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Hey there everyone. This is a preview of a new topic that we will be putting up on It is called Q&A by the Gaming Walrus. Who is the Gaming Walrus? He is a teenage gamer who spends the majority of his free time playing video games, such as Minecraft and GTA just to name a few. He has opened up a Q&A to give his secrets in the world of gaming.

If you have a question for the Gaming Walrus, you can send him a tweet @DaEpic333 #askgamingwalrus  He only accepts tweets, so send him any question you have. Secret codes? He’s got em’, Mastery and tricks? He’s got em’ So all you gamers, send him a question, I know you are out there.

You can also view his site on YouTube for all of his videos GamingWalrus002


Thanks 7poundbag nation! Ask away


This post will be updated when the questions are answered.


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  1. “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    Sorry… I just had to…

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