Movie Review: Die Hard 2 Die Harder

We start off Die Hard 2 fun, with Bruce Willis getting his car towed and not even flashing his badge gets him out of it. We get a quick update that he is still together with his wife, and moved to LA. For some reason he’s in DC, and his wife is flying in to see him. Bruce Willis is in solid form already.

Die Hard 2 villianWe flip to the Villains coming out of a hotel, and Holy Shit I know that guy, oh I know that guy too! Ohhhh Hell That’s the Terminator’s music! Robert Patrick is in the house! All they need is John C McGinley and I will not be able to pay attention to this movie.

Walter Peck is in the HOUSE! Or Jerry Hathaway. Either way I am overjoyed, how did I never watch this series?

Willis sees two guys in cammo being odd, he follows them into the baggage area and a gunfight breaks out, I hate when that happens. Bruce Willis reports it to the fat dude from NYPD Blue who, stunner, ignores him.

Meanwhile the baddies setup a camp and take over all the computer systems, and threaten to punish the airplanes that are circling the airport if the cops don’t do what they are told, until they are given a 747 to help a drug kingpin escape the US (who has another fun subplot) of course Bruce Willis’ wife is on one of the planes, so he’s gotta go after the terrorists, even though Dennis Franz hates him, but he does get Fred Thompson as an ally! Willis even calls in Al from Family Matters (and the last movie) for help. This time Bruce’s best buddy is a know-it-all control room operator and a janitor (Its a sequel, we have to double up) to try and stop the terrorists.

So how is Die Hard 2: Die Harder?

Die Hard 2 castThe worst part about this movie is the title, just stupid. The movie moves quickly, and the twist at the end did catch me. This movie isn’t as good as the first one, but I didn’t check my watch like I do on some movies. Bruce Willis is still having a ball, but he’s  . . .how can I say this, stronger that he was last movie, and that hurts a bit. Last time he was just reacting and looking for help. This time he’s taking an active role and he’s doing work to stop everyone, and even getting into fist fights with people that you would think would whup him, but he wins every time.

The other Problem? Sadler just isn’t as much fun as Professor Snape. You almost start pulling for Alan Rickman, he’s just so Euro-trashy fun. He’s as big a star as Bruce Willis in the Original Die hard, it’s a chess match. William Sadler? no offense, is no Alan Rickman. he’s not as much fun, he’s left alone way too often, he’s just as dangerous, if not more so, but you don’t care about him as much, and to be honest, The Big Baddie- Esperanza, you don’t care about either. Even the third baddie we get later on, might be more developed, but nope, still not caring.

So yes it does make this movie a bit less fun, and more, well, rote than the previous installment. I’ll go a 7 on it, it’s still a good movie, but a HUGE drop-off from the fun of the first one. I can see watching it again and again, but over the first one? Not a chance. I’m not really sure I’d watch it past a certain point, to be honest with you.

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  1. ahhh… the old check the watch trick… the standard by which all movies are probably judged upon whether peeps realise it or not. If, I leave a movie theatre and realise I never looked at my watch once… it’s probably a ten or damn close to a ten.

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