Trivia Week IX

Thought we would try something new this year.
I do love me some trivia, as do several of the writers, so each week, we will present 7 questions, and you can come back next week to get the answers, feel free to post your answers on the Facebook comments for this, Enjoy!

Last Week’s Answers

Trivia Week IX

1) What capital is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?
Damascus, Syria

2) What is philematology?
The science of kissing

3) What is a “tittle”?
The dot over the letters “i” and “j”

4) What is sciophobia the fear of?Jackie Robinson

5) Who created Wikipedia on the World Wide Web?
Jimmy Wales

6) What uniform number does MLB players wear to honor Jackie Robinson

7) What is the least popular (natural) hair color on the planet?

Trivia Week X

1. At what event was the Eiffel Tower unveiled to the world?

2. Who’s face is bigger? Lady Liberty or Lincoln’s on Mt Rushmore?

3. Until 1902 what has the Statue of Liberty’s function?Statue of Liberty

4. How many people died building the Statue of Liberty

5. When was the last year visitors were allowed in the statue of liberty’s torch?

6. Who was the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence?

7. What was the name of Abraham Lincoln’s Dog?

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