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This week: Why was Brother Love the manager of the Undertaker? Who could be a two time Hall of Famer along side Ric Flair? This and much more.

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Let’s start off with a little bit of BAD NEWS.


First of all to apologize for seemingly picking on TNA…but it’s just so much fun. Kurt Angle has a remarkable career in professional spanning almost 20 years and consistently overcoming injuries and some personal demons to remain at the top of his game. Starting in 2016 TNA promoted the Kurt Angle farewell tour as Angle’s career was winding down. THis culminated in a match with Lashley on the March 8 of Impact that was taped in London some weeks ago. I do have some bad news…the farewell received very little fanfare and build going into show which resulted in Impact’s lowest rating on POP TV which is sad for a legend like Kurt Angle to go out that way from TNA.


Trevor is back once again and he has a little something on his mind about Eric’s IMDO show. Plus he reveals a little secret about the Lucia Dragons..this is TMZ type shit.


Did you know?

Did you know that Yokozuna was the only wrestler to defeat Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship?


Here are the questions this week

Ellis from Santa Monica CA kicks us off.

As for Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Belt. I can’t imagine the belt really cost $1 million dollars. Do you know how much it actually cost?


WWE.com has an article about the history of the Million Dollar Belt “created” by “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. During the story, Dibiase admitted that he made more money with the belt than he would have made as WWE Champion. He also revealed that the belt was valued at $40,000 when it was created in 1988.
The article also noted that the whereabouts of the belt are currently unknown. Nowadays that belt would be worth significantly more, probably around the range of $125,000 with the price of gold and diamonds going up.


Chad from Flint Michigan asks about my favorite Hall of Fame.

We all know that Ric Flair is the only two time Hall of Famer. Do you see any other wrestler that has a chance to accomplish that feat?

Hart Foundation

I had to really think about this a little bit to see who would even qualify for such an honor. I mean the obvious choice is Flair because of his individual performance, as well as his accomplishments with the Four Horsemen. So I have compiled a list of people that I think could in fact one day be two time Hall
of Fame inductees.

Bret Hart- I could see Bret Hart entering the Hall of Fame one day as a member of the Hart Foundation team along side Jim the Anvil Neidhart. As you know, Bret is already a member of the Hall of Fame by himself.

Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash- All three are members of the Hall of Fame class, and I could see Vince putting the three in together one day as members of the NWO, after all that group changed the landscape of wrestling.

Arn Anderson- He is already a member with the Four Horsmen, but his he has had quite the career as a singles and tag team wrestler with multiple partners.

Tully Blanchard- Same reason as Arn, already in, but he had a great individual career as well.

Booker T.- Sure an outside chance, but Harlem Heat was one of the greatest tag teams in WCW, I could see them getting in one day.

Mike Rotunda- Simply because the WWE has alienated him from the Hall of Fame for so long, he should just get in twice.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head, any one else have anyone they would add to this list? Comment below.


Austin from Austin TX reminds me of Brother Love

I was watching Survivor Series 1990, and saw that Brother Love was once the manager of the Undertaker. One simple question; Why?

taker and love

Pretty much because Brother Love was still a draw, and they had no use for him at that point as the Brother Love show was not airing anymore. The WWE honestly did not think that the Undertaker gimmick was going to get over as well as it did. Brother Love managed Undertaker for a couple of months before selling the contract of the Undertaker to Paul Bearer, and it was a match made in heaven so to say.  As I stated, Vince thought this gimmick for the Undertaker would be a one hit wonder, and would not last, but people got behind the Undertaker and he started to create a following, and more importantly, he was drawing money. It was not  but a year later, that The Undertaker captured his first WWE Championship by defeating Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1991, and he has been a part of the main event scene ever since. Not bad for a character that was not supposed to do anything.


Adrian wants to know about the Ultimate Challenge rematch

Was there ever anything in place to have Hogan vs Warrior II in the WWE? I know they eventually had it in WCW, but was there ever going to be a rematch in WWE?

warrior vs hogan

The plan since Wrestlemania VI was to indeed have a rematch the following year at Wrestlemania VII. Things changed due to the Gulf War when they turned Sgt Slaughter into the Iraqi villian. He eventually won the WWF Championship off of the Ultimate Warrior, only to have Hogan defeat Slaughter in sort of a hero’s type win. The All American defeats the Iraqi supporter. The original plan was to have the Warrior face off and defeat the Macho King Randy Savage at the Royal Rumble then go on to face Hogan at Wrestlemania where of course Hogan would have won the match and regain the championship. There was no way that Hogan was going to lose to the Warrior twice and never would have put the Warrior over.


Trent wants to know about long matches

I know that a few times Ric Flair went an hour long, and Bret and Shawn went over an hour, but how many matches lasted over an hour, and what was the longest match ever recorded?


After researching this, there was several Royal Rumble matches that went over an hour, but Im guessing that you are talking about singles matches. So here is what I found.

Chris Hero and Rick Swann wrestled for an astounding 3 hrs and 10 minutes in a draw. This was in the SMASH promotion out of Canada

In New Japan Antonio Anoki defeated Masa Saito in 2 hrs, 5 minutes, and 42 seconds

In the independent circuit IWA Chris Hero defeated CM Punk in a two out of three falls match that lasted 1 hr, 32 min 15 seconds

WWWF Bruno Sammartino and Waldo Von Erich went to a draw in a match that lasted 1 hr and 29 minutes

Ring of Honor had Charlie Haas, Sheldon Benjamin, Eddie Edwards, and El Generico defeating The Briscoes, Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin in 1 hr 20 min 33 seconds

Ring of Honor Austin Aries defeated Daniel Bryan in 1 hr 15 minutes

WSU Mercedes Martinez defeated Lexxus 1 hr 13 minutes

Bruno Sammartino and Gorrilla Monsoon went to a 1 hr 10 minute draw

PWG Super Dragon defeated Joey Ryan in 1 hr 10 minutes Iron Man match

WSU Mercedes Martinez defeated Angel Orsini  in 1 hr 10 minutes

WWWF Pedro Moraes and Bruno Sammartino went to a draw in 1 hr 5 minutes 11 seconds

WWF Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII in 1 hr, 1 min 25 seconds

WWF Triple H defeated The Rock at Judgement Day 2000 in 1 hour 8 seconds

WWF Chris Benoit defeated Triple H in 1 hour even in an Iron Man match

WWF John Cena defeated Randy Orton in 1 hour in an Iron Man Match

WWWF Mr Fuji and Professsor Tanaka and Chief Jay Strongbow and Sonny King in 1 hour time limit draw

WWF Bob Backlund drew with  Greg Valentine in 1 hour time limit draw

WWF Bob Backlund drew with Don Murroco in 1 hour

PWG AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels went to a 1 hr time limit draw

PWG Adam Cole def Sami Callihan in 1 hour Iron Man match

Beyond Wrestling Biff Busick defeated Eddie Edwards in a 1 hour Iron Man match

APW Super Dragon defeated Jardi Frantz and Bobby Quance in a 3 way 1 hour Iron Man match

NWA David Von Erich drew with Harley Race in a 1 hour time limit draw

IWA CM Punk and Delirious went to a 1 hour time limit draw

AAW Silas Young and Michael Elgin went to a 1 hour time limit draw

AJPW Satoshi Kojima and Toshiaki Kawada went to a 1 hr time limit draw

Tatsumi Fujinami and Antonio Inoki went to a 1 hr time limit draw

NJPW Bob Backlund and Antonio Inoki went to a 1 hr time limit draw

AJPW Kena Kobashi and Toshiaki Kawada went to a 1 hr time limit draw


And that is all, so ironically other than Flair going over 60 minute in the Royal Rumble. I could not find any record of him actually having a 60 minute match. I would have sworn I would have seen matches with he and Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and Ricky Steamboat in there somewhere, but I guess not. I guess Flair isnt the 60 minute man after all.



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