The Blog About Nothing 3/11 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. The weather here in New York City has been pleasant this past week. Pleasant enough to think about grilling, so here I am looking up how to buy some Trump Steaks, and some Trump Wine to wash it down with. I mean I’m already drinking Trump Water, so why not, right? Man, Donald Trump gets more bizarre every day, but that is not what I’m on this week. So, let me not waste any more time and let’s do this!

NFL Free Agency has kicked off this week, and already there has been plenty of movement. I’m not going to recap every move, because honestly, you can get that news in plenty of places. So, I’ll spare myself that drudgery that would come with recapping every move, but I will take time to address one of the more shocking, if not shocking move, which is former Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler choosing to sign a 4 year $72 million dollar deal with the Houston Texans. That move definitely raised some eyebrows.

The Broncos, Super Bowl Champions, will now start next season with a quarterback that was not on the roster last season. Peyton Manning has retired, and Osweiler has decided to pick up stakes and head down to the H-Town. In Houston, Osweiler will be throwing to young but potentially great receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and handing off to a running back I really like in Lamar Miller.Brock Osweiler

Before I continue on with Osweiler, I don’t understand the hate behind Miller. He’s 24 and despite not being a guy who can average 1,500 yards rushing a season, he is the kind of back who can catch the ball out of the backfield and take it to the house on long runs. He’ll be a good fit for the Texans, since he replicates many of the same skills as departing running back Arian Foster.

Back to Osweiler though. He went 5-2 with the Broncos before being benched in favor of a returning Peyton Manning. He didn’t put up big numbers, and he threw some eye raising interceptions, but he did just enough to keep the Broncos in the playoff hunt, and we saw where their season ended. It ended as champs. Word is Osweiler did not take well to being benched, and maybe he has some reservations about taking over for Peyton but whatever it is, he is now in Houston.

OK. We know why he left. It was the money. $72 million over 4 years beats $45 million over 3 years any day. Was Osweiler overpaid? Yeah, but he’s no different than Matt Flynn, Rob Johnson, or Scott Mitchell who came before him. All three of those quarterbacks, all got paid to play somewhere else only after a handful of starts. All three of those quarterbacks were also washouts so there will be a lot of eyes on Osweiler to prove that his story will end better than those three. Will it?

I’m going to put on my optimistic shades and say that it will be better. Why? All Brock has to do is manage the game. Throw the ball to Hopkins, hand it off to Miller, and let the Texans defense do the rest of the work. In the Texans he has a team similar to the one he is leaving. The Broncos defense led the team to the win despite getting subpar play from Peyton Manning. However, Manning didn’t make poor decisions and that’s what Osweiler is going to have to do to be successful. Take care of the ball, utilize your weapons, and he should be OK.

Ryan FitzpatrickMoving on, but sticking with the NFL, I hope the New York Jets do not overpay quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets were a success story last season. The quarterback in his first year with the team, had probably the best season of his journeyman career and if it was not for some costly interceptions late in the season finale against the Buffalo Bills, the Jets would have been in the playoffs. However, after watching Osweiler get paid and the Eagles ponying up stupid money for Sam Bradford AND Chase Daniel, Ryan’s agents have their eyes wide open hoping to get broke off too. With that said, I hope New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan sticks to his negotiating stance and avoid giving out big dollars to a quarterback whose career record is filled with way more bad than good.

The Jets are cap pressed, but they are building a solid offense. They have a good receiver duo in Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, and a decent trio at running back in Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and Khairy Robinson. If they allow Fitzpatrick to walk, even if that means Geno Smith returns to the starting quarterback position, I think the Jets will be fine. Even if they are not, I think most Jets fans will be OK with Geno going up against a brutal schedule instead of mortgaging their future behind an average quarterback.

My last couple of blogs have focused on politics, and this one will be no different. The Presidential debates and primaries are all over the news, and it’s a hard thing to avoid if you keep up with the news cycle. Despite my shot at Trump in the intro, I have to say I kind of admire the way he’s doing this. He has no plan when he speaks, none whatsoever, but he is dominating the news cycle. His most recent press conference was more about him hawking his products, and throwing jabs at his competitors instead of giving any insights of what he will do as President.

trumpIt looks corny, but guess what: the shit works. It is working for him. The rallies are only getting larger, and he is now at the podium leading his followers in oaths. It’s so crazy. So crazy but it is working. It’s scary how much it is working, but I will tip my cap to The Donald. I can’t stand any fiber of his being, but as we say around the way: he is doing the damn thing! I can hate, but what’s the point. I might as well resign myself to the fate that when I walk into the polling booth in November, his name will be there under the column of Republican. Who saw that coming a year ago? No one. That’s who.

Finally, I’m going to close out on something that has me feeling a bit bugged out. By bugged out, I mean something that has me sitting here scratching my head like crazy. This week 31 year old Jamie Gilt was shot in the back, while she was driving, by her 4 year old son. Gilt, who allegedly has posted several posts and images about her advocating for gun rights, and has posted about her four year old son shooting guns, was shot when her four year old was somehow able to access the .45 she had in the backseat of the car. As it goes, the 4 year old had the gun and it went off and struck his mother through the car seat.

Kid-gunLook, I understand defending the Second Amendment and I have no beef with people in favor of the right to arm themselves, but a gun in a 4 year old is damn near reckless. At 4 a child is nowhere near responsible enough, or capable enough to understand the power that comes from wielding a gun. Four year olds do not possess those capabilities, and I don’t care how smart you claim the kid to be, at 4 you should be nowhere near a lethal weapon. Not at all.

Gilt will recover, thank goodness, but I hope she learns something from this. If she wants to advocate, that is her right, but hopefully she will learn to restrict her son from having access to her guns. It’s just not safe. However, I fear this incident will come to nothing and she’ll continue with the same old same, but I hope others learn something from this. Keep guns away from kids! It’s common damn sense!!

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  1. Way back when we was doing the NFL Roundtables and the question was asked who would have the most difficult task in returning to the playoffs, my answer was terse & to the point… I said… Dnever… because they were going to need a QB. Seems like I got that one right for once.

    I agree… let Fitz walk if he asks for too much do re mi… in fact… I hope he does walk… But, Geno won’t be the QB Gang Green either in the upcoming season.

  2. I assumed that Osweiler would stay so I got that question wrong.

    The Jets are supposedly in on Kaepernick and RGIII is visiting today so if Fitzpatrick is playing hardball he might need to tell his agent to quit playing games.

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