The Blog About Nothing 3/18 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the middle of March, and winter comes to an end on Sunday. However, how does Spring start in New York City? With snow. Possibly. That’s what our weather people are calling for anyway. So, while I’ll likely watch snowflakes dance outside my window on the first day of spring, I’ll be inside watching March Madness unfold. The college basketball tournament has begun! Yes!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

ben simmonsOr at least it used to be in my world. Despite joining a 7Poundbag tournament challenge group on Yahoo, I have watched very little college basketball this season. Very little. I’ve seen two LSU games to see if Ben Simmons is worth the hype (that answer is no he is not in my opinion) and a couple of St. Francis College and St. John’s University games. As a graduate of St. Francis and St. John’s those games felt like compulsive viewing and not because I was really into it. Both schools, frankly, are pretty bad right now. St. Francis has never made the NCAA tournament and St. John’s had an expected horrible first season under new head coach Chris Mullin. The team lost its top 8 contributors heading into the season, so its struggles were of no surprise to anyone who followed the team.

So I have watched little college basketball which is a surprise to even myself. I’m the guy who usually lives for March. I used to fill out as many as brackets as possible. When my Mom used to work, I was the go to guy in the work pool. Many years, I would be responsible for at least one of the winning brackets in her office pool. One year, my Mom won first place, and the second and third place winners were co-workers who had me fill out their brackets. I got a piece of all the winnings. I was 14 years old.

I lived for March Madness and now I don’t even care. I didn’t watch one second of the action on day one and despite being in that aforementioned 7Poundbag bracket challenge, I picked mostly high seeds and I think I’m in second place right now. Win or lose, I don’t care. I really don’t. I guess I’m getting older. I’d rather sleep than watch TV, or keep my eyes glued to CNN, or even Fox News, than watch college basketball. Goodness me. I’ve become a total and complete bore.

A total bore who is sitting in front of a computer blasting Atlanta newcomer Lil Yachty. I have no clue what to make of this Lil Yachty character, but weird rap supported by some good production is what’s in. Despite becoming a complete bore, I might still be that guy in his 40s who listens to rap music made by kids much younger than him and rapping about shit he has no clue about. I’m already in my 30s and have no clue what people even 10 years younger than him are on, and I consider myself into pop culture. Still don’t know what the kids are on though. I be a bit clueless despite my attempts at trying to stay hip.

As long as I don’t devolve into some Goose Gossage type yelling at kids to stay off my damn lawn, then I guess I’ll be alright. To hell with Goose Gossage’s old ass by the way. Someone hand him some Geritol and tell him to enjoy what Bryce Harper, and company are going to do to the game of baseball. Watch as Bryce and company slowly brings the game into the entertaining 21st Century. It’s about damn time baseball. It’s about damn time. Your sport is a bore, and definitely needs less cranky old men and more exciting youth.

Adam LaRoche 2Speaking of baseball, I got an issue with Adam LaRoche of the Chicago White Sox. Not a major issue because it’s a sensitive subject but I don’t get retiring because the White Sox organization asked you to bring your 14 year old son around the clubhouse less. They didn’t say that he can’t never be there, they asked him to limit the amount of time that he is there. Which is fair. Look, I’m a working man. I’m a cubicle warrior who frankly hates his job, but it pays the bills, and the last thing I would want is a co-worker who constantly has their kid around. I get it. Bringing your kid to work sometimes is a necessity but the kid, no matter how polite, should not be there all the time. The workplace is not a place for kids, even if it is a fun place like a baseball clubhouse.

I get it, #FamilyFirst, but to walk away from $13 million because you were asked to bring your kid around less is just freaking stupid to me. That’s $13 million you’re taking out of your family’s pockets to be honest. Adam has made $71 million over his career, so he isn’t hurting for money, but why do I feel that this was a little issue that has all of a sudden become a big issue? As I said, I’m not going to go on and make a whole thing out of this, but I can’t help but think Adam is handling this pretty poorly.

It get cold like Minnesota, I guess. Sorry, I’m still bumping that Lil Yachty. Anyway, I’m out this piece. I can’t write no more. I’m done. Thanks for supporting 7Poundbag.


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