Movie Review: Leprechaun 5

Leprechaun in the Hood?

Really? Well, I was right as rain with the drop in quality for IN SPACE, so lets see what the Hood has in store for us. This one has noted thespian Ice-T in it, so it can’t all bad, right?


So Ice-T and a sidekick are exploring . . . the catacombs of Los Angeles, and come across the statue of the Leprechaun with the medallion in part 2 and his pot of gold before him. Ice-T takes a golden flute, and the sidekick takes off the medallion. This brings the Leprechaun to life, and his stabs the sidekick with his hair pick. Ice-T and the Leprechaun fight, and falling, the medallion falls on the Leprechaun turning him back to stone.

Leprechaun 5 ice tFlip forward a bit and three young rappers are sucking at an audition, and get kicked out after almost doing a Great White impression. They stumble around trying to make money so they can re-audition, and then are given a shot by Ice-T. The main rapper refuses to go away from his “positive” direction and they get kicked out by Ice-T. A quick change of heart and they decide to go rob Ice-T. Dumbass Rapper #2 takes the amulet off the Leprechaun and sets him free, and when Ice-T gets back he gets shot. Dumbass Rapper #1 finds out what the golden Flute stolen from Ice-T is magical, and can make them better rappers. Yeah.

So we have a nice 3 way here. The Leprechaun is out to kill folk and get his stuff back. Ice-T is out to kill the 3 little rappers and get his Flute back, and the 3 little Rappers are trying to get an audition to get to Vegas for a show?

So how is Leprechaun in the Hood




The amulet callback is welcome, and they did spend a little money here, but damn, now the Leprechaun has mind control powers, as does part of his gold? You would think in a similar position you would put the Leprechaun in a cement coffin and use him as the cornerstone of your house. Make damn sure that amulet will never come off. I can understand the attraction of rap, with the Leprechaun loving to do his little rhymes, this is a logical move. This movie stops being fun, though. There isn’t the gore nor the T&A to make this one worth a watch. I’m going a 1 here. Warrick Davis is still showing up with Pride and Ice-T is . . .well, Ice-T so take that for what you will. I’m somewhat looking forward to Leprechaun: Back to the Hood, but not because I think the series is going somewhere, I think I’ll just be glad its over.

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