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I’m deviating from my normal way for presenting my column… I got a bee in my bonnet and I wanna get it out and in the open…

Can we talk? Seriously?

joe1Recently, four of us were on Facebook… a damn dirty hippie, a leftist commie, a gun toting Southerner and a Bills fan… ummm… being called a Bills fan just might be the lowest blow of all, but, then, I’m a Jets fan and it’s been nigh unto 47 damn years since Gang Green done anything of real note… but… anyways… we were talking some political stuff and the collusion… ahem… conclusion we seemed to get down to was that the American Dream is an American Nightmare… and… is frankly a lie. And, from my point of view not only is it a damn fucking lie… it’s always been a damn fucking lie from day one.

See anyone in working man clothes?
See anyone in working man clothes?

I mean lets think about this…  seriously think about it… The Revolution… led by a bunch of richass aristocratic dudes who wanted to escape being persecuted for thinking and believing how they wanted to think and from being governed by a bunch of even richer richass aristocratic dudes from a place (Europe) that essentially meant nothing to them in regards to how they should be told to live. Face it… America was essentially a 180 from how Europeans existed, lived, and, were governed. What might work in Europe didn’t necessarily work in the New World.  And, by good gosh damn, they were tired of being raked across the coals and taken through the hoops and being told to hand over this tax and that tariff just so the richasses in Merry Olde England could pay off some dumb ass war debts or stuff their own damn pockets.

But… essentially, what all went down was that a bunch of the Colonial 1 percents decided to wage war against a bunch of Brit 1 percents and had a bunch of the Colonial 99 percents wage the battle against the British 99 percents and shed their blood to so-call found the good old country of America.

But, even before that all went down, these forefathers of ours went around killing and enslaving folks of all colors… except some white folk and, even then, probably, had many of them white folk tethered to some indentured servitude bullshit so the richass fucks could milk ‘em for what they could get for the majority… if not the entirety… of their lives.

They came over here in search of religious and economic freedom and killed and stole their way to taking over the land… stole it from those that lived here already… brought over black folks to be their cheap tools of labor. In the process, denying everyone, who were not them, their religious and economic freedoms.

Even in their manifesto that was supposed to define who we were as a foundling nation they excluded Indians and three fifths of all other persons. How the fuck is someone seen as a part of being a person? Explain that concept. Please…

They wanted to regulate commerce with foreign nations and Indians… which sounds like they considered them “Indians” as a foreign nation… and… I guess that’s true, too… because they certainly ran roughshod over the American indigenous people and stole, murdered and raped their land and people and their way of life just like they would with any other nation that they would wage war against.

In 1865, they said slavery could be no more, but, they never did change the attitude that certain folks still thought… considered… that some peoples ain’t exactly as equal as some other peoples.american dream1

In 1869, they said no one could be denied the right to vote based on color, race or other previous condition of servitude yet the political parties keep trying and trying to regulate who can vote, and, how, where folks can vote… regardless.

1920… they said women could vote… excuse me as I kiss the sky but I thought this was cleared up back in 1869… I reckon I didn’t quite grok what a people was, yet…

Actually, it says no one can be discriminated against based on sex.  Interpret that as you may wish… but it sure does leaves some damn doors wide open… don’t it? Especially these days.

But… we still have no federal laws that dictate to employers how many days off a worker should get… or  how many days off for sickness or to care for a loved one… and… what little piddling shit we do get right now was fought for and won by the unions…  like it or not that’s the fact, Jack.

Nothing says that we have to get any paid time off for anything… vacation… sick time. Not a fucking thing… no time off for moms and pops that have a child… or for a family with a catastrophic illness… cancer or other serious condition.

No law… federal or otherwise.

In other words… we are at the mercy and the so-called largess of the owners of businesses… the minions who serve the 1 per cent…usatodaytaxdodgers

No livable minimum wage… no limits on how much profit a company can make before it has to give back to support those who need it the most… to feed the hungry… provide acceptable and decent housing… with the amenities… running water… heat… electricity… ya know, the small shit stuff…

I don’t care if they do it willingly (cough… cough) or in the form of taxes… just have them contribute a part of their outrageous and immoral wealth back into the community. Corporations who pay no taxes while we working schlubs do… is just wrong.

But… that ain’t nothing new… that type of shit be going on in the world from day fucking one… killing because of greed and some type of belief that it’s my way or the highway… regardless, if it’s with a bunch of well placed stones… or spears… or pitchforks… or hatchets… or… bullets in the head. Peeps keep going around stealing land and enslaving or murdering the conquered. Now it’s done through corporate manipulations… we be getting fucked and they don’t even kiss us as they rip us a new one and take us down the thorny path of paying through our noses.

It’s the civilized way we do business in this world… accepted manner for so damn long they still doing it and we don’t even understand that it’s what they do.

And, peeps say what’s wrong with it… what’s wrong with peeps making money, profiting? That’s the American Dream… our way of life, what we’re all about, just go work hard and you too can be success.

Bullshit… that’s a lie…

Then… its comes down to the simplest equation… bunch of commies… bunch of no account pagan atheistic anti-god bastards and bitches… and… either… America love it or leave it… or…. go back to where ya came from…

But, really all we are saying… at least a fair amount of us these days… is give us an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy, a political system that governs fairly and justly and recognizes health care and education are rights and not just privileges, saved for a moneyed few… a government that wants to protect the environment… where we live… so that years on down the road from now, we can still say humans are still around… because no matter what we do… even pray to heaven above… the world is gonna keep on spinning, with us or without us.

But… the American Dream and the lie that it is… none of us… not one single solitary one of us has much chance of becoming any part of the all powerful 1 per cent… it just ain’t gonna happen unless a miracle occurs.american dream2

Yeah… some of us will do it… the old so-called pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and make it out of being a part of the impoverished… maybe even make into the working class and somehow through what is usually called hard work… the old blood sweat and tears… keeping the nose clean and to the grindstone… follow the rules… and by damn! using some good old American know how… can make it all the way into the so-called middle class… AND… if, they catch a break, can get “rich” and into the upper class and maybe even a tad more, but, essentially, that’s it… it stops pretty much right there.

And, those few that do achieve that shit… few and far away from being anywhere near what the powers in the white castles high on the hills tell us can happen… if it should happen… if once in a blue moon someone achieves the dream… there are all these puppets of the 1 percenters telling us all… see what the heck can happen when you work hard and sacrifice? You, too, can be a real American success story… follow the American dream and realize greatness.


And, if, its Black folks or some other “minority’ or even an immigrant then that’s even better as an illustration for them that rules over us all for holding out the carrot to have us all just keeping on keeping on.

Funny how we really don’t get that damn carrot, though… ain’t it? Maybe a nibble or two but thats it.fear

The fact is that it’s the 1 percent that wants us to be afraid… to fear… they want us to be divided… they wants us fighting and killing one another and hating on one another… because… a fucking house divided can never rise up and be a successful force against what they are… the controllers of the wealth and how it is used.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said… “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

No matter who you are… Black or white… Spanish or Asian… poor or working class or middle class… women… children… we all have been spat upon by the 1 percent and we are all being used by the 1 percent because we all are discriminated against in one form or another… some worse… some a lot worse than others… but, still, we all are getting fucked up our asses and until we understand that… nothing will ever change for any of us. We all need to get over whatever divisions have been artificially created to make us believe that the other guy is out to get us; steal from us… rob us… get what we all got by beating us over the head. Most folks just want to be able to live and have what they need to make it through each and every day with the minimum of worry about tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. We all just want some peace, sympathy and justice and freedom from want.

And, its there… all within our grasp. It ain’t no hippie dippy bullshit… it’s there in front of us all.

But, we have to convince some folks that it’s time to share the fucking wealth. It can be done with the pitchforks up their asses and their heads on pikes… or… it can be done by saying, good golly, miss molly ya’ll sure be right; let’s figure this all out and share the freaking wealth.

There is no reason on this 3rd rock from the sun that anyone needs to go hungry… suffer endlessly… want for health care… education… having a job  that contributes to making the world a better place… we all are contributors in our own ways… it don’t matter what we do…

“Everybody can be great … because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

Yeah… that was Martin speaking, again…

And, I ain’t just talking America but the world… for the real American Dream needs to be part of a World Dream… Lennon was right in so many ways when he sang the words to Imagine… the fact is none of it happens until imagination is begun to be put into action.

And the action can be any way that is necessary…


I hope the least amount of gnashing of the teeth and shivering in the dark is necessary and somehow we make it… because the simple reality is this… a lot of peeps say we are killing the world… the real truth is the 3rd rock ain’t going nowhere unless it explodes into smithereens. Highly unlikely if ya want my thinking… it’s us that might be gone if we don’t start thinking that we all need to row the fucking boat together so that we all can be the something that we all strive to be… human beings existing in peace and free from any want. Because right now this shit we call living? It ain’t living at all. And, it is distinctly inhumane.

That’s my rant… my personal plea for people to think before they vote this year or choose who they want to support as our next prez… and… where all we be going as a country and as a people.

Before… I stop my rant and go on to other stuff…  there’s this that I recently found on the internet… it’s really the text from an ad that runs about 4-plus minutes… read these words carefully… when you finish just do me a favor… think… exercise your grey matter…

I certainly don’t feel guilty about being a Republican. I’ve always been a Republican. My father was, his father was. The whole family is a Republican family. I voted for Dwight Eisenhower the first time I ever voted. I voted for Nixon the last time. But, when we come to Senator Goldwater… now, it seems to me we’re up against a very different sort of a man. This man scares me. Now maybe I’m wrong.

 A friend of mine just said to me “Listen just because a man sounds a little irresponsible during a campaign doesn’t mean he’s going to act irresponsibly.” You know that theory that the white house makes the man. I don’t buy that.

Sometimes, I wish I had been at that convention at San Francisco. I mean, I wish I had been a delegate. I really do. Because, I would have fought. You know? And, I wouldn’t have worried so much about party unity because if you unite behind a man you don’t believe in… It’s a lie.  I mean when the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party either they’re not Republicans or I’m not.

I’ve thought about just not voting in this election, just staying home. But, you can’t do that, because, that’s saying you don’t care who wins, and I do care.  I think my party made a bad mistake in San Francisco and I’m going to have to vote against that mistake on the third of November.

Done? Thought about it? Hope so…

Sounds like it could be relevant to today’s times, eh?

It’s from an ad of a donkey commercial during the 1964 election campaign that was between elephant Barry Goldwater and donkey Lyndon Johnson.

The more shit changes the more it stays the same…

Don’t need a weatherman…

Not that long ago Nancy Pelosi was being all BFF with the Hills sand saying that Bernard the Socialist’s  single-payer health plan (which she actually once said she advocated) was not in the best interests of we the people… something that Hills herself has said in her debates with Bernard in one form or another…

That was then...
That was then…

Pelosi was also on record as saying that, “That Hillary Clinton happens to be a woman is a wonderful thing. But I, yes, have confidence that she will be one of the most qualified people to go into the Oval Office in a long time.”

Now, the House donkey… aka the Minority Leader… is saying, “I’m not a believer in the sway of superdelegates deciding who is going to be the nominee. I think we have a democratic process where people vote on both sides of the aisle … and that that should determine who the nominee is.”

I feel the earth moving and shaking and rattling…

The superdelegates stuff is a big issue this year because where Hills owns a small to modest advantage over Bernard in pledged delegates… she has an over whelming lead when superdelegates are included in the totals….

FYI… those superdelegates are not formally pledged until the convention and mostly are numbers added in by the media who… oh my god! I’m gob smacked! … are controlled by the big corporations and big money…

... this is now.
… this is now.

Pelosi has also not formally backed anyone so far and says, “I have a great deal of respect for the voice of the American people… (all the states) have not voted yet, and I think that it would be important to hear from them.”

Think what you will but is this another crack in the Hills support system?

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the FBI and the DOJ offering immunity to a former Hills staffer who helped set up her private email server would it?

Maybe it’s much ado about nothing and the Feds are just trying to cross the T’s and dot the I’s before closing the book on this Hillary server stuff and maybe it isn’t… and… maybe Nancy Pelosi is hedging her bets to see which way the winds blow before she commits to backing a candidate… but… one thing to know about Pelosi is that her best friend is herself.  She does not do shit without watching her back and trying to lock her butt into a position that will make her look the best…

I ain’t saying Pelosi can’t be trusted… alls I am saying is that if ya’ll hear a rattle clicking and clacking, it’s probably not some baby crawling around and it be best to watch where you put your feet.

Nuff said…

Honey do… WeedBee

French dude is a whole bunch of things including being an artisan… means he makes a lot of cool stuff with his hands…  locksmith… but the one thing that he can do that is attracting a whole shitload of attention is he can train bees to make honey from just about anything at all.

Like collecting sugar from fruits instead of flowers …

So… big freaking deal ya’ll say? Why should you care…

Because with the legalization of marijuana becoming more popular and maybe becoming legal for production and sale throughout the land and there being some folks who either can’t inhale the stuff or don’t like the various other ways it can be ingested Nicholas Trainerbees… that’s his Facebook moniker… can train bees to  collect the resin from pot plants and process it through their little ass bodies and…  viola… canna-honey.

Honey-and-cannabisAnd… don’t know if this is good or bad…

…the bees don’t even get high.

Because Nicholas says, “The bees … are not affected by cannabinoids because they do not have an endocannabinoid system. It’s just another form of food for them.”

Tea and honey anyone?


Hey! Yeah, you… elephants…

att GOP

Someone say illegals???

before white man came


Another thousand words…



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  1. With regard to your post at the end of the map showing North America prior to “illegal immigration.” There is a photograph in early (sepia) style of a collection of motley dressed Native Americans in a store window in Mackinaw City, Michigan. It is titled “Fighting Terrorism since 1492.”

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