What Political Party do you belong to? Part II

Quite often I get surveys about politics.

I am registered Libertarian, and have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. I would say If I was a Congressman I would caucus with the Republicans, but I would be  a lot more Independent than Bernie Sanders ever has been from the Democrats.

So I took one of those political surveys, and I’m going to split it into thirds, primarily because some of them I couldn’t copy just the text, so I had to screen capture the Question. I’m going to mix the pictures and the text Questions.

Play along if you like, and at the end, I’ll post what they gave me.

Part I

Question 11.

Do you think the government should provide healthcare?

Not at all, capitalism works for any industry.
It should provide help for those who need it.
Yes. We all deserve access to equal healthcare, so the government should manage that.

Ok, Let me be real honest with you. I’m 43, have 5 kids and I am barely making ends meet. I don’t get sick often, and when I get sick, I go to Dr Suckitup and power through it, or go to bed and suffer through it. Best of health? No. But thats MY choice. Now, thanks to Obamacare, I cannot afford healthcare, but I get to pay a couple grand as a fine, for NOT having heathcare- even though I never saw a Dr. Its like auto insurance now. Never use it, still have to pay for it. Obamacare never addressed WHY heathcare is so expensive, and it made my situation worse. I do think the govt has to take care of CHILDREN, cause they are not as stupid as I am. So I took B.

q15Ok, D is just stupid. Let me get that out of the way.
Majority  = over 50%.
Let me inform you on something, nothing should or does take over half our budget. So what should get the most? Well, it depends on how you define this. If Welfare counts Medicare, Medicaid, VA benifits and Social Security, I’ll take that.

Question 13
How do you feel about the second amendment?

Everyone should be able to own and carry guns.
I think owning guns is fine, but we need to update our gun control laws.
Owning guns should be banned in America.

Alright, C is stupid. Even in Britain, you can own a gun, but its not easy or cheap. We hunt more than they do. I also disagree with A. Criminals and Insane people should not have guns, neither should the guards for members of the ACLU or gun-control nuts. We don’t need to update our laws, like a lot of things, we need to enforce what we have. I got no problem with a 90 day wait list. If I more to a crap neighborhood, and I want to buy a semi-automatic weapon, then I need to survive for 90 days to get it for home defense.

q16This one isn’t hard, but again, there are gay republicans and democrats so . . . For the record, I don’t care who you marry, as long as you are happy.

Question 15

You were just elected president. What’s your first act?

Lower Taxes
Raise the Minimum Wage
Make My Birthday a National Holiday

None of the above.
First thing I’m doing is hiring a bunch of accountants to go through the budget and clip all the ignorance. 5 Million for a study on the mating habits of a spotted gerbil? Gone. 18K for a hammer? Gone. A city of 500K got 8 Million for street signs and this year is getting 10M? Nope. I’m clipping all the stupidity. I took lower taxes. Anyone making less than 24K isn’t paying FICA anymore. Huzzah.

q17Kinda have to go with the Vets here. That’s cutting existing help they got before.

Question 17

Which of these is the most important function of government?
Managing the Budget
Protecting Citizens
Providing Education

Money runs everything. If China cancels our credit card, then what do we do? You can’t protect Citizens if you can’t pay the troops or the cops, you can’t provide education if you can’t pay the teachers or keep the lights on the schools.

q19I still have a hard time with Global Warming, everytime something comes out about it one way, there is another study that comes out another. How about this, we limit our environmental impact as much as possible and not worry about if the globe is heating up ok? Can’t we just agree that lighting a pile of tires on fire is bad, ok?

Question 19

Whats your opinion on the death penalty

It depends

Pro, nuff said. If there is no doubt about it, and its a heinous crime, zap the sumbitch. Put that stuff on PPV and put the money in a fund for the families. Give the victim’s family the choice to pull the trigger themselves. Yeah, I’m not wasting oxygen on the Manson family.

q23Man, Joe spelled it out so nicely here, and I agree that the American Dream is dead I went with C.


Come back tomorrow for our Finale and find out how much of a commie I am!

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