bryan gets hurt, and has to forfeit the championship, then they give it to Ryback…I beg your fucking pardon Ryback? If I can quote Frosh, he has less charisma that a dog’s chew toy. So then Ryback gets hurt, and drops the championship, and it goes hot potato for a few months. Now you have the title on Kevin Owens, and while I think he can be a good champion, I don’t see him as the guy to bring life back to that championship. It needs to go on a guy like Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sami Zayn, someone who has more charisma. I like Owens, but he doesnt strike me as the guy to carry that title. Back to the United States Championship. You had a good thing going with Cena, but I understand, he got hurt and he was not able to continue his run, so what do they do? They give it to Alberto Del Rio? Seriously? The guy hasnt been around for a couple years, and he comes back to beat Cena? Wrong choice, then they put the title on Kalisto, and I like that, I really do, He could do great things with that title. But the problem is, he is not defending it. Instead, he is teaming with Sin Cara as the Lucha Dragons every week, or in 6 or 8 man tag team action. Now that we will get to see him defend the belt at Wrestlemania we get to see Kalisto vs…..Holy Fuck.. RYBACK??? Ok , WWE you obviously didnt learn your lesson. I only hope that they keep the belt on Kalisto and not think about putting the title on Ryback. That title will go to shit in a hand basket, you might as well retire it.

Shifting focus, I want to touch a little bit on the New Day. Now I will be th e first to admit that when I first saw the New Day, I changed the channel, I couldnt stand these guys, and the fact that they are your tag team champions made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Now that I have had time to let them grow on me, they have done just that. I like these guys, and they are the top faction in the WWE right now, they need to be the champions. They entertain, and they have a lot of talent in the ring. They are the top sales team as far as merchandise out of all the wrestlers, including John Cena, The Undertaker, and Roman Reigns. Absolutely love these guys and I am looking forward to seeing what the remainder of 2016 produces.

What I want to see moving forward- Val Venus should return to wrestling….I loved that gimmick.  Him dancing around in a towel…always got my blood pumping! 

Well whoever wrote that, I am assuming Frosh I wish you would leave your fantasies to yourself, as I know you love watching men in a towel half naked. That being said, What I am looking forward to in 2016, is hopefully seeing Roman Reigns change his gimmick up a little bit and stop being the baby face. It is not working. I would love for him to actually join the Authority, and when Seth Rollins comes back towards the end of the year, they renew their feud with Reigns the heel, and Rollins the face. This would work, and it needs to happen. I am looking forward to see what they do with Sami Zayn, as his popularity can push him to the top of the roster and quite possibly into a main event role by the end of the year. I am looking forward to seeing AJ Styles and what the WWE does with him. I would love for him to quickly get out of his feud with Jericho, and start a run with either the Intercontinental or US championship. I think he could bring life to either one of those championships. I would like to see the tag team division get even better. Get some real teams in there to challenge teams like New Day, and the League of Nations. Maybe see what you can do with the Ascension. These guys have a great look, and have had much success in NXT. Speaking of NXT, I would like to see Baylee move up to the main roster and renew her feud with Sasha Banks because if Sasha doesnt walk out of Wrestlemania as the Divas Champion, I may riot. As for the womens Divas division, get rid of it. Bring back the traditional Womens championship.

In closing, I would like to thank our readers for their continued support with the Wrestling Roundtable. The Wrestling world is full of controversy, and controversy creates cash. I can only hope that the WWE writers can get their heads out of their ass and start writing material that is worth a damn. I hope that I am wrong about this years Wrestlemania, and it is better than what the card is showing right now. With that, thanks again for reading each and every week.


Eric Asafailo: Well I get the an open floor and a live mic, what do I say? I could discuss so much about the world of professional wrestling and what not. Hey, wait a minute, I already do that. If you havnt figured it out yet. Yes, WRESTLING FANS IT’S ME, ERIC ASAFAILO FROM THE WRESTLING ROUNDTABLE AND IN MY DAMN OPINION. I give wrestling fans my view on different topics every week, right on 7poundbag.com I have been the show now for almost a year. I have covered many different topics when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. You can check out all the episodes on our youtube channel and right here on 7poundbag.com as a new episode airs every Thursday. Some topics I do admit I go on a huge rant about, but this is my passion. I love professional wrestling. This has been my life since I was two years old. To answer your next question, Yes, there is home movies of me as a child watching wrestling. I almost 30 now, so that’s almost 30 years wrestling has been my life. I love it so much. I waz never good in school. I can’t tell you who was the 18th President of the UNITED states but I can tell you who won the 18th annual ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH. I can’t tell you anything about algebra, but I can tell you all about Wrestlemania. Summer time to me means SummerSlam. People get excited about Thanksgiving, I get excited because to me it means Survivor Series time. With the exception of my family and friends, Professional Wrestling means everything to me. To the people who like to give me shit about what I love I say “F*ck off!” This is my life and one thing I have learned is doing what makes you happy. Life is too short too be unhappy and wrestling makes me happy. I am going to continue to enjoy my passion of wrestling. My son is even enjoying wrestling. It’s something him and I can bond over. So in conclusion, this is my passion, my life, professional wrestling. It means everything to me. This bussiness is what I love and I will continue to love it!



Josh “Frosh” Blaydes:
In traditional pro wrestling fashion, I am going to swerve where most of you might think I will go here.  I think the state of wrestling is just fine, and won’t be changing any time soon.  We can bitch and moan about this or that, creative blowing the booking, or talent not living up to the hype, but when it all comes down to it, all that matters is money.  WWE still makes plenty of money.  They are breaking ticket records for Wrestlemania and selling tons of merch.  If the WWE Universe truly wants to see change, they only have one option…..STOP BUYING WWE STUFF!  Stop buying tickets, or better yet, buy the ticket, but just everyone stand outside the arena and refuse to go in to watch the show (sure the WWE would get their money, but it would be hilarious watching them try to explain an empty stadium).  Stop buying tshirts, and Booty-o’s.  Cancel your subscriptions to the WWE network and stop ordering the PPV’s…Until the WWE universe, AS ONE VOICE does this, nothing in the WWE is going to change.  Due to the consistency of stuff being purchased from WWE, the WWE universe must be completely satisfied with the product.  No other company is big enough to challenge them, so its not even worth talking about.  The McMahon family speaks in only one language, money.  Start costing them money, and you will see the change you want, if you even want change at all.

Now if you will excuse me, Daredevil: Season 2 is on Netflix.


Chad Brennan: Wow where to start well right now I see the WWE as being complacent in it’s place as in the Professional Wrestling. But the crazy thing is that the other companies in the states are feeding this idea that they are the best in the World.

Why does the WWE think they are complacent? Look no further than Roadblock and the Build to Wrestlemania. First you have the guy nobody wants fighting for the title in Roman Reigns fighting Seth Rollins circa 2036…I mean HHH in a match that nobody wants. Instead the wonderful company decides to take the 2 guys who people want in the main event Ambrose and Lesnar fighting in a Street Fight. Then you have the Styles/Jericho story that should have ended at Fastlane but no, let’s have a faux tag team made up with t-shirts just to setup AJ/Jericho at Mania which make 0 sense if Jericho wins so then it’s 2-2 so of course you need another tiebreaker Are you Kidding Me? Then you have basically your co-main event being a Hell in a Cell with a guy who on average wrestles once a year versus a guy who hasn’t been a match in 7 years and was never even full time when he was in the ring because he is Shane McMahon and hardly got into the ring in his role. By the way then with card as it is you leave out the Wyatts from a match  and your Tag Titles are on the line in a 4 on 3 match.

To try and make up for it we got Roadblock with a finish that makes you shake your head. First you have the fake finish with Ambrose’s feet under the ropes which I am still not convinced they were. Then you have the slide into the ring to save the countout right into a Pedigree…Whatever!?!?

But if that weren’t bad enough the other companies (mainly TNA) have been letting WWE be complacent. Let me give you some names (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and most recently Bobby Roode and Eric Young). What do they have a common? They are world class talents that TNA decided to pay top dollar at one point only to under utilize them and then agree to part ways because in TNA’s eyes they weren’t living up to the contract they gave them but then put them is shitty storylines. Look at Eric Young’s gimmicks/storylines in TNA that guy decided your company wasn’t worth it…think about it TNA. They let Mr. Anderson go for allegedly being on something at a TV taping. After they let Jeff Hardy walk to the ring at Victory Road against Sting years ago the question becomes: How Messed up do you have to be for TNA to give you a drug test. Their World Title storyline was worse than Days of our Lives:

  1. You have Matt Hardy beat EC3 and Drew Galloway by pinning Drew; keeping EC3 at Bound for Glory.
  2. EC3 files an injunction preventing it from being on TV; Matt relinquieshes
  3. Bullshit 32 person World Cup style tournament  is created with Knockouts involved using matches taped for their One Night Only shows.
  4. Creates EC3 vs Matt Hardy; EC3 wins; Matt gets one more chance in a Last Man Standing Match.
  5. Double turn as Tyrus joins Matt and his wife; Matt is champ.
  6. Jeff/Matt/EC3 match; Matt retains; Galloway cashes in Feast or Fired

If I could turn back time I would tell Dixie to avoid Hogan and Bischoff and the company would probably be in better shape because they had the talent there to succeed but Hogan/Bischoff put themselves and their kids in the storylines which messed everything up. Speaking of Hogan go on Youtube and listen to section of Cornette’s podcast that plays an excerpt from the gawker trial; listening to him talk about the difference in Hulk Hogan and Terry Bollea’s penis size is just so funny it’s sad

Todd Able: Hogan vs Gawker case – Are you fucking kidding me? Was it all about money for Hogan? He made it seem that way with the tweets he sent out after the verdict. For those of you who don’t know he was awarded 115 million. His tweets said “Thank you God for justice, only love 4life.” HH and “told ya I would slam another Giant” HH Then Dixie caret sent out a tweet also that read “so happy for @Hulk Hogan & his family… So proud of his faith you have through this ordeal from day one. We all know why she supports Hulk Hogan. She is hoping he gets that money soon and helps to save TNA. Then there was a statement that said let the Wrestlemania rumors begin. HELL NO! WWE don’t need Hulk Hogan and it would be a mistake to even let Hulk Hogan back in the WWE.

Wrestlemania – To be honest this is looking like it could be the worst Wrestlemania in WWE history. It is not just cause of the main event, it is cause of almost every match on the card. Let me start Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker. This match came out of no where and shocked everyone. WWE still has not given any motive for the Undertaker to even take this match except that he hast to. This is a ridiculous match that shouldn’t even be happening. Shane cannot win hitting the Undertaker like a little bitch. I would rather see the Undertaker not even wrestle than see him wrestle Shane McMahon. So WWE had this bright idea to add this stupid stipulation if the Undertaker does not win the match it will be his last Wrestlemania. Did WWE just give away the results of the match? It is awful hard for me to believe even know there were rumors going around that Undertakers last match is gonna be against Shane McMahon at a Wrestlemania. I think since WWE didn’t get what they wanted this year he will be back next to possibly face John Cena. Lets move on to Triple H vs Roman Reigns. This match is almost a given. Roman Reigns almost has to win even though the WWE Universe doesn’t want him too. What the fuck are you waiting for WWE? Why are you not turn Roman Reigns heel? that is the only way you are going to get him over. You think you would figure that out by now after 2 fuckin years. Lets move on to the divas triple threat. Come on WWE. Give us some excitement. Put a ladder in the match or put it in a cage, or something to make it more exciting. All three of these divas are so athletic I think they can handle any of that. Seriously is WWE even considering putting Lana in her first match at Wrestlemania. No one has seen her in a ring, hell no one even knows if she can even wrestle. She might be as bad as Eva Marie or Summer Rae, if that is the case there is no way in hell she deserves to be in a match at Wrestlemania.

WWE in general – What the hell is going on with the Wyatt Family? For the last year or so they dominate Raw and Smackdown but then they usually come up short at the pay per views. WHY? This makes no sense. I mean what did Show, Kane, and Ryback get out of beating the Wyatt Family at the last pay per view? absolutely nothing. Two out of the three of them are probably gonna retire in a few years. It’s time to break the Wyatt Family up. Bray Wyatt needs to go on a single run cause he could be very successful on his own. Put Rowan and Harper in a tag team. I think it would be an interesting fetus with the Dudleys. Braun Strowman would be the perfect candidate for the next Paul Heyman guy. How the hell can WWE allow Kevin Owens to beat AJ Styles. That is just stupid. Again Kevin Owens resume he beat Cena in his very first match, good for him. Then he lost to Cena twice in  row. He won the IC belt from Ryback again good for him. After he won the IC belt he runs away from almost every match he is in. He loses the IC belt to Dean Ambrose  just cause he can’t run away. Then he eventually wins it back from Dean Ambrose but he doesn’t pin Dean to win it, he pins Tyler Breeze in a 5 way. Then he continues to run away from his matches. Why does WWE do this to their heel superstars? They make them look weak? WWE had a great opportunity to help get the WWE Universe behind Roman Reigns but they missed it. They could of had him come out to help Dolph Ziggler beat Triple H but instead they let Triple H win clean. Then there is the League of Nations. Every week on Raw we have to hear JBL compare these guys to the Four Horsemen. Are you fuckin Kidding me. These guys couldn’t lace up the boots of the Four Horsemen. Maybe he can compare them to the spirit squad. Don’t get me wrong they are great as individual except for Barrett, he gets hurt more than an 80 year old grandma.

WWE Hall of Fame – Just this year how the hell can you justify people like the Godfather and Jacqueline getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. That is a complete joke and a slap in the face to the people that really deserve it. You can’t honestly say they are on the same level as Sting and the Fabulous Freebirds do you? They are not even in the same area code. Then you have this stupid celebrity wing where you have people like Pete Rose, Drew Carey, Donald Trump, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is ridiculous, what did these people do? Make a couple of appearances at Wrestlemania. WWE needs to do away with the celebrity wing all together. Then this year I heard WWE is trying to induct Snoop Dogg. Are you fucking Kidding me? The WWE Hall of Fame is becoming a joke. How guys like Rick Martel, Owen Hart, Mike Rotunda, and Rick Rude not in the Hall of Fame. All of them guys deserve it more than the previous guys mentioned.

I would like to say one last thing both Raw and Smackdown have been horrible leading up to Wrestlemania. I think a mother fuckin monkey could write a better show. One last comment if WWE makes Eva Marie NXT Champion or Divas Champion I will stop watching WWE and cancel WWE Network cause that would be more ridiculous than Kevin Owens having the IC belt.



Jim Pryor: The state of wrestling in 2016 is really not good.  There is one show worth watching, and that’s RAW.  Smackdown doesn’t come close, because it’s taped on a Tuesday, sometimes before RAW on a Monday (I’ve sat through that ridiculous concept where we watch two wrestlers go at it for Smackdown, only to come back later and wrestle each other again for RAW, or the other way around, I don’t remember, because it was too stupid for words), and then shown on Thursday.  I just don’t know why they can’t spend a little extra money and go live with Smackdown too.  They do RAW live on a Monday, then Colorado Springs on Tuesday for the Smackdown taping.  They’re already taping.  Show it live.

But if Smackdown is #2, and a DISTANT #2…all other wrestling doesn’t register on the map.  So it’s RAW or nothing.
Now having said that, here’s what’s wrong with RAW, and the Pay Per Views.
1.  Titles never change hands.  It just gets old.  We watch to see different winners, and we’re bored to tears with bad wrestlers holding the belt.  The current laughable heavyweight champion, Paul Levesque (The Game…as in “I still play a Nintendo 64 game”), just came out of nowhere to walk around being the champion at 100 years old.  Charlotte’s father is perhaps the greatest wrestler ever, so she gets to keep the belt even though she is the least talented female on their roster.  New Day keeps the belt and not even God can figure out why.  They seriously have zero talent or skill.  They can’t even play the trombone well, and that’s the most talented part of their act.
2.  The matches are predictable and terrible.  Why are they predictable?  Because it’s the same match every week.  How many times do we have to watch Jerico vs AJ Styles?  I mean seriously, it’s the same match twice a week and now at Wrestlemania.  Ambrose vs Lesner.  How many times have you seen this already?  6?  7?  I’m not sure.  But here it is again.  New Day vs League of Nations?  I will bet my house that New Day wins this, because one member of the League of Nations has already announced he’s leaving the WWE, and the rest just suck.  Kalisto vs Ryback?  ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?  Kalisto is 5’6″, 180 pounds.  Ryback is 6’3″, 291 pounds.  Again, ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?
3.  The injuries.  The WWE needs to figure this out, and quick.  There’s just far too many broken necks.  Knees, ankles, shoulders…that’s all part of the game.  But neck injuries are being caused for a reason.  And they are destroying people’s lives.  They have to stop.
4.  The Authority.  Seriously, this has long since played out.  Mainly because they simply suck at being the Authority.  Vince was great.  The all time best.  Shane could be, as you can see by the audience’s love for him.  But Steph and 3H have just driven the company into the ground.  They’re self serving, and quite frankly, terrible at what they do.  When your answer to “how do I improve the show?” is to give yourself the title, go f**k yourself 3H.
5.  The writers.  Ranjin Singh was the manger of The Great Khali.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, he is now the lead writer for the WWE.  Ed Koskey is the head writer for RAW.    Steven Guerrieri is the head writer for Smackdown.  Having said that, all three people need to be fired.  And I mean NOW.  They don’t do anything.  There is no story.  There is no creativity.  The staff of this roundtable could write 100% better for half the price they pay these yahoo’s.
So where does that leave wrestling?  Well, I could improve it.  And that’s sad.  But the people currently running the show aren’t interested in improving it, so why not me?  Why not my 8 year old son?  Why not just let a monkey type out the script each week?  None of us could do worse, that’s for damn sure.

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