Movie Review: The Leprechaun

You would think being part Irish, I would have seen these already, heck you would think with all the crap horror I watched growing up, I would have seen this one, but no, this one came out in 1993, so it missed my window.

So I have 2 copies of this one, and have seen it twice, but one of my cable stations for some odd reason thought, January, of course we will play the Leprechaun series! So I got all the sequels on the DVR, outside of the remake, of course. Hornswoggle for life!

So Lets kick off the Leprechaun series.Leprechaun Movie

Daniel O”Grady comes back from Ireland and tells his wife they are rich, his wife doesn’t believe him but goes over to his suitcase as O’Grady heads downstairs. The Wife is scared by the Leprechaun and falls down the stairs, when the husband comes back, he forces the Leprechaun into a crate, and nails it shut- using a 4-leaf clover to trap the lil guy. Trying to burn down the house, with the Leprechaun inside, O’Grady has a heart attack.

Cut to today, and Jennifer Aniston rolls up to the house, with a dude they claim is her father, but looks more like an older brother than that. Also at the house is the fat dude from Teen Wolf, his annoying brother who is rolling the Wil Wheaton starter kit, and the love interest for Jennifer Aniston. The boys are the worst house-painters since Adolf Hitler, and soon enough, the fat guy gets paint spilled on him, but we don’t even get to see that payoff. The Fat Guy (Ozzie) gets sent to go clean himself up, and he frees the Leprechaun. Ozzie is attacked, and tells the others, who, thinking he’s gone full ‘tard, refuse to believe him. Ozzie sees a rainbow, and follows it to an old truck, and Ozzie and the little boy find a bag of gold coins. Ozzie, testing it like they do in the movies, swallows it. Since the Leprechaun wants all 100 gold coins, he’s gonna be killin folks to get it.

So how is the Leprechaun?

How do you like that house painting job?
How do you like that house painting job?

Not bad, but not really good, either. The director/writers have a hard time figuring out if they want horror or comedy. I would be willing to bet a good director or editor and a day of shooting could turn this into either movie without too much hard work.  Jennifer Aniston is a good bit of fun, a year or so before Friends, so you wonder how close she was to being yet another Jamie Lee Curtis wannabe. The rest of the cast is pretty lousy, and to be honest, Aniston isn’t exactly Sissy Spacek, but she’s not Megan Fox either.

I’m not sure I would recommend this for anyone, I don’t think this really a movie you have to see, but if you like doofus movies, or are a huge Aniston fan, this is worth a quick viewing. I’ll go a 4 for the Leprechaun, and I’m not exactly looking forward to this series if this is the high-water mark.


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