What Political Party do you belong to? Part I

Quite often I get surveys about politics.

I am registered Libertarian, and have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. I would say If I was a Congressman I would caucus with the Republicans, but I would be  a lot more Independent than Bernie Sanders ever has been from the Democrats.

So I took one of those surveys, and I’m going to split it into thirds, primarily because some of them I couldn’t copy just the text, so I had to screen capture the Question. I’m going to mix the pictures and the text Questions.

Play along if you like, and at the end, I’ll post what they gave me.

Q1 Which do you value most?

A) Individual freedom
B) Social equality
C) Taking care of myself and my family

Easy Answer here is C, if you pick anything else, you are either a deeply self sacrificing individual or a plain liar.
Let me make it easy to explain. Say you get a check for a million bucks you can either A) Flee the Country and live on an island, B) Give the entire bit to charity and go to work Monday Morning or C) Setup a trust fund for your kids and pay off your debts. Yeah, you took care of everyone, right? There is a reason people move as soon as they get rich. You get rich enough, you can buy freedom. Literally.

q10I’m against A, C and D – so they are out. I do support reproductive right for women, obviously I have 5 kids. Yes, that’s a joke. Shutting down clinics is wrong. But that’s just me. Of course, as a vet- I’m taking E.

Q3 You’re moving! Pick a state to live.

A) Texas or Kansas
B) California or Massachusetts
C) Ohio or Florida

What the Hell does this matter?
Ok. I have to have a beach, so Kansas and Ohio is out. Not doing snow, so bye-ye Massachusetts. I’m not paying the California State Taxes, so I got Texas or Florida. Neither have state taxes, I get a beach- but land is a ton more expensive in Florida- but I’m an East Coast guy. Florida.

q11Ok, I win a Billion Bucks, I can either work at a soup kitchen, sit on my ass and watch TV, or do whatever the hell I want? Has anyone ever picked anything other than C? Geez. I would like to mention that both Republicans and Democrats have worked for charitable organizations, and both also sit on their ass and watch TV or go fishing.

Q5. A homeless man on the corner is asking for money. You:

A) Give him the spare change in your pocket.
B) Nothing, you already gave some last week.
C) Nothing, it’s not your responsibility.

Really depends on how much money I have. If I have got money, or in a really good mood, I’ll drop cash. I’ve given out my last 5, and I’ve ignored them completely. I chose A, just cause I’m assuming I have money to give.

q12Thankfully I live in a center where there are a TON of Libraries, and sadly, everyone has good parking available at all times. Building public buildings is going to happen, if done right, and I’ll be damned if I’m paying to build a shopping center (or a football stadium) for some suit. So I’m either going with an after-school center or a community center. Whats the difference? I went with the after-school center, in my area, that meant the YMCA.

Q7 When it comes to our federal government, what needs to change?

Big spending cuts because we’re in debt, even if that means cutting social programs.
Streamline the processes so we can save money without cutting programs.
Higher taxes to create more income equality and lower debt.

I disagree with cutting social programs just cause. I also disagree with the thought that higher taxes means a lower debt. When you have a spending problem, you can’t just think getting an extra million or so is going to solve problems. Think on it. If you find a hundred bucks on the street, did you sent it immediately towards your car or house or credit card bill? Exactly. B is the only sensible answer, do that FIRST- then lets look at raising taxes.

q13A is ignorant. C is stupid. D is short sighted. We pay for the military, not sure that improves society, but they are without a doubt a need item. We also pay for free postage for Congress- that’s not helping society. I’d be ok with E. But that would be interesting to enforce, say a 20% sales tax on everything that cost more than 20 bucks? Problem with that is that would hurt the poorest among us, as most of us buy things that are cheaper. I’m going to pay more taxes on my grocery bill, for example, since I tend to buy in bulk. So B is the the correct answer, but they need to make it easier on the individual. Make less than 24K no taxes, Make 24-50 pay 5%, Make 50-75 pay 10% for example. No deductions, want to give your money to the Red Cross, yay. Want to sell your 401K? Go ahead, I’m taxing your INCOME from WORK, you make a thousand bucks at the track? That counts.

Q9 Pick an Animal

A) Elephant
B) Donkey
C) Platypus

I like Babar- so do Ii go there? I also enjoyed Gus the kicking donkey. So uh . . .I took the platypus.


Finally, A) is a problem, since we have way too many Al Gores when it comes to the environment. B) is odd, cause he changes his stances so often. C) is a mess, since Obamacare is horrible for some, and helps some. With a strong military and intelligence gathering, I don;t care about D) and E) is a monster social problem. I don;t see many schools being closed, but good lawd are we making money off prisons. Prisons also hurt the poor more than anyone else.

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