Movie Review: Witless Protection

I’ve been a fan of Larry the Cable, and have even taken my bride to go see him in Concert. So yeah, I’m in his target market. Lets take a look see at Witless Protection.

Larry the Cable Guy starts off doing all kinds of exercises  . . .badly, and watching training videos and whatnot, he wants to be an FBI Agent but hold up, this guy is actually a cop! He stops the current Sherriff from shooting a man using a bit of horse sense, and yes I made a pun, before going into the towns Malt Shop to see his girlfreind, Jenny McCarthy, who must have had a house payment past due to get in this picture, when a blonde and 3 Men in Black walk in so she can go potty and get coffee. It took a bit to recognize the main guy- its the black guy in The Running Man! Pretty cool. Larry thinks the girl is a kidnap victim, and goes to “rescue” her. Hilarity ensues- or does it?

How is Witless Protection? Witless_Protection_Wallpaper_2_1280

Awful. Really, really awful.
If you are a fan of Larry the Cable guy, you have heard most of the material a dozen times, and other than seeing the “hey its that guy” all over the place, this gets boring quickly, Jenny McCarthy is fun, but she is gone for the bulk of the movie, and for some reason Joe
Joe Mantegna is third billed in what is basically a cameo. Poor Ivana Miličević tries to be stuffy and then Southern, but just fails so often at being anything. I almost think they could have had something here if they didn’t try so hard to make this a Larry the Cable Guy movie. Utter 0 movie.

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