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Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. Just throwing this out there, did anyone watch Smackdown yesterday? Well I can say that Todd and I were both in attendance in Cincinnati last Tuesday…oh I mean Thursday night. This week on the Roundtable, as we approach Wrestlemania, is Ryback the right guy to face Kalisto? Does the WWE need to go in a different direction from Roman Reigns? This and much more!


Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.Roman Reigns- Look who creeped back up to the top spot? After destroying Triple H on Raw, Reigns is back with a vengance.

2.Triple H- Despite getting his ass kicked on Raw, HHH had two big victories over Ambrose and Ziggler.

3.Dean Ambrose- The torch was passed to Ambrose by Mick Foley, however the Beast Incarnate is still in his way.

4.Brock Lesnar- The Beast seems ready to face off against Ambrose after destroying the Wyatt family.

5.Sami Zayn- Sami Zayn is on a collision course to capture his first WWE singles title against Kevin Owens.


This week in wrestling history

1993- Dino Bravo was murdered in his home, execution style, as he was shot multiple times in the head after a drug smuggling deal went wrong.

2015- Sting makes his first ever WWE interview on RAW

2015- Connor Mahalek is named the first (and hopefully last) Warrior award recipient.


Here are the questions this week

road block

What were your overall thoughts on Roadblock?

Steve: Road Block was three hours that I will never get back. It was a complete waste of time. All the matches with the exception of the Triple H vs Ambrose were not even entertaining. Jericho vs Swagger? What the hell is that all about? It was a complete waste of time and did nothing to lead up to Wrestlemania. And what the hell is with the Brock vs the Wyatts? Okay, lets leave a feud with the Wyatts open then scrap that again to go after Dean Ambrose. Makes zero sense. I cant even begin to fathom why they put this show on in the first place.

Eric: I can’t really give a good review of the event because I didn’t watch it. I will be a 100 % honest with you, I didn’t watch Roadblock. I got the results afterwards and from what I read I didn’t miss anything. It sounded like it was just another house show. I think I was better off watching an older wrestling event on the WWE network than watching Roadblock.

Josh: Complete waste of time and space.  They will never trick me into watching Roadblock again.  NOTHING HAPPENED!!!  SERIOUSLY  NOTHING HAPPENED!  They could have at least had a low tier title change hands and shake some things up…but NOOOOOOO  WWE creative knows what they want the WWE Universe to want, and will force it down their throats at any cost.

Chad: Meh, there were some good moments but overall it was just there. Brock vs Bray made no sense. I thought the finish to the main event was screwy. The whole night felt like we have a special scheduled now what do we do.

Todd: There were a few matches that wee alright but overall it sucked ass. Roadblock was completely pointless to have just before Wrestlemania. It did not really set nothing up that we didn’t already know. Why advertise Bray vs Brock and Bray is 25 feet outside the ring. That made no sense to me. The NXT tag title match was a good match, the Divas match was also pretty good but predictable. We all knew Nattie was not going to win the title even though she was in her home country and she dedicated the match the Bret “the hitman”Hart. The main event was the best match of the night but also predictable. Come on if Ambrose would have won, it would have turned Wrestlemania upside down just 3 weeks away. That was never the plan. This whole card was predictable. Who wants to watch something when they already know who wins? Thats the whole reason for this special being pointless and uninteresting.

Jim: My overall thought on Roadblock was the same as it is for every other pay per view or special event….THEY NEVER LET A BELT CHANGE HANDS!  Truly, it isn’t a roadblock on the way to Wrestlemania if every champion is waved through the barricades.  It’s my biggest complaint about the WWE.  The same people hold the belt forever.  And they cheat to do it, which is even more annoying.  If Charlotte is such a great champion, why does she need to cheat or have her father interfere to hold on to the belt?  Why does New Day get one guy on the sideline with a giant metal object?  I want to love wrestling so much. It has been a part of my life since Dusty Rhoades took my cowboy hat off my head at the Tampa Coliseum and pranced around the ring in it after beating Ric Flair, and when he handed it back and said “Thatth the firth hat I’ve ever taken from thumone that wath too big for my head!”   1974?  Now, I will say that the Dean Ambrose/Triple H match was fantastic….right up until the end.  I’m telling you, whoever writes their scripts is worse at endings than Stephen King’s final chapter of Pet Sematary.  The matches are awesome.  The wrestlers are giving their all.  Then suddenly out of nowhere there’s a quick move and it’s over.  And anybody that can explain to me why Dean Ambrose’s pin of Triple H was disqualified without laughing works for the WWE.


Is Ryback the right opponent for Kalisto at Wrestlemania?

Steve: Ryback failed as the Intercontinental champion, so what do they do? They consider giving him a push in the United states title circuit. Nope, cant understand that either. Kalisto needs to face someone that can go with him, and put on a great match. Ryback is not that person.

Eric: I think so. It’s a classic story of David vs Goliath. Ryback, the big guy, the muscles. Then you have Kalisto, the little high flyer. I think this will be an interesting match. I really hope Kalisto wins this match. He’s the new underdog of the WWE. He goes out there and works his ass off. I think this will be an interesting match. Plus, with the amount of people hurt right now, you gotta make due with what you got and the WWE is doing a good job here.

Josh: IF what I hear is true, that he might end up getting a push to the main event level…meh….But I would rather see Kalisto convert the US title into the Cruiserweight championship, have some real battles with Sin Cara, Neville, and the other smaller guys that don’t get a legitimate shot.

Chad: If WWE is dead-set on having Kalisto as champion then why not defend against a monster type at Wrestlemania.

Todd: I am not opposed to it. WWE has tried to give Ryback a push before with the IC title and we all know how that worked out, of course he was babyface back then. I like his new attitude, I think it has done him some good. I don’t know if he will beat Kalisto but I think its gonna be a better match than anyone expects.

Jim: Are you kidding me?  Remember back in the old days when they had midget wrestling?  I can say that right?  I know it’s not politically correct these days, but back then, that’s what they called it.  You know what was great about midget wrestling?  The midgets wrestled EACH OTHER.  Ryback should quit rather than participate in this joke of a match.  There’s no upside for him.  If he wins….yeah, he should.  If he loses?  We all cry bulls**t.  So no.  Under no circumstances should Ryback have to fight a guy that’s smaller than his left leg.

jericho vs aj

How excited are you to see Styles vs Jericho IV at Wrestlemania?

Steve: Yawn! Why? I mean seriously. While I admit that these two do put on a good show, and work well together, this has gone on for long enough, and again doesnt make any sense. Does the WWE need a new writer? Im available if they need some help. I could also make PROPER recommendations who gets into the Hall of Fame.

Eric: Ehh, I was excited the first time, but come on. This is the forth time in the past two months we’ve seen this match. It could be worse though, we could be seeing AL Snow vs Steve Blackman instead. It’s played out, I hope this is the last installment of this feud.

Josh:It would be more exciting if they went into ‘Mania as the tag team champions but, oh well.  To be completely fair, the card at WrestleMania sucks anyways, so this is a huge step up from the rest of it.

Chad: Not excited when their match at Fastlane was advertised so what happens if Jericho wins at Wrestlemania they’re tied 2-2 and we have to go the a 5th a Payback I mean come on….really?

Todd: Not very excited. I am ok with them breaking up even though I was one that didn’t think they would until later on. I just think they have wrestled 3 matches already and Styles is up 2-1, what is the point of a 4th match? AJ Styles does not need to be put over he is already a star. He needs to move on to bigger and better things such as IC title. Jericho is leaving shortly after Wrestlemania anyways, so I think he should have a match with younger talent possibly someone coming up from NXT. There is no need for this match.

Jim: Again….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Can somebody please send me the mailing address where I can submit my resume for script writer for the WWE?  We’ve seen this, three times already.  Why are we supposed to then pay to see it again?  And it isn’t even a rubber match.  It’s #4.  Yawn.  Can you tell I’m not excited about Wrestlemania in the slightest?


No matter what the WWE does, they just cannot seem to get the WWE Universe behind Roman Reigns. Do they need to think about moving in another direction?

Steve: They do need to move in another direction, and they had the right idea on Raw when Reigns came out and best the ever living crap out of Triple H. He showed a mean streak like he did with he was very over with the Shield. They don’t have to necessarily turn him heel, which is what most people want him to do. But he cannot be a babyface either, he needs to have that Im gonna kick anyones ass who gets in my way attitude. I think that will get him over with the fans. Monday night was a good start, as on Smackdown yesterday, he got one of the biggest pops since he was with the Shield.

Eric: No, I think they just need to give it time. If the WWE would just ease up a little bit on making Roman the top guy, I think it may get him over a little. In my damn opinion (someone should really have a show called that) I think what killed Romans momentum was when he got hurt in 2014, had he not gotten hurt, I think he would have been better off. So here’s what Roman needs to do, invite a time machine, go back in time and stop himself from getting hurt in 2014, then come back to the present and he will be over with the fans. It’s so simple. Why couldn’t anyone else think of that?

Josh: Please go back and read EVERY OTHER RESPONSE I HAVE EVER SUBMITTED TO THIS ROUNDTABLE EVER.  This should have been done a LOOOOOOONG time ago.

Chad: Go another direction…Go in a Lunatic direction. Lol…see what I did the people love Ambrose so give them Dean Ambrose.

Todd: They need to do something. DAMN!! I thought Roman Reigns was heel on Raw he was getting booed so badly. I would think they would Almost have to add Ambrose to this match at Wrestlemania and turn Reigns heel. Just say the Winner of the Lesner vs Ambrose no holds barred match goes on to the main event and make it a triple threat match.  WWE could go completely different direction and have Ambrose win the whole thing.

Jim:  I absolutely disagree with the notion that Reigns doesn’t have the support of the fans.  I’ve sat 2nd row at Smackdown.  I’ve heard them scream when he enters the room.  I’ve seen women drool. I’ve seen some men drool.  Just because the WWE can’t pull their head out of the collective a##es and use him correctly doesn’t mean the fans don’t love him.  He needs to be champ.  He needs to keep it awhile.  Why is he the only champ in the last 3 years that doesn’t get at least a 10 month run of not losing?  Why is New Day wearing gold and he’s not?


Do you give Shane McMahon any chance at all against the Undertaker? Or does he have “No Chance in Hell”?

Steve: I honestly don’t know. Because for once, I am clueless to what the future of Shane McMahon is. If he is planning on sticking around, then yes he does,  I could see the Undertaker laying down, sometime during the match. I don’t see Taker getting beat clean. A couple things have run through my head. This could be a total McMahon swerve and Shane, Vince, and Stephanie are all in cahoots to screw over the Undertaker, and they help Shane win. Or Shane is really about to overthrow the Authority and will somehow win the match. Or this is just a storyline to give Taker a match at Mania, and Shane will ride off in to the sunset after Wrestlemania not to be heard from for another ten years.

Eric: I don’t know on this one. This is a tough call to make. The Undertaker is the phenomenon, the legend and has a great record at Wrestlemania, but why would WWE bring back Shane McMahon only to have him leave again after just a few weeks. I think either which way, this is going to be one of the best matches of the night at Wrestlemania. I am very excited to how this one will play out.

Josh: It makes no sense for him to lose….. You don’t put a stipulation like this just to have a one off shot….talk about spitting in the face of what the Universe wants…..

Chad: There is no more streak for Undertaker to defend so losing at Mania is a possibility. So I have to say that Shane has more than No Chance in Hell. I’d like to see Shane be behind the Bullet Club debut in the Cell to defeat the Undertaker and usher in a new era.

Todd: Well here is my theory. I am not sure Shane McMahon is sticking around after Wrestlemania or not. Shane McMahon’s only chance in this match is if they put in a special guest referee in the match. When I first heard that Mick Foley was going to be part of Wrestlemania, I thought that Vince might some how payoff Foley to help the Undertaker win. We all know that Foley and Undertaker have history. The problem I have with this theory is that WWE screwing Undertaker out of his second loss. Will WWE go to them lengths to help Shane win? Cause if not Shane McMahon has “No Chance in Hell”.

Jim: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Wrestling needs Shane McMahon.  So I’m still predicting that the Undertaker lies down, and let’s Shane pin him.  Then Shane controls RAW, and we please dear God move on from The Authority storyline.  I’m not asking.  I’m not begging.  I’m PRAYING this happens.  Shane is the savior.



Mick Foley “passed the torch” so to say to Dean Ambrose on Raw this past Monday. Was that the right move, and is Ambrose the right guy for Foley to pass the torch to?

Steve: I say it was the right move, I mean if you could really call being a hardcore legend a torch to pass, then Ambrose being a lunatic would be that guy. Giving him the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire was a good move. Now let’s see Dean set it on fire and start going through thumbtacks. I personally dont think anyone can replace Mick Foley, simply because you will never see those style of hardcore matches again in the WWE.

Eric: Umm does a bear shit in the woods? Hell yeah, Dean Ambrose was the best choice for Foley to pass the torch to. I don’t think we will ever get to see Foley wrestle again, which is sad enough, but Dean Ambrose is the best choice to pass the torch too. He’s the Lunatic Fringe, the craziest wrestler out there today. I think there is big things in store for Ambrose and I can’t wait to see what the WWE does with him.

Josh: How can you pass something you do not have?  Mick Foley is one of the greatest of all time, don’t get me wrong….but what torch is he passing?  The torch of broken knees and bad backs?  Foley never was “the guy”…he never held “the torch”  so it makes no sense that he should pass anything to anyone.  If Stone Cold wants to pass the torch, so be it…he held it for a while…The Rock?  Great at carrying the torch!  Foley found ways to fall down that were awesome.  Again, don’t get me wrong…I loved it…but he never held the torch.

Chad: Right move and right guy. I believe they were supposed to have a match due to their twitter feud a few years ago which would have been the passing of the torch but the segment on Raw was good.

Todd: Yes it was the right move. Who better to follow in the footsteps of Mick Foley than Dean Ambrose. I think he will probably hold the WWE title more than 3 times and 39 days. As far as the hardcore part he is almost just as crazy. I don’t know if Dean Ambrose will ever lose his ear or get thrown off the top of Hell in a Cell cage. I think it was the right move though.

Jim: Look, finding the crazy guy is hard work.  Very few wrestlers can pull it off.  And I love Dean Ambrose.  But honestly, all he’s done lately is prove without any question to any fan that wrestling is fake.  He gets pummeled into the ground and pops up running around.  Over and over again.  It’s a terrible story line.  But can he be the guy that takes the “crazy idiot” title from Mick?  Absolutely.  One thing though…..can we please take this to mean we don’t see Mick Foley wrestle ever again?  That would be perfect, thank you.

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