NFL Roundtable: 3/22 Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable

1. The Colts are going to retire Manning’s number and put a statue of him outside the Dome, Thoughts?Peyton Manning

Joe: The bulk of his record setting career was as a Colt so what the hell he deserves whatever accolades that they decide to give him… and in whatever form is deemed appropriate.

Dan: That’s the right move. He’s one of the best quarterbacks of all-time and the best player to ever wear a Colts’ uniform. They made the right decision in building him a statue and they had to retire his number, that was a must. Great move by Indianapolis to get this out of the way immediately.

David: I think we need to pull back a bit on statues, but not in this case. Manning is the best player in Indy-Colt history, bar none. I do wonder what the bar is to have a statue or a number retired. You have some teams that seem to retire numbers to get a sellout, but no issues here. Manning deserves it. If there is a QB I have to have to beat the Jaguars in week 10, there never will be a better QB to put under center that Sunday at 1pm than Peyton Manning.

2. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick playing to too hard to get?

Joe: Yes. He got lucky in 2015 landed in exactly the right spot at the right time with the right team.

Yes, he gives the Jets a good chance to make the playoffs in 2016/2017 but if he goes to almost any other team his chances of being a starting QB on playoff level team will diminish greatly. No other team that he can go to will have the same talent that the Jets have and, frankly, he needs the Jets more than the Jets need him. This not to say there are a bunch of great alternatives out there right now (Geno Smith is not one of them as I feel he will not be on the Jets in the upcoming season) but the Jets don’t need a great QB to make the playoffs, they need a game manager… ahem… like Fitzgerald. And, while Fitzpatrick does have a certain je ne sais quoi with many players on the Jets, particularly the receivers that doesn’t make him the next coming of Peyton Manning or Eli or even Terry Bradshaw.

Both the Jets and team Fitzpatrick need to find a middle ground figure they can both live with or Fitzpatrick will be playing second fiddle for less money somewhere else in 2016 than he could have gotten from the Jets and the Jets will wind up going the trade route for their 2016 QB by either getting a veteran or moving way up in the draft and wind up overpaying either way.

Dan: Yes, I believe Fitzpatrick is playing hard to get. The Jets have offered him $7-$8 million a year on his contract. He’s had 1 great season in which he set a franchise record with 31 touchdowns and a 10-6 record but he let the team down with his week 17 meltdown throwing 3 interceptions and costing NYJ a chance at the playoffs. Right now, he’s asking $14-$15 million per year. The Jets don’t want to give that to him and the Broncos weren’t even willing to match what the Jets had offered him. He’s asking for way too much and he’s 33-years-old so he should be willing to hear what offers he can get and lower his asking price to something reasonable.

David: Lets be honest here, you can’t ever overpay a QB, ever. Look how many times a game is swung by 7 points or less, by one play titles are won or lost. Your QB is normally going to lead the team in jersey sales, interveiw requests, posters, credit, blame and everything else. Stats don’t mean as much as you would think on the surface to what makes a great QB. Look at Ryan Tannehill’s stats. I think every team would love to have that. But how many teams would give up multiple first rounders for it? Hindsight being 20/20, maybe, look at all the first rounders the Browns have blown on QBs, but would they give up the #2 for Tanny? For Ryan? Carr? Take Ryan away from the Jets and they are the Bills at best. The Jets have to protect themselves in a salary-cap world, but lets not get stupid.

3. Would the Pats still have made the Chandler Jones trade if they still had their first round pick?

Joe: Probably. I doubt a DE with instant starter capabilities would have fallen down to the Patriots in the first round.

Dan: It’s kind of difficult to gauge this because they still didn’t receive a 1st-round pick for this year’s draft. I think the major reason for this trade was that Chandler Jones was going to command a large contract after next season in which the Patriots would only receive a 3rd-round pick in the 2018 draft. Instead, they trade him for a guard as well as receive a 2nd-round pick in this year’s draft which is a lot more valuable. I think this was a good trade for the Patriots.

David: I think so. Jones has had some issues, and the Pats have players that can step in to replace him. Cooper needs some work, but that offensive line is the number 1 reason the Pats aren’t hanging an AFC title banner this year. I think the lack of a first rounder may have made the Pats return a few phonecalls they didn’t have to, and the Cardinals said- hey,how about Jones? Can we talk about him?

4. Over/Under combined starts for Manziel + RG3 in 2016

Joe: I doubt Manziel will be even playing in the NFL in 2016 but someone will pick up RGIII and I give an over/under of 3.

Dan: 4. That’s my over/under. I think they’ll get around 3 or 4 starts this season but nothing more. I don’t foresee them getting any real starts except trials in scenarios of injuries or in scenarios in which teams are confused at who they need at quarterback.

David: 1/2. I would think either QB would be well-served to hire a passing coach, and spend the year holding a clipboard and studying the playbook. Manzeil needs to spend a year growing up- and has a high ceiling, and RG3 needs to play in a stadium with grass instead of turf and work on timing routes- studying Steve McNair tapes would benefit as well.

5. Should the NFL have the power to force the Redskins to change their name? (I’m not asking if they SHOULD )

Joe: I would like to see Washington make it easy for everyone and just change their freaking damn racist name but they won’t. So, yes…the NFL should have the power to force a team to change a team name that is racist.

In fact, all leagues should give all their respective teams fair warning that if they have team names that are racist in nature or images (e.g., Cleveland Indians and Chief Wahoo) that are racist in nature, then they will be forced by league mandate to change either their names or their images.

Dan: No, they don’t. If the Washington fans and the Washington front office feel it’s disrespectful in any way and would like to change it, they can go ahead with a vote for a new nickname. If they don’t feel like it necessary for the team to change names, then they shouldn’t. I’ve heard Indians say they aren’t disrespected by the name and should keep it the same. i’ve also heard a couple say the opposite. I really don’t care about the name. It’s not something to be concerned about in my opinion so no, I don’t think it’s up to the NFL. I believe it’s up to the organization and their fans.

David: Danny Boy is part owner of a 32-team entity. 34 if you want to count the NFLPA and the Corporate itself. The Redskins hurt all 34 of them. I’m not getting into if they should or not, but yes, the NFL should be able to force change by vote. I don’t think the commish should have the power, by the way. I also think the NFL should control movement of teams, as well. Al Davis should have lost his challenge.

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