Site Updates: Roost, Calendar, and Schedule

The Roost App has been removed from the page.

For all of you that were getting our Roost updates, first off, thank you for your support, sadly due to changes over there, we will no longer be able to use that service. Roost

So going forward, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to make sure you don’t miss all the content we are pushing out to you here at

I have placed a calendar at the bottom, so you can catch up if you miss something over the past few days, as sometimes we might have 4 or 5 things come up. You can also hit the search box to the side.

Finally, here is a rough guideline of each weeks offerings, and of course the easiest way is just to check the page regularly, and follow the site on Twitter and Facebook, as we try to keep you updated there as well.

I might start a mailing list as well in the future,  I will keep you updated.

Our Normal weekly Schedule

Sunday: WTF 001 (1)
Trivia Week
#Ask7Pound (Wrestling Q&A)
MMA Roundtable – Pending
NFL Roundtable – New Day!
NBA Roundtable
My Damn Opinion (Vlog)
Baseball Roundtable
The Blog About NothingBAN Logo
Wrestling Roundtable
Jim’s All-In Poker

Plus all the other random stuff we post, including the Movie Archive, now over 160 movies strong.


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