Movie Review: Leprechaun 3

leprechaun 3Or: Leprechaun 3: Of course we goto Vegas!

OK, having been killed by a four leaf clover and an iron bar, what other things can we do to Warwick Davis? Lets send him to Vegas! Somehow he’s a statue with an amulet around his neck, since we missed Leprechaun 2.5 somehow. A man with one hand, one leg and an eyepatch (guess he’s called Lucky) pawns him for 20 bucks, and skips town, after warning Apu to not touch the amulet- Lucky isn’t even in the car yet and Apu takes off the amulet and the Leprechaun springs to life, attacking, oh wait, its not Apu, its not that racist, no wait, his name is Gupta, so I guess we are.

Leprecaun 3 statueWe actually have a bit of fun here, with the Leprechaun unable to hurt Gupta while he has the amulet- think of it as a cross with the Leprechaun as a vampire.

In the Hero Role, we have Scott who picks up a HOT CHICK, who happens to be a magicians assistant in the Lucky Shamrock. Scott is under 18, but is on his way to LA to goto school. I could see it if he was going to grad school. He begs his way into having the Hot Chick, Tammy, letting him in, to look around, cause you know, that won’t cause any harm. Scott falls for the roulette wheel and cashes in his 23K check that was to cover his tuition. Yeah. Sure that happens all the time in Vegas. Anyway. He loses to a crooked table, and whines about losing all his money, the helpful dealer tells him to go pawn his watch across the street, where he find the Leprechaun and one of the Leprechaun’s coins!

Leprechaun 3 ElvisLong story short, Scott finds himself back at the Casino up over 100K, and the dealer and the Magician want to steal the money, and swipe the coin- so the Leprechaun has to go kill everyone, but not before running into Elvis.

How is this one?

Not bad actually. I would think, THINK we have actually hit what we want in an 80s horror. Goofy Kills, Boobs a plenty, Warwick Davis going stupid, and a paint by numbers plot. Seriously, this could almost be any slasher film, where the killer is a rapping midget. The subplot with Scott is stupid, but overall this is the second best entry of the series, and since this is 1995 and the next one is IN SPACE, I’ll go out on a limb and say this is going to remain the second best one. I’ll actually give this one a 4.

I almost could take this one over part one, to be honest- other than the fact I got some serious Howard the Duck flashbacks.

Leprechaun 3 Loreta

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