Movie Review: Leprechaun 4

Leprechaun 4


I have no idea why they have the moon landing on the poster.

I have no idea why the Leprechaun is in Space. I have no idea why Jason went either. Someone watched Aliens and drank a lot of Jamison, I guess.

Here is the rundown.leprechaun-4-in-space-lightsaber

The Leprechaun has captured a princess, and wants to marry her and gain the throne. She is unwilling, until the Leprechaun shows her how rich she is, and she gets all GoldDigger on the planet, since her daddy, the King spends his money on his subjects. Then she’ll kill the Leprechaun. No idea if Bridget and Cody had a kid- is this 2995?

Alright, so the Space Marines land for some unknown reason, and attack the Leprechaun and a grenade blows him apart and takes off the Princess’ hand. Since she’s hot- they take her back to the ship, and think they can use her to help relations with her planet.

Back on the ship, We find out that the Princess’ blood has regenerative powers, and a creepy guy on camera Dr Mittenhand commands them to save her. The Leprechaun attacks and starts killin folks, demanding her back. The Marines are fine with this, but Mittenhand commands them not to. so welcome to Alien: Leprechaun

How is Leprechaun 4: In Space?

Yeah, we have gone downhill in a hurry, this one is the worst so far, and not even close. The Kills are not as interesting, the effects are bad, not even Mittenhand is interesting after a time, I think they blew it with him. I just had a hard time caring about this, it had some funny bits, but not even Warwick Davis is doing anything worth it. I would have liked to see more with the Princess, since she was the key. I’m going a 2, and could be leaning to a 1. You do get to see Heidi from Tool Time here though.

Leprechaun 4 Girl

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