Movie Review: Leprechaun 6

Oh we got to go through this one. Thankfully, this is the last one, until the remake. Sadly, we are back in the hood.

We kick off with a origin story, about time in part 6, where the Leprechauns were summoned by a King to guard his gold, after the King dies, all the Leprechauns go home, but Warwick Davis decided to keep his gold, eventually being obsessed with it.

Flip to a few years ago, and a Pastor finds the gold, and wants to build a youth center with it, and is able to beat the Leprechaun, but dies of his injuries, and then we have to wait 3 years for another group to find the gold, this time its a quartet of idiots, who do the smart thing and cash in. We get a pretty standard Leprechaun chasing people and trying for inventive kills, and yes, the Leprechaun does love him some chronic. I really don’t think that Warrick Davis is even having fun anymore, as the joy just isn’t there.

The only fun part? One of the women take one of the gold coins, has it melted down to make a gold tooth. When the Leprechaun finds her, he puts the tooth on as well. That actually got a laugh from me. Even the ending sucks here, I like the furnace bit, but we have to bring it back to the youth center. This one is just awful, and an easy 1 from me.

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