Series Wrap-Up: The Leprechaun!

I watch a lot of series, and almost all of them have a severe drop-off as time goes on, lets face it, not all of them can be the Original Star Wars trilogy, and Leprechaun is no exception.

This is a cheap series, but it doesn’t have to be a crappy series, and to be honest, it started off as a good little campy series with a hook of the Leprechaun and interesting little kills for no reason- then we get a bit of confusion about what they want to do. How to stop the Leprechaun, where to take the little guy and what situation to throw him in. Let me be frank, we really started off well, and really should have gone all Friday the 13th on the little guy, just keep having him lose the gold, kill every one until he gets almost all of it back, then have the final person kill the little guy and get out of town a little richer than they came in. Sadly, we got Jason X a lot sooner than we should have. I’m not sure why we had to go to the Hood and then back so quickly, the movie didn’t work there, and it seems like even Warrick Davis was tired at the end.

Leprechaun 3 ElvisLet me come back to Warrick Davis. The man is having a ball. I don’t know how much was written and how much he did, but the dude just chewed the scenery and everything that came within an arms reach. The Leprechaun is Warwick Davis, I understand Peter Dinkledge is the gold standard for little people right now, and Lord knows I love Vizzini- but Warrick Davis is 90% of the reason why I kept slogging through this series. He has a magnetism I just can’t put my finger on, and it shows. The last movie is a decade after the first one, and I think Davis was done, I think he stopped caring, and it thankfully killed the series.

Leprechaun got lazy, it got- for some reason, stupider than it needed to, and had a slim railing to ride and jumped off of it and never looked back. I have not seen Origins, simply because it wasn’t part of the marathon, and when I get to it I’ll get a review up for it, but I’m not looking forward to it. The WWE has only done one good movie that I have seen that being See No Evil, but I don’t have high hopes for that one.

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