Movie Review: Leprechaun 2

Lets jump into Leprechaun 2, and nothing but Warwick Davis is brought back.

Leprechaun 2So we open up with an old tyme setting- of course, this being cheap, that means the woods and some leftovers from a Shakespeare play. The Leprechaun is wanting to find a bride, and one of his slaves- shown with a golden collar, is promised his freedom if he helps. The Leprechaun, of course, picks his daughter, and the man foils the Leprechaun’s marriage plans via saying bless you before the girl can sneeze three times. Seriously. That’s how a Leprechaun finds a mate. The Leprechaun uses the collar to kill the man, and leaves him to be found by the screaming daughter. If you saw all that coming, we might be in for a LOOONG movie.

One Thousand years (will give you such a crick in the neck) and its 1994 in LA, and somehow the Leprechaun finds a girl that looks just like the daughter and falls in love. This girl is a descendant, but that family tree must not fork.

So we have a tight cast of Characters

Bridget: The Girl in distress

Cody: Her boyfriend, who’s an orphan to boot.

Ian: A jerk who is trying to steal Bridget away from our hero.

and Monty: an alcoholic who runs one of those tours to see the home of the stars.

Leprechaun 2 IanThe Leprechaun comes out . . of a cave? He comes across a bum, and not only steals his whiskey, but since this bum as a gold tooth, the Leprechaun steals that too. How a bum keeps a gold tooth in this day and age, well. Must not have been homeless very long. Anyway, so the Leprechaun goes around LA, after biting a gold ring off a plastic hand- er “Talent Agent” who loves his costume, and follows Bridget to her house. While all this is going on, they are stretching the subplot out, but thankfully resolves it in one of the best kills I have ever seen- and I’m a fan of the SAW films.

So its Cody and Morty vs the Leprechaun for the hand of Bridget, after she sneezes three times and Cody is only able to get out a Gesundheit on the second sneeze, but being Irish, doesn’t count.

So how is Leprechaun 2?

Leprechaun 2 castWell, lets be honest, we’ve gone to LA and gotten cheaper, but we know what we have. Any attempt at being serious are out the window. The Kills are more funny than actual terror, and Warwick Davis is having a ball. The Subplot of the love triangle is resolved in a fun way, and a better actor as Morty might have been able to make that subplot work, or the obvious turn wasn’t so obvious, but still. There is a bit of a paint by numbers going through the motions, but it almost works.

If you enjoy dumb movies, this one is entertaining, once.


I’ll go a 3 on it. I’ve watched far worse movies in my time. Don’t forget to watchout for Clint Howard and a woman the wife swears must be Victoria Jackson in a bit part- and Tony Cox shows up for a bit gag. Ewoks twin power-Activate! Michael McDonald also shows up. If only we could have gotten the GOOD people as the main cast. McDonald could have played Cody’s older brother, and done the same thing.

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