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Hi again NBA fans! Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. The big news this week LeBron James went to south beach for a mini vacation to train with Dwyane Wade. Is there more to this story than meets the eye? Only time will tell. This Week on NBA Roundtable we will talk about if the NBA should consider changing the way they rank the NBA playoff teams, LeBron James Cryptic tweet, and so much more on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the Questions:


Since the Western conference has been dominant in the standings the past few years, should the NBA consider ranking the playoff teams 1-16 regardless of which conference they are in?

Todd: Yes! Last year there were some western conference teams over .500 that missed the playoffs and the there were eastern conference teams below .500 that made the playoffs. This year the NBA finals should be between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs as they are gonna finish with the best two records by a wide margin. Its not even gonna be close.

Chad: I’ll say yes just because I am personally sick and tired of under .500 teams making the playoffs in any sport plus the best teams should play in the championship round so yes let’s do it.

Steve: I would not be completely opposed to the idea to rank them on a 1 vs 16 and so forth. I think that would ultimately give us the best Finals match up possible. The only problem that I would see is that it really eliminates a conference championship, and you could really just eliminate divisions as a whole and make it one big league. While it would create some very good series’ it would take a great deal away from what teams play for during the season.


LeBron James Sent out this Cryptic Tweet on March 1st “its ok you made a mistake. Cause we all do at times. Just be ready to live with whatever comes with it and be with those who will protect you at all cost.”  Who do you think this tweet was directed to? What is your interpretation of this tweet?

Todd: LeBron James has a history of calling people out on twitter cause he don’t have the balls to say it to their face. He claims it was not directed at any of his teammates, so my guess it was directed at David Griffin for the firing of David Blatt. My guess its just more than just the firing of Blatt though. I think he is regretting the trade involving Kevin Love also he just can’t grow a pair and say it.

Chad: I think it’s directed at Cavs management as far as managing the roster and maybe not doing enough in his opinion to make a splash at the deadline to really challenge Golden State.

Steve: Honestly I could care less what he means. He is probably just doing things to keep him in the news since Steph and company have been the media darlings of the NBA. I think what he is saying is pure nonsense and means nothing.

r faceieblake

Los Angeles Clippers have surprised everyone with their play without Blake Griffin. They are now 23-7 since his injury. When he returns to the court, will they be able to compete with the likes of Golden State or San Antonio come playoff time?

Todd: I have to admit The Clippers are playing outstanding without Griffin. They will probably end up over taking OKC for the 3rd seed with the way both teams have been playing lately. Which would be good for the Clippers because they would probably have a little bit better chance against the Spurs than the Warriors in the second round. I just don’t think they will have enough in the end to outlast either of these two teams.

Chad: No even with him the Warriors and Spurs are superior teams in that conference and I would even put them behind the Thunder in a 7 game situation.

Steve: Sure they can compete, but they would be even better with Blake Griffin in the lineup. They could be a very scary team for the Spurs and or Warriors. While I don’t think they beat either team in a seven game series, they could definitely make things entertaining.

Golden State

As of March 4th 2016 the Golden State Warriors are 1 game ahead of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls with a record of 55-5. Needing to go 18-4 in their remaining 22 games, will they make NBA history?

Todd: Its hard to go against them at this point. They have 15 games left at home and only 7 on the road. They have 3 more games left with the Spurs 1 at home and 2 on the road. Unless they have some kind of major injury, they should be able to pull it off. At the Same time they have already clinched a playoff spot so I guess it all depends on if they start resting their players for the playoffs too. How important is the record to them? I guess we will have to see. If they play the whole season out they will win more than 73 games.

Chad: I say they won’t because there will be a point where teams they play have something to play for and the Warriors will have everything locked up for the #1 seed so I could a situation where Kerr would rest his own team; maybe to save his 95-96 Bulls team record.

Steve: Despite the terrible loss to the Lakers on Sunday, the Warriors are still in really great shape to win 73 games, and I think they will do it. Interesting fact that I heard. The 95-96 Bulls were blown out in game number 61, just like the Warriors were in game 61. I think it is their destiny to get to 73 and they will do it. Only problem is, I still don’t think they are a lock to win the NBA title this year. The Spurs may have something to say about that.

Toronto Raptors

Will the Toronto Raptors Over take the Cleveland Cavaliers and win the Eastern Conference?

Todd: No. the only reason I say this is because the Cavaliers have the 28th hardest schedule left and the Raptors have the 10th hardest schedule left.

Chad: I’m going to say No for the simple fact that I can’t see Lebron letting go of the #1 seed  

Steve: There is an outside chance that Toronto could pull it off. They definitely have the talent to do so, but they will have to get the #1 seed and home court in the East if they want any chance. They are a great team at home, and have the ability to beat the Cavs if it is done on their home floor. The key outlier here is that the Raptors, despite their recent success in the regular season, have failed in the playoffs and cannot get past the first round. So while it is possible, I wouldnt put money on it.

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