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Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA Roundtable. Wow! Last week we saw the biggest upset in NBA history when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors. Golden State just couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of the boat that day. This week on NBA Roundtable we will discuss which team in the west needs the number one seed more, who deserves the coach of the year honors and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions this week:


With the regular season winding down and the Western conference being basically a two team race for the number one seed. Which team needs the number one seed more Golden State or San Antonio?

Todd: Golden State absolutely needs the top seed more. it never matters to San Antonio what seed they end up at. That is why Coach Popovich is not afraid to rest some of his star players at any given time.

Chad: Golden State because until somebody proves otherwise they are unbeatable at home with that crowd and Home Court Advantage.

Steve: The Spurs need it more, but I honestly don’t think it will matter. The Warriors are going to win the West this season. I am really looking forward to seeing if the Warriors can upend the Spurs at home this week. That will be a true test and can prove a point who the best in the west is, assuming the Warriors come out on top.


As we our entering the last month of the regular season who would you say deserves coach of the year honors?

Todd: Well I would have favored Luke Walton/Steve Kerr until Golden State drop the ball and lost by 17 to the second worst team in the NBA. I am going to go with Gergg Popovich. The reason being is for one they have the second best record in the NBA and for another he is the only coach in the NBA who can rest 2 or 3 of his star players and still win a game.

Chad: We knew Golden State would be good; Cleveland fired a coach midway through; so I am going to say that Pop wins because not just having the Spurs in the playoffs but how they are playing right now.

Steve: The popular pick will be Kerr or Popavich, but because Kerr has missed the first part of the season, I can’t put him in there, Pop would be a good pick as he has led the Spurs to one of their best seasons ever. But I am going with Brad Stevens of Boston. He has taken this team to the top tier in the Eastern Conference, and could lead the Celtics to great things. He has already surprised many experts on where the Celtics were supposed to finish.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired David Blatt with a record of 30-11, the best record in the Eastern Conference. Since Tyronn Lue has taken over the Cavaliers have gone 16-7. Have the Cavaliers really done anything to improve the team? 

Todd: I don’t see a whole lot of change just a lot more drama. Come on now, with the talent the Cleveland Cavaliers have you could put any coach on that team and they could win the east. If David Blatt was still the coach they would still probably have the same record they do now. They are not going to win a championship this year anyways. The Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, Trailblazers, and Thunder are all better teams than they are coming out of the West.

Chad: No, they didn’t make a move at the deadline (not like there were a lot of those moves out there to be had) firing the coach wasn’t what the team needed. With the teams in the west they were probably not going to win the Finals anyway and winning the East is a lock in my opinion.

Steve: No, if anything they have digressed a little bit. Lue has no head coaching experience and was given the task to coach LeBron James, Who is really running this team? LeBron does not need coaching, and it was a mistake to let a coach go who is a defending Eastern Conference Champion, and held the top spot in the East, just a dumb move all together. It hasnt helped Cleveland at all. While they are still the favorites in the East, they are not a sure fire bet to repeat as East Champs.


Stephen Curry has made 310 3 pointers this year breaking his previous record from last year. Golden State has 18 games left. Will Curry make 400 3 pointers this year?

Todd: I am going to say yes he will. At this rate he has to average 5 3 pointers a game the rest of the way. unless he gets hurt I think he will surpass 400. Last night during their game against Portland the announcer said he was the fastest to ever reach 1500 3 pointers. He beat Ray Allen by 184 games.

Chad: 90 away 18 games left by my math that equals out to 5 a game not out of the realm of possibility could become if the Warriors lock down the 1 seed does Steph even play in some of those? I’m going to say no on getting to 400 .

Steve: I wouldnt put it past him, Steph Curry is incredible and has proved many wrong so many times. I will go out on a limb and say yes he will, but it will be very close, and he cannot miss one game in route to that.


Stephen Curry

Is it a fair comparison to compare Stephen Curry to some of the all time great shooters such as Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, and Ray Allen just to name a few?

Todd: I don’t believe it is fair at all. Like I said before, I don’t think you can compare shooters from different eras just because defenses are played way to different now. why don’t the media quit worrying about who the greastest shooter of all time is and let Steph do his thing. They were all great shooters in their own right.

Chad: I would say it is not fair Bird is the 80’s; Reggie is the 90’s; Ray is the 00’s and Steph is this decade but the brands of basketball played in those decades is not comparable and therefore you cannot compare who the greatest shooter is.

Steve: I will go on record and say that Steph Curry is THE best shooter that I have ever seen, he is better than Bird, better than Reggie (who is one of my all time favorites), better than Allen, hell I say he is better than Jordan. Yeah I said it. Steph Curry is the best shooter of all time already, and he still has many years to go.


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