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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we are inching ever so closely to Wrestlemania. How are things shaping up for the biggest wrestling extravaganza in all of wrestling? Find out here and more this week on the Roundtable.


Here are the Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings.

1.Dean Ambrose- Is the lunatic ready to capture his first WWE Championship this Saturday against the Game? Or will it be Game over for Ambrose?

2.Triple H- The WWE Champion is hoping he can retain his title this Saturday and go on to Wrestlemania to face Roman Reigns.

3.Roman Reigns- Not appearing on Raw the past two weeks knocks Reigns out of the top spot, but he still has his title match at Wrestlemania.

4.Bray Wyatt- We got a preview of what is ahead for Bray Wyatt, and he sniffed championship gold, what is in the cards for Bray Wyatt?

5.Shane McMahon- What better chance do we put Shane O Mac in the Power Rankings. He seems ready to face off against the dead man.


This week in wrestling history

1991- In a unique turn of events, the Fabulous Freebirds lost the WCW World Tag Team Championship to the Steiners. Ironically, they had not actually won them yet on TV, when they defeated Doom. Essentially they lost the championship before they won it.

2009- TNA goes head to head on Monday Night against Raw. It was one of the biggest mistakes in company history.

2014- Long time Undertaker manager Paul Bearer passes away.


Here are the questions this week.


What is your excitement level so far for Wrestlemania?

Steve: Its creeping up there, I mean right now it is probably a solid 6 maybe 7. Ill admit that I was not too interested in the card at first, but now it seems to be coming along. I am interested to see what happens this Saturday at Road Block to get a better idea on what the main event is going to be.

Eric: Excitement level? Hell we don’t even have a for sure cars yet for Wrestlemania. Seriously, this year’s Wrestlemania card has more holes in it than interstate 55. We don’t have any for sure matches it seems like. WWE keeps rewriting everything and is keeping all of us fans wondering what will happen. I think once we have a for sure card my excitement level will raise but for now it don’t even feel like Wrestlemania season.

Chad: Ill say a 5 right now with the injuries I thought this year would be disaster. Ill know more once we get past Roadblock special this Saturday.

Todd: Very low. Most of the matches they have scheduled already are predictable and are not very good. The best match is the divas match. If They keep booking matches like this, this could be the worst Wrestlemania in WWE history. I am still not bought into the Shane McMahon Undertaker Match and probably never will be.

Jim: I’m on the fence about Wrestlemania 32.  There’s no match that screams “MUST WATCH!”.  For example…a triple threat….with a female champion that the WWE continues to shove down our throat, and her father….arguably the greatest wrestler in the history of the “sport”.  So we know Charlotte is going to retain the title.  And the fans frigging hate her. There is zero interest in the Diva’s division as long as she remains champion.  And there are so many women that could propel the Diva’s division to possibly even headlining Wrestlemania.  But it isn’t Charlotte, so no…no interest there.  Reigns vs the “man that forgot the show had long since passed him by”.  I have no interest in Triple H.  Reigns is perhaps the future king of the sport.  Triple H is in the same category as Ric Flair.  HAS BEEN.  Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker?  Are you kidding?  Shane comes back.  Amazing news. We’re all excited.  He actually could save the WWE.  And…..he gets a match again another aging has been.  The only thing about this match that could possibly interest me is if The Undertaker lies down at the bell, and hands control of the WWE over to Shane.  If that happens, I will automatically propel Wrestlemania 32 into the top 5 Wrestlemania’s in the history of the show.  Ambrose vs Lesner?  Seen it every week for the last 6 weeks.  I’m tired of it

owens vs zayn

Agree/Disagree: You are excited to see Sami Zayn face off against Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental title?

Steve: Absolutely agree with this. I was so concerned that they were really going to run with Kevin Owens vs the Big Show. This match would put someone on twelve Monster Energy drinks to sleep. These guys have worked together well in the past, and putting them on the biggest stage can only do wonders for both of them, and for the Intercontinental title.

Eric:Agree, these two men are both amazing talents. When they get together, they tell one hell of a story. I’m very excited to see this match, I could even see this one as a possible show stealer and match of the night candidate at Wrestlemania.

Chad: Agree 100% this provides Owens a different opponent ent in the eyes of the WWE universe and an opportunity to do it on the grandest stage of them all.

Todd: Agree. These guys have had good matches in the past and it has to be better than Kevin Owens vs Big Show. Lets really cut to the chase though. WWE has done nothing with Kevin Owens since the first time he beat John Cena. He lost to Cena twice after that. Sure he won the IC title twice. Who did he beat. A babyface Ryback, no disrespect to Ryback but he wasn’t all that. Then he got the tit from Ambrose in a fatal 5 way but he pinned Tyler Breeze. He is also always running away, who wants a champion that runs away all the time. WWE needs to fix his character before they destroy him like they did the Wyatt Family.

Jim:   I am excited to see Sami Zayn, period.  He was poised to be big news before, then got hurt in his first WWE match against John Cena.  Zayn is in his early 30’s, and is very much a potential “next big thing” in the WWE.  If they use him correctly (beating the pitiful Owens would be the first step), he’ll be a superstar.



Agree/Disagree: For the best possible match; Dean Ambrose must win the WWE title this Saturday at Road Block?

Steve: As much as I want to agree with this, I am going to disagree for two reasons. There needs to be a finish to the Triple H vs Roman Reigns feud. While I don’t think it is the best match they could come up with, and an Ambrose vs Reigns match may be better, it just doesnt make sense. Plus if you put the title on Ambrose and have him face off against Reigns. What do you do with Brock Lesnar? He may be your most marketable star in the WWE, and not having him in a match could hurt the buy rates.

Eric: Agree, although as much as I’d love to see Ambrose win at Roadblock, I don’t believe he will. I think the WWE will keep the belt on Triple H and then have Reigns defeat him at Mania and Roman gets his WWE title run. I do think though Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns would be way better than Triple H vs Roman Reigns.

Chad: Sadly I disagree, because Reigns needs to finish this feud with HHH as a Ambrose/Reigns match maybe what the fans but would nit make sense story wise.

Todd: This would be a big mistake for WWE to have Ambrose to win the title unless they are gonna make him the top guy. Right now they have worked so hard trying to get Reigns over with the WWE universe that I don’t see them just giving up on him just yet. I mean if you put the belt on Ambrose, how would that change the wrestlemania card? Would Triple H invoke his rematch clause and make it a triple threat match? or would you throw Brock Lesner in there and make it a fatal four way?

Jim: Wrestlemania is Reigns vs Triple H…Ambrose vs Lesnar.  There’s no way he wins the title at Road Block.  So even though I agree it’s a great matchup to pit him against Reigns for the title…it simple won’t happen. Because it leaves Lesner without a match.  And that’s just not possible.



Agree/Disagree: You have interest in seeing Lana compete in ring for the first time?

Steve: Agree and not because I want to see her wrestle. Because any segment with Lana in it is best for business if you ask me.

Eric: Disagree, unless it’s a bra and panties match. I have no interest in seeing Lana in the ring. However, if she does compete in a bra and panties match. Well then there is only one thing I can say and that is “happy birthday to me ”

Chad: Agree, not for her technical prowess in the ring.

Todd: This is ridiculous. She has no business in the ring on the grandest stage.

Jim:  I have interest seeing Lana reading a book. Give me a break.  I absolutely want to see her wrestle.  She was primed to wrestle last year, and got hurt training.  She’s absolutely a potential Diva Superstar.  If they don’t make her lose to Charlotte every week, like they do everyone else.



Agree/Diagree: The Warrior Award should not be given out at this years Hall of Fame ceremony, and should be retired with only one recipient?

Steve: Agree. Connor Mihalek should be the one and only recipient of this award. I mean, who else are you going to give it to. It was a nice tribute to the Warrior and his family last year, but I’ll be honest, it has no purpose in the Hall of Fame as a regular award.

Eric: Agree and Disagree. Yes, I agree in the fact it shouldn’t be handed out this year, Connor totally deserved this award last year and I’m glad he got it. Disagree in the fact that if they ever come across another candidate who deserves it, they should award them also. So it shouldn’t be retired just used for special occasions.

Chad: Disagree, it should be given out but not every year as an induction but fir special occasions in ok with it.

Todd: agree. I was never a big fan of the award any ways. yes it was a nice tribute to connor Mihalek

Jim: The Warrior Award is Connor’s award.  Period.  Case closed.  The moment they add a second recipient, Connor gets forgotten.  And that’s a sad day in WWE history, to basically shove such an amazing child into obscurity.

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