Are you a Democrat or Republican Part III

Quite often I get surveys about politics.

I am registered Libertarian, and have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. I would say If I was a Congressman I would caucus with the Republicans, but I would be  a lot more Independent than Bernie Sanders ever has been from the Democrats.

So I took one of those political surveys, and I’m going to split it into thirds, primarily because some of them I couldn’t copy just the text, so I had to screen capture the Question. I’m going to mix the pictures and the text Questions.

Play along if you like, and at the end, I’ll post what they gave me.

Q 21
Where do you watch the news?

The Daily Show
I don’t watch the news
Rush Limbaugh

Oddly enough, I only watch the local news, I’ve never watched Fox News on purpose, but my in-laws love CNN, so I’ve watched that more than anything else. I used to listen to Rush, but he got boring quickly. I did listen to wait, wait don’t tell me when I worked Saturdays. So the only option is “I don’t watch the news” Wonder why Last Week Tonight isn’t listed.

q26Ok, I’m going with the first 3, since I don’t judge by appearance, if at all possible. I hate waste. As someone who grew up poor, I hate to see perfectly good items in a trash bin, and I grabbed 4 perfectly good cast iron pans not that long ago out of a dumpster- why? Cause the handles were bent. Just needless waste. I have no problem with people being emotional, as long as they understand there is a difference between their reactions. So I’m going with selfishness. Kinda like Algore wants to wipe out Carbon Emissions, but has a private plane, or Leo gives this big environmental speech, then you see the Yacht he’s on.
Q23 How old are you


So how does this make a difference in what party I am?
I guess they are using this Churchill quote?
“If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain”
I’m over 40.

q27Three Rs. Unless you are in politics, or really really really good looking, you gotta know the basics.

Who did you vote for in the 2012 Election

Didn’t vote/other

I’m in a Red State- one of those states that votes for the letter over the persons who name its next to, so I voted Libertarian.

q28Big cities should concentrate on Job. Small cities should concentrate on Jobs. States should concentrate on Job, See a pattern? Out of the options? Option 3 is nice and all, but where do you put them? Option2 is nice as well, but again, you are creating slums. I’d rather fund an outreach program that takes care of them. Option 4 is fun, but what happens at night? So yeah, I went 1. Clean the streets and people might take a little bit of pride in the world.

How do you get around?

Drive my car
Public Transportation

Again? This matters? For a good part of 2014, I rode the bus, Now I drive a van (not a car) Oddly enough, I have not changed my views on healthcare, immigration, the minimum wage, or taxing churches in the past two years.

q29This means what, exactly? I drink my tea- not a coffee guy- Iced, like a Southern Boy should. I haven’t owned a thermos since grade school. I’ve never bought anything from Starbucks but Hot Chocolate and that is when my brother worked there. I went with Option 2, since that is the only think that’s close to being true- I make it at home.

Got all your answers? Take a look at the next page to see how I did.

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