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Welcome to another edition of NBA roundtable. WOW! The Spurs and Warriors are still unbeaten at home this late in the season. This is amazing. Will they both go 41-0 at home this year? we will just have to wait and see. This week we will discuss Phil Jackson, Where might Kevin Durant end up next year, and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Lets get started with the questions:

GO West, Young Man!

There have been rumors swirling about Phil Jackson lately. One is that he would like to coach the Knicks just for home games or he might return to the Lakers where his girlfriend Jeanie Buss works in the front office. What are your thoughts on each of these topics?

Steve: Ok as for the first topic on Jackson returning to coach the Knicks in home games. This logically makes zero sense. This would disrupt any chemistry that the Knicks team has moving forward. Oh your head coach is Phil Jackson, now tonight he isn’t, oh here he is again, our head coach. That would be the most absurd thing I have ever heard of for a coach in the NBA. As for him going back to the Lakers. I could honestly see this happening, Jackson has a home and a life in Los Angeles, but as for returning to the bench in LA? Not going to happen. If he returns to LA, he will not be a part of Lakers Basketball operations.

Todd: I have only heard of this once before and that’s when he was head coach of the Lakers. I know they talked about it. I don’t remember if it ever happened or not. I don’t think it would make too much sense but he is one of the greatest coaches in NBA history with 11 rings as a coach. As for Phil returning to the Lakers. I could see this happening. I don’t know about returning to the bench but that would be awesome. I would love to see a coach with his knowledge coach these young guys. we will have to wait and see.

Chad: Him only coaching home games no because it would disrupt team chemistry and in my opinion deter free agents from making the move to Manhattan. I could see him go back to LA because of his connections but I don’t think he would be coaching.


Where will Kevin Durant end up next year Oklahoma City, Golden State, Boston, or some where else?

Steve: Smart money is that he will stay in Oklahoma City. He is the face of that organization and if he went anywhere else he would lose some of his limelight. I think he stays put.

Todd: I think it will depend on how badly he wants to win a NBA title. If he wants to win now. I he wants to win now, he will surely leave cause Oklahoma City unless they make a blockbuster move in the off season is no gonna win a title next year either.

Chad: I think he eventually stays put in OKC but it wouldn’t surprise if he took his talents elsewhere.

Chris Bosh vs Wayne

Chris Bosh returned to the bench for the first time last week since just before the All-star break. If he is able to return to the court, will that make the Miami Heat immediate contenders in the Eastern Conference?

Steve: No, well scratch that, its the East so if you are saying the Charlotte Hornets are contenders for the East, then yes Miami has a good a chance as anyone to win the East. I still like Cleveland, but my confidence in them runs more thin every day.

Todd: Yes. I think they could beat the Cavaliers. There are so many problems in the Cavaliers locker room now, I am pretty sure a few teams could beat them in a seven game series.

Chad: A healthy team in the East has a shot at it; I still think that someone has to prove they can beat Cleveland 4 out of 7 times with more than likely 4 of them being in Cleveland.

Kylie Irving

On March 16 Kyrie Irving had 33 points and only 1 assist against the Dallas Mavericks. A lot of his teammates were upset with him that he never passed the ball. Is this going to be a problem for the Cavaliers going forward into the playoffs?

Steve: Probably not as long as he is making shots and Cleveland keeps winning. Trust me on this, LeBron wants someone who will take the shot, so he doesnt have to. He does not want to be the go to guy when the game is on the line. So if Kyrie wants to be a ball hog, and they are winning games, more power to him.

Todd: Of course this is gonna be a huge problem. Cause for one if you never pass the ball your teammates are gonna quit playing when you have the ball, for Kyrie Irving can’t win the game by himself I don’t care how many baskets he makes. He is a point guard, he the one that is suppose to distribute the ball. He reminds me of a young Russell Westbrook when he first came in to the league. Westbrook did the same thing but look at Westbrook now he is getting triple-doubles left and right. The only thing is that Kyrie Irving should know better cause he is not just coming into the league, he has been in the league for a while.

Chad: Lebron wanted this during his first run in Cleveland and when he was in Miami he wanted someone else to help when it came to the pressure shots if Kyrie wants to be a playmaker I think Lebron would be okay with that to help take the load of him.


With all the injuries the bulls have had with Butler missing about 3 weeks, Rose in and out of the lineup, and now Gasol out for who knows how long. They are still somehow holding on to the 8th seed. Will they make the playoffs or will they be overtaken by Detroit or even Washington?

Steve: The Chicago Bulls are a sinking ship, and I do not see them righting this ship. If they were smart, they rest Butler for the rest of the season, take their chances in the draft to piece together a winning basketball team, and start fresh next year. No sense on rushing Butler back and risk him getting hurt even worse, or doing more damage. The Bulls are not going anywhere this season. Even if they sneak in to the playoffs, they will be one and done. Rest Butler, cut ties with Rose, trade Gasol for some draft picks and start fresh.

Todd: I said they were not going to make it a few months ago and I still don’t think they will make it.

Chad: Even if they do they won’t go anywhere (Coming from a Bulls fan)


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