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Let’s not waste any more time. Lets get to some bad news.


Well here we are in Early March on the Road to Wrestlemania which is always an exciting time in WWE and in 2010 TNA attempted to create excitement by making a permanent move to Monday Nights on March 8, 2010. The show promoted the in-ring returns of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and also featured the debut of Rob Van Dam who quickly defeated Sting. I do have some bad news however…even with all of that star power the episode of Impact garnered a 1.0 rating and went through a time change and even lower ratings on SpikeTV before it went back to its’ then Thursday time slot 2 months later on May 13.

Did you know?

Did you know that Hulk Hogan refused to work with Jake the Snake Roberts in 1986? He felt that it would not produce money.



Trevor is back to give you his insight related to wrestling.


Here are your questions this week.

David kicks us off with a question about the Undertaker

Should the Undertaker wrestle in house shows after Wrestlemania?


According to some sources, the Undertaker is planning on staying with the WWE after Wrestlemania. The latest gossip is that he will be teaming with former tag team partners of the past, such as the Big Show, and Kane. The plan is to face off against the Wyatt family during the summer and possibly ending somewhere around Summerslam, maybe a little bit before, as the WWE is considering a match between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman at Summerslam. As for your question, should he? I personally have no problem with it as long as he can go. Let’s face it, The Undertaker is still a draw, and probably will be until he finally hangs it up and calls it a career. So if he has the ability to compete and look good, I have no problem with Taker competing in house shows. Maybe he can start a relevant feud and top it off with one final match at Wrestlemania 33 against John Cena, which was the original plan for 32.


Liz wants to know about Owen Hart

Why is Owen Hart not in the Hall of Fame? I saw a show on this site that talks about it, but always wondered why? What is your opinion on this?


There was a time where Owen was going into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was apparently all set in stone, as Owen’s widow, Martha signed off on it, and wanted to be the one to induct her husband into the Hall of Fame. Vince wanted to have Bret do it, but agreed to allow Martha, along side Bret to induct Owen. So it was in place and ready to go. Then from what I understand, Martha leaked out that she planned on bashing Vince McMahon and the WWE during her acceptance speech. When Vince got wind of this, he scrapped the idea as he was not going to allow that to happen on a LIVE forum. It is still being discussed on how and when it could be done. Bret is pushing for it and trying to make peace within the Hart family to make this happen. However, I don’t see Martha budging on this, because there is no way that she will be allowed to induct Owen, if he is given a spot in the Hall of Fame. I think that Owen definitely has a case to be inducted, as he is a former mulitple time tag team and Intercontinental champion. He had a solid career. And besides that, you all know my opinion on the WWE Hall of Fame, we don’t have to go there. That is the reason on why it has not happened as of yet. There is still a lot of conflict between Owen’s family and Vince McMahon. If Owen is ever inducted, I think it will be when Vince McMahon steps down and Triple H and Stephanie are in charge of the company.


Brent remembers Austin’s broken neck.

So I have always wanted to know, Steve Austin always said that he broke his neck in the match vs Owen Hart, and compares his injury to guys like Edge, whose career ended because of it. How did Austin come back so soon? It was like three months later. I don’t understand.

austin neck

Ok so there are a couple of ways we need to look at this. First, Austin did not really break his neck, he did have a fracture but it essentially dislocated his spine, which caused him to be temporarily paralyzed. He was not cleared to return to in ring action, and when he won the Intercontinental championship back from Owen Hart at Survivor Series, if you go back and watch that match, it was a very safe and short match, simply because Austin was not ready to be back in the ring. He did not wrestle for another couple of months until Royal Rumble where again it was “safe.” So if you think about it this way, from August until March when he won the championship from Shawn Michaels, he really did not compete much in the ring, when he did it was either a short match, or it was a crowded battle royal where he could take it easy. The point was, Austin was going to be the next top guy in the business and he did rush to get back sooner than he should. In hind sight, this injury did end his career, or cut it short, as he was really never the same. He continued to have neck problems all the way up to his retirement match against the Rock at Wrestlemania 19. Austin was still a draw, and could do a lot with the championship even though he was not competing every week on Raw or Smackdown. So they played it safe, but I think his career probably ended about five years earlier than it should have had he taken the appropriate time off. However, it was his time in 1997 and 1998, and he was determined to make it happen.


Orrick from Westville IL chimes in.

How many actual Olympians actually competed in the WWE and who was the most successful?


Very good question, I love when I get to learn more about professional wrestling. This is what I found as far as WWE Olympians.

Kurt Angle- Angle was in the 1996 Olympics, where he won an Olympic Gold Medal at the Atlanta games in Wrestling. To this date, he is the only Olympic gold medalist to ever compete in the WWE.

Bad News Brown- At the 1976 Olympics, Bad News Brown won the bronze medal in heavyweight judo. No other heavyweight American has yet to qualify for any medal when it comes to judo.

Verne Gagne- Verne Gagne was an alternate for the freestyle wrestling team in 1948. He never got a chance to showcase his talent, and Gagne thought it was because of his relationship in the professional wrestling business.

Mark Henry- In the middle of the 1990’s, Mark Henry earned world records in powerlifting with his snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench press and deadlift. He entered the 1996 Olympics as the captain of the American team, but an injury would preclude him from doing well. He would join the WWE right after as “The World’s Strongest Man”, and he has been with them ever since.

Danny Hodge- In the middle of the 1990’s, Mark Henry earned world records in powerlifting with his snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench press and deadlift. He entered the 1996 Olympics as the captain of the American team, but an injury would preclude him from doing well. He would join the WWE right after as “The World’s Strongest Man”, and he has been with them ever since.

Ken Patera- After a failed 1968 Olympic chance for shot put, Ken Patera turned his attention to weightlifting. He was considered a favorite for the 1972 Olympics, but didn’t place in medal contention.

Masa Saito- Masa Saito represented Japan for freestyle wrestling in the 1964 Olympics. He came in seventh and ended up making the list of top ten Olympic wrestlers that year.

The Iron Sheik- The Iron Sheik was a member of the Iranian Greco Roman team for the 1968 Olympics. He didn’t leave with any medals, but returned in 1972 as an assistant coach for the U.S.

Mad Dog Vachon- At barely 18-years old, Mad Dog Vachon found himself in the 1948 Olympics. After a 58-second win, Vachon ended up in seventh place in the 174-pound wrestling class.

And just for shits and giggles, I will throw in Alberto Del Rio- Del Rio tried out for the 2000 Olympics in wrestling for Mexico, but due to a lack of funding, Mexico did not send anyone to the Olympics for Wrestling that year, so Del Rio did not go.



Frosh takes us home with a really good question

During the feud in 1995 between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, why was Shawn then elevated to the main even scene and the world title picture, and Razor was kept on the mid-card ranks. It would seem that both should have been elevated.

shawn vs razor

It was simply a contract issue. Shawn was under contract long term, while Scott’s contract was ending very shortly. Scott had made it well known that he was going to “test the waters” so to say and see what else was out there, and would not commit to a long term deal with the WWE. Shawn was already under a pretty nice contract and under WWE control for quite some time. So they were afraid to do much with Razor at this time as they did not know what he was going to do, was he going to stay with the WWE? or was he going to jump ship to WCW, which he had hinted this is what could happen. Especially because it was right around this time where Lex Luger jumped ship after appearing at Summerslam 95, he was in WCW a week later. Vince was not going to take any chance, and knew that he was not going to push anyone who was not under a long term contract with the company. Scott probably could have been pushed to the main event level, and possibly given a world title run had he stayed. During the contract negotiations, it has been stated, and I have confirmed that Vince did give Scott a contract offer which included a run  with the WWE Championship. Scott instead took about 3 million a year and went to WCW. Which I completely understand why. A world title guarantee can mean you could get a one or two month reign as champion. Kind of like Sid. He had a guarantee to win the WWE championship, but his reign only lasted a couple months, and even then it was on again off again. So Scott was not going to take any chances, he was going to be paid very well, and in the long run probably was the right decision as he was one of the founders of the NWO.




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