NFL Roundtable: 3/16 Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable!

1. Defend the Dolphins deal with the Eagles. Please.mia-dolphins-helmet

Dan: I would like to say that the Eagles are freeing up some cap space, Alonso is in his final year of his rookie contract and is set to command quite a bit of money, and the Eagles get to move up 5 slots in the draft. Other than that, i don’t really see the benefit to this trade. I hope their front office sees what will benefit this organization, but I’m missing it. The Dolphins won that trade. I agree with their move. Drop five slots in the draft, gain two very good defensive players to help improve the 25th ranked D in the league.

Jim: For the Dolphins, they were cheap.  With a big upside if they are healthy.  That’s all I got for Miami.  For Philly…they’re just selling everything at the flea market that has the name “chip” on it.  They’re even throwing out all the cookies and poker supplies, just to make sure.

Earl: I don’t know if you can defend this deal. Kiko Alonso, Byron Maxwell and the flip flopping of 1st round picks is not a good deal for Miami. The Eagles got rid of dead weight, reminders of the Chip Kelly era AND moved up five spots in the draft. Damn. I guess, you can say the Dolphins picked up two starters, and along with Mario Williams, are revamping their defense but this wasn’t a good deal for the Dolphins.

David: I can’t, sorry. In a salary cap world, Dead Money kills, and the Eagles just got a chunk of it. This isn’t the NBA where the Cap is going to rocket up and dumb deals don’t matter. This is the NFL- where a HUGE roster, by comparison, means that a found 4 or 5 million means almost nada. The Dolphins are working on hope- hoping Kiko Alonso is back, now he’s back to his role he had in Buffalo, and that Byron Maxwell was just a victim of either bad coaching or a bad year. The dropoff in the draft is the killer though, taking the chances, AND the contracts, AND you are the one to move down? If the Eagles had given up a few lower round picks I could see it. I don’t think going down 5 spots before the draft means much, cause moving up normally means to snag a player you want. At this stage no one knows who is going to drop.

2. Defend the Osweiler Deal.Brock Osweiler

Dan: I can’t defend this deal from the Broncos’ side. It doesn’t make sense to me. After finding out Peyton Manning is retiring, you let Osweiler go? Ok, maybe their front office is going to pull a trade & either get a top pick in the draft for a quarterback or go for Kaepernick. Nope, they didn’t do either. They instead acquired Mark Sanchez. I’m sure they could’ve gotten Osweiler for a better deal than what the Texans play. But, I do think this is a great deal for the Texans. They finally get a quarterback which they were lacking and can really compete with the Colts in the AFC South. Brock Osweiler showed he can lead a team when he took over for Peyton Manning, so I can’t see why Houston fans would have any doubt in him.

Jim: Osweiler has the biggest upside in the NFL right now.  He showed in his debut this season that he has been listening to Elway and Manning, and he looks to be a really good quarterback going forward.  He was unhappy with his benching for a guy in a wheelchair who went on to throw 2 TDs in his final 4 games…both in the same one game.  He felt slighted and embarrassed, and let’s be honest…the Texans weren’t happy that Kubiak won a Super Bowl with basically the same coaching staff he had in Houston…where he sucked up a storm.  So a little “FU” is always a fun thing.  I think Osweiler is worth it, and the Texans will be very happy with him.  And I think the Broncos, who just replaced him with Mark San….hahahahahahahahahaha…I’m sorry, Mark Sanc….hahahahahahahahahah.  Oh that’s funny.

Earl: This is easier to defend. Yes, Osweiler was overpaid but he goes to a team similar to the one he just left. The Texans have a stout defense, a good young receiver in Hopkins, and I like the addition of Lamar Miller at running back. Also, by taking the money and going to Houston he gets himself out of the Peyton Manning shadow. At the end of the day, money is a huge reason why Brock left Denver, but I’m sure he has to be relieved to not deal with the pressures of replacing Peyton Manning on a Super Bowl title defending team.

David: Easy, who else you got? The next best QB out there in free agency is RYAN FITZPATRICK. How’s that going to work for you? After that you are looking at a trade, and the Niners want a package starting with a second rounder, that’s not happening either. You want RG3 or Manziel to defend your title? Or a rookie you are getting at 32? Elway made a huge mistake letting Brock Osweiler get this close to free agency. There have been 3 teams to win the Super Bowl with below average QBs in my lifetime, and neither of the previous two (Ravens. Bears) came close to repeating.

3. Best move of the First 48 hours of Free AgencyRaiders Win

Dan: The best moves have to be what Miami is doing. Not only did they grab an absolute steal of a trade from the Eagles by acquiring Maxwell, a very solid corner & a very solid linebacker who only had an injury concern in Kiko Alonso. Not only did they grab these two defensive players to help improve the 25th ranked defense in the league last season, they signed Mario Williams to a 2-year deal after Buffalo let him walk. They also signed Detroit’s hard-hitting safety Isa Abdul-Quddus. Only question I have is cutting Brent Grimes, who has made the Pro Bowl the past 3 seasons. But, I figured it is because of his wife which really shouldn’t make a difference, but they did have to free up some space and he was set to make $8 million. Not only did these improvements on defense happen extremely quickly, they also dropped only 5 spots in the draft in their trade with Philadelphia. They want to win the AFC East and they’re going to make a strong push at it with an improved defense.

Jim: Charles Johnson resigning with the Panthers was smart for both sides.  Titans signing Ben Jones, to protect the franchise QB was critical.  Redskins resigning Colt McCoy was a really good idea.  Tampa resigning Doug Martin would have been much better had they done just one year.  That guy is killer in a contract year.  But my favorite move was Indy resigning Adam Vinatieri to a 2 year deal.  He’s the greatest kicker in NFL history and should be honored with their work to resign him immediately.

Earl: I’m going with Bruce Irvin to the Raiders. Irvin, the former Seattle Seahawk, should team up with Khalil Mack to form a scary linebacker corp. Also, I like Irvin’s personality. There were some worries with him coming out of college but he looks like he’s becoming a vocal leader and the kind of guy a team rallies around. That’s not a bad thing for a team that has a young quarterback who is still learning in Derek Carr.

David: Not to make DJ squeal even more, but I’m also going with a Raiders pickup, but a little further back, CB Sean Smith, Lets see, he’s 29, he hurts a fellow AFC West team, and oh yeah, he’s 6 frikken 3. He needs to learn how to catch to be an elite corner, and can get beat, but 6’3 and going 4.5, nothing wrong there.

4. Has Houston made enough moves to compete with the Luck-led Colts now?Houston Texans

Dan: Right now, I think so. While they did win the AFC South last season, it’s hard to use that as a measurement because the Colts had dealt with Andrew Luck’s injury all season long. But, a positive to take from the Texans was how well their defense played. They lacked a solid quarterback all season and really struggled on offense. They signed Brock Osweiler to a large 4-year contract to take care of quarterback and they were able to grab Lamar Miller from free agency after the Dolphins let him walk. The Texans’ improved their offense just that quick and didn’t give up much, if anything, on the defensive side of the ball. I really think they can win the AFC South next season.

Jim: Of course not.  But they will be better.  Give Brock a learning season, and then look out in 2017.

Earl: Absolutely. Andrew Luck when healthy is a great quarterback but the Colts are screwing up the team building process. Last year they added some old veterans at running back and wide receiver and it did not work out. The supporting cast around Luck is not bad but unless they bolster the offensive line and add a difference maker or two on defense, then in my opinion the Texans are already a better team than Indy. The Colts had their moment, but they didn’t fully capitalize. It might be the Texans time to rule the AFC South now.

David: I think they have, I’m not a fan of the Lamar Miller signing, but they havn’t lost much on that defense. If JJ Watt is breathing, and Brock can be 2/3s of the QB most think he can be, they should give the Luck-led Colts more of a challenge than the Manning Colts ever had on a year to year basis.

5. Should Cleveland take a QB at #2?

Dan: From what I understand, Cleveland is interested in Kaepernick. In my opinion, they have 2 choices. Trade the number two pick and acquire Kaepernick from San Francisco (or a different trade offer if they can get one together in order to keep their spot at two), and skip a quarterback or get a quarterback. They went back and forth last season switching between three different quarterbacks not being able to find the right one that suited them. Johnny Manziel caused them too many problems and they were forced to release him. The Browns should trade to get a package together for Kaepernick in which they’re still able to keep their second overall pick. If not, then they need to look towards the draft and select a quarterback who will be reliable on and off the field.

Jim: Cleveland doesn’t have a quarterback, do they?  Oh yeah…Josh McCown.  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  YES, they should draft a QB at #2.

Earl: Should they? No. Drafting a quarterback in the 1st round hasn’t exactly worked out in Cleveland. Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and now Johnny Manziel have all flamed out with the Browns. In my opinion the Browns have other needs at #2. Taking Ohio State’s Joey Bosa could work. If the Titans somehow pass on Laremy Tunsil at #1 then the Browns should hurl that card up to the Commissioner. Oregon’s DeForest Buckner could work there too.
In Carson Wentz, or Jared Goff, I don’t see a sure fire star so instead of picking and getting it wrong, yet again, they might be better off passing on a first round QB.

David: I’m not giving up a second rounder if I’m Cleveland, but then again, I wouldn’t listen to homeless people after burning 100K to look into a QB. I personally would not take a QB at #2 unless it was a can’t miss prospect, and I don’t see either one of the top guys being that guy. Drop back to 10 or so, and see if someone drops and pick up a few Day 2 picks, the Browns need to have a few of these day 2 and 3 picks end up being players, go 3-13 or 4-12 and see who’s out there. Cleveland has sucked for some time, and throwing a top draft pick behind a line that is going to suck is just going to make it worse. Keep in mind, Super Bowl 50 was the ONLY time two number 1 overall QBs have met for the title, and its not like Manning was the guy that got the Broncos there.

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